Wallcraft is a freemium app that has over 10,000+ Full HD wallpapers; 5,000+ wallpapers for 2K screens and more than 1,000+ 4K wallpapers for Android phones.

And the best part is the app only shows wallpapers that are suitable for the size of your screen. Also, I have not seen a single wallpaper that is low in quality, which generally I have seen on many wallpaper apps.

Other than that it also features Parallax wallpapers, which simply look amazing, and just for the parallax wallpapers I purchased their Pro version. Speaking of the Pro version, by subscribing to their Pro plans you get:

No Ads
Exclusive Wallpapers
Double Wallpapers
Parallax Wallpapers
If you are not able to purchase their pro plan, that’s ok. The app still has plenty of high-quality wallpapers that you can use for free

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