Android game for August 11th Garage Sale Day

Today is truly a great day because today is Garage Sale Day, and i couldn’t think of another game then Bid Wars-Storage Auctions. Many of you will surely be aware of the name, yes it is based on famous TV series Storage Wars or Auction Hunters. Game was developed by Tapps Games.

Everything works as you think, you choose a level and you have to buy as many storage units as possible, but don’t over pay. You compete against other ai bidders, each one have his own personality for example one guy will pay almost everything for rare items. After auction you tap on things to sell them and you either make loss or gain. There are special weekly and daily storages contains rare items, but be prepared it isn’t cheap

You can even buy pawn shop into which you put your things in order to get better price for them. but it’s no more than waiting activity.

I must say one thing this game plays on energy thing, oh boy how much I hate energy in the games. Although you can buy energy for gold, but it costs real money. Full energy is enough for three auctions or so.

If you don’t like this game there are similar to this one with only slightly differences like Auction Wars: Storage Kings or Bid Wars: Pawn Empire.

If you are interested you can get Bid Wars- Storage Auctions here.

Game requires Android 4.1 or higher.

Happy Garage Sale Day, Hynek.

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