SourcesPro is, possibly, genuinely unique. It is a kind of generative graphics app, which lets you combine simple repeating “sources” and see what happens. The app also animates these images, so you can watch the interactions change. On a decent modern device, high quality output images up to 2000 pixels per side can be created – enough for printing, wallpapers etc.

There is also a free version with some limitations – no fancy functions, small output only, 2 min pause after 20 mins of use.

This is a deep program with countless permutations. Maybe not for the casual user, it is probably more for the arty/creative type who likes messing about with photoshop or fractals, perhaps. It is a program to explore, to see “what if”.

I hope you find this app of interest, I’m not aware of anything else just like it. Sources requires a bit of learning, but it produces images that no other graphics program on any platform, that I’m aware of, could manage without huge effort.

Many thanks for your time,


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