How To Win The Latest Tech Gadgets At Online Casinos

Online casinos aren’t just for gambling and winning money. Many of the best online casinos run special promotions which allows players to win the latest gadgets including new smartphones, tablets, games consoles, and so much more. But how do they work and which online casinos offer these promotions? The folks at have all the answers.

Casino Competitions & Random Draws

Users registered at online casinos can win these tech gadgets in one of two ways; by participating in big casino competitions in which players compete against each other to collect the most points or via random draws. The prizes usually consist of one major prize such as a holiday, several tech gadgets and then free spins for use at the online casino.

The most common tech gadgets awarded through these competitions and prize draws include iPhones, iPads, earphones, smartwatches, speakers, vacuum cleaners, smart speakers, televisions, and so much more.

How Do They Work?

Casinos that run competitions, known as spinoff tournaments, see you play at the casino to create wins. Your total win at the end of a session is then added to a player leaderboard which ranks all players based on their points. These competitions usually run for a week during which players can add to their points by playing more. Once the competition ends, the prizes are awarded to players based on their ranks.

The way you create wins differs depending on the online casino. For example, PlayOJO generally requires you to win tickets to the spinoff main event by purchasing them or earning them by wagering real money spins. These tickets then grant players spins on a select slot and the total win made is added to the leaderboard. This can be re-triggered again for a better chance at winning prizes. Meanwhile, casinos such as BGO simply award you leaderboard points for wagering select amounts on any games at the casino.

Random prize draws work differently. Although they generally offer similar prizes, the rewards are given out randomly rather than based on player rankings. Generally speaking, casinos offering these promotions will require you to earn tickets by wagering select amounts on various slots. Players can usually earn more than one ticket to the prize draw to boost their chances of taking home a special prize.

Which Casinos Run These Promotions?

Although these competitions and prize draws are extremely popular among gamers, the promotions themselves aren’t available at all UK online casinos since most focus on free spins and deposit match bonuses. However, leading casino sites such as PlayOJO and BGO are known specifically for launching regular competitions and prize draws which give away these prizes.

Other online casinos which are known to offer similar competitions and prize draws include Miami Jackpots, Vegas Luck, Casumo Casino, 44Aces, Grosvenor Casino, PlayKasino, ICE36 Casino, and several others.

Are They Worth It?

They can be, it just depends on what the requirements are to enter the competition. For example, some sites may require you to spend more just to enter the spinoff or prize draw, and even then you may not win anything. Still, many people find that simply taking part in the promotion is entertaining enough and any prizes are a bonus. For people eager to win big prizes, they are often let down. However, people who do manage to land a big prize are usually overjoyed, and that’s something you just can’t beat.

We suggest that you take a look through the competition or prize draw’s rules and terms and conditions before opting-in and taking part. Even if the promotion’s requirements are simple and fair, it’s important to keep your expectations in check so you don’t feel upset or angry if you win nothing or something you didn’t want.

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