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17 new and notable (and 1 WTF) Android games from the last week (4/12/17 – 4/18/17)

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android games that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous week or so.

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Lumino City

Android Police coverage: Noodlecake Studios brings us Lumino City, an award winning handcrafted puzzle adventure game

It is always nice to see PC games that get ported to Android.

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17 new and notable (and 1 WTF) Android games from the last week (4/12/17 - 4/18/17) was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

Removing built in applications from Android Tablets?

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

We’ve received another email today that has got us stumped! Janar writes:

I bought Samsung Galaxy GT-P1000 tablet in Saudi Arabia. In this tablet some of the applications like Quran, prayer timings, direction for Khbha etc. can not be removed or uninstalled. Can somebody give solution in this regards.

I had no idea that this sort of thing would occur anywhere in the world, but if you know how to remove these applications from a Samsung Galaxy tablet please comment to this post and we’ll try to let Janar know the good news.

Alternatively, if someone would like to send me a tablet so I can have a play, that would work just as well 🙂

Tablet Coasters

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

From the same people who brought you the Smartphone coaster comes an enlarged version for your new Android Tablet:

Our new Tablet Coasters are similar in design to our very popular Smartphone Coasters. These sleek and attractive polished stainless steel coasters raise your Tablet PC to a comfortable 35 degree viewing angle while enabling you to be more productive. The stackable space-saving design makes Tablet Coasters great for home or office. Coasters are also perfect for presentations, conferences, trade shows or for displays.

Coaster Dimensions are 5 1/2″w x 7″d x 2 3/4″h. Includes non-skid rubber feet on the bottom and top lip. Priced as low as $14.95 each (in quantity). Be the envy of your friends or co-workers by showing-off your new Tablet PC on our elegant stainless steel Coasters.

Check out the tablet coaster

The Android Tablet???

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

We all know Android is a big competitor to the iPhone, and that is  good because we needed a fresh new competitor that did what the iPhone could and was more open. So would an Android tablet be likewise to the iPad?

Making an alternative to an iPad is a very exciting prospect but it will be hard to convince the average Joe to buy one. Most will probably be looking at an iPad but if there are competing tablets they will have to either be much cheaper or offer something significantly more appealing to the mainstream user, otherwise mostly techies and the anti-apple crowd will be the only ones buying them.  Look at the explosion of Android phone models. In a few months I can’t see how there won’t be a flood of Android tablets in all shapes and sizes and prices and carriers all shooting directly at the iPad and trying to one-up each other.

The market got its bell rung when Apple hit with the iPhone. It set the bar very high and the market responded with android. Well, with the iPad Apple didn’t set the bar as high, and I think other companies have learned their lesson and the sleeping giants have been awoken. I’m just not convinced that the same market need exists. There are already loads of media rich devices but is there a need for an android iPad killer. I believe it is less about the tech specs of any future pads and more about the applications so watch this space…….. :0)

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