What will VR bring to the online gaming industry

For nearly two years, casino sites have been implementing VR use in different games. It has been a long and challenging journey, with most efforts leading to failure. Fortunately, developers never gave up and VR is finally coming to the gambling industry.

What is VR and what’s its use in Gambling?

Virtual Reality or simply VR is a simulated experience created by using computer software. VR comes from the words near and reality, hence VR means near-reality. The environment is created using a head-mounted display to deceive your eyes and mind to see and interpret things in a certain way.

VR technology uses computer software to stimulate senses like smell, hearing, touch, and vision. In the gambling world, VR can be used to make a live-dealer game on an online casino feel realistic. It immerses you into a virtual world and makes you see things from that world.

Is VR the same as AR?

VR and AR are often used together and that’s because they are related. They are like the two sides of one coin. Where VR uses computer software to distort your perception of virtual images, AR changes your view of real-world objects.

In Augmented Reality, the software scans the environment around you and transforms them to appear like they are animated by a computer. As such, your house, couch and the friends around you are made to resemble characters from a video game.

VR in the Casino Industry

VR is slowly penetrating the gambling industry one step at a time. More than 20 online casinos and over 50 physical casinos support VR. Here is what to expect the next time you decide to try out the nascent technology.

Stimulating Gaming Environments

The core purpose of VR is to entertain-and more so-in a manner never experienced before. Once you mount the VR goggles, everything you see changes. You are taken into a virtual world that resembles your dream Las Vegas casino.

Because the technology is mainly used in live dealer games, it’s also wildly engaging. Every movement you make is reflected in the VR environment. When you spread your hand, the software simulates it to resemble a physical casino.

Keep in mind you are also in a gaming environment where you draw virtual cards and speak to the dealer. The sound is enhanced to produce an exciting, more interactive experience. By the time you are done playing a single game, you’ll notice how different and better the experience is.

Increased Variety of Games

Every gambler wants to try out a new game in a while. With the advent of VR, expect more games than you could possibly handle. Many of the existing games will be reprogrammed to support the new technology while some developers will make totally new games.

VR can be used in all kinds of games. If you love slots, gear up to play online slots in an environment that simulates your favorite slot parlor. Poker fans will no longer need to visit a land-based casino to have a great time. VR will bring the casino to the comforts of your home.

Simply join a good site on https://casinopilot.co.uk/ as you anticipate for VR games to come out this year. Preferably, join platforms that payouts at a rate of 90% or more. They are more popular, properly managed and often better rated by users.

Physical Engagements

Some of the VR games coming out these days are not your average slot games. They demand physical engagement. You’ve probably already seen it in practice with video gamers. You stand in front of your computer dressed in your workout clothes. Mount the VR head device and connect it to a VR game.

In the case of gambling games, slots are the most engaging games you can find. Usually, an online slot game requires that you press buttons on your computer and that’s it. With VR slots, an action-themed slot will direct you to throw punches in the air as you simulate a match.

While it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, having such an engaging gaming environment is a healthy and entertaining way to gamble. You are immersed in a football pitch in the case of football-themed slots. You are made to simulate the game and feel like you are in an actual pitch.

Better Connections with People

As live dealers continue to grow in popularity, VR is targeting the niche with the goal of making it better for players. In the near future, players will soon be able to shake hands and laugh together as they play.

They will be able to talk as if they are in the same place and have meaningful conversations in spite of not being in the same physical area. If casino sites allow, gamers will soon be able to forge connections with fellow players.

Communications will be more improved even if you don’t want to see fellow players. VRs are designed to portray sounds better than any other devices, hence the improved experiences when it comes to conversations.

More Casinos

If history is anything to go by, new technologies have been inspiring new casino sites for years. When mobile gaming became a thing; a slew of gambling platforms that targeted mobile users were launched. The same thing happened when bitcoin was launched, with more than 50 platforms opening to target crypto users.

Since it’s still under development and the technology is expensive, not very many sites cater to VR games alone. That may change in the course of the year as more VR games as released. One year from now, you’ll have the right to visit a VR casino site with nothing else but VR supported games.

To Conclude

VR is one of the technologies to look out for in 2019. In the gambling world, the technology is expected to make lots of ground-breaking changes. Soon you’ll be able to simulate your favorite casino without leaving your house. Your favorite games could help you burn calories. More games will be launched, many of which will offer better experiences than the current lot.

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