What’s it all about?

What is this website for?

After purchasing a Google Android G1, my colleagues and I were lost for where to find decent applications to install.

We scoured the internet and looked through the Google Android Market Place, and started installing stuff that looked good.

Some apps were okay, many were bad and some even crashed my phone and I had to reload it!

So that is what this site is for. Find a good app, submit it here and others can rate it, then the next time you are searching for a Google Android Application, look no further than here to find what other people thought of it first!

What is Google Android?

Google Android has been developed by the Open Handset Alliance and intended to make using your mobile appliance more like using the internet.

Android is built from the ground up as an open-source operating system. This means that any application can call on all the phones resources during its operation: sending text messages, making calls, using the camera, etc, etc. This allows for the applications to be far richer than has been possible in the past whereas the negatives are that a badly programmed application could reduce your phone’s performance.

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