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Price: $2.99

Rating: 2.66/5 (71 votes)




WebSharing enables you to wirelessly transfer files to and from your phone/device using only a web browser. You can play and manage music, view your photographs, and manage files on your device using your WI-FI network. File Browser: Use the file browser to upload and download content to and from your device. The file browser also provides file management features including creating folders, and renaming and deleting items. A multiple file upload feature (available on browsers that support Flash) allows you to quickly upload many files to your device at the same time. Music: A built-in music player (playback requires Flash) enables you to stream music from your device to your computer. The music tab features the ability to browse by album, artist, and playlist. Tracks can be uploaded and downloaded wirelessly, with the capability to send/receive multiple tracks at once. Photos: The photo browser lets you display and download photos from your device on your computer. Videos: You can use the video player to watch movies recorded from your phone. Status: A status monitor lets you see the current state of your phone, including its battery charge state, disk usage, processor utilization and wireless signal strength. User Control: Two configurable user accounts, "owner" and "guest", allow fine-grained control over what content is accessible through WebSharing. The owner account can see all content on the device, while the guest account can only view certain items that you specify. Each account has its own password and can be quickly enabled or disabled from the main screen of the application. Coming Soon: In future releases, support for creating and editing playlists, and displaying photo slideshows will be added.  USB and WebDAV support are under development as well. The application runs as a service on your phone, freeing you to…

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    The name: Huawei P20

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    These changes apply when using a device like your phone or PC to cast content to a Chromecast or another Cast-enabled device.

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    Plex updates Chromecast interface with a fresh look, better slideshows, and more was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • HTC’s Vive Focus VR headset is super cool, but you can’t have one

    It was supposed to be the first Daydream Standalone headset, but HTC is doing something potentially more interesting now.

    Back at Google I/O last year, Daydream Standalone was teased as the next big thing in VR from Google. A big part of that plan was a special headset from HTC that didn’t require a phone to work, but instead, we’ll soon be using the Lenovo Mirage Solo as the first Daydream Standalone headset. What happened to the HTC design? It became the Vive Focus, running its own software with its own Vivewave app store, and is currently only available in China.

    I got a few minutes to try one out at GDC 2018, alongside a few minutes with the Best Vivewave Game, the award-winning Spark of Light, and to be honest I’m more than a little bitter I can’t buy one of these headsets right now.

    Vive Focus is an untethered Six Degrees of Freedom (6DoF) headset, which means you can move around like you would if you were using an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, but the headset isn’t attached to a…

  • The Google Clips camera is down to $212 today

    The Google Clips AI-powered camera is down to $212.49 through Best Buy’s eBay store with code PSPRINGTIME. It sells for $250 without the code and that’s what it’s going for everywhere else as well. This camera does not go on sale. Pretty sure outside of big site-wide sales like this we’ve never seen a deal on it.

    This code comes as part of eBay’s 15% off site-wide sale today. It’s good for one order only, and it expires tonight at 10 p.m.

    The Google Clips camera is a powerful little device meant to work autonomously from you and record everything interesting that comes within its view. You’re then able to quickly discard the stuff you don’t want and keep the things you do. Read more about it on Android Central.

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