Kids Dua Now

Kids Dua Now

Kids Dua Now is an addition to Kids Dua Series by with the added Word by Word dua learning feature. In this app, Islamic duas for everyday use are taught with word by word recitation, translation and transliteration to help kids with limited knowledge of Arabic in learning the Duas.

Kids Dua Now will help your kid in learning some important Islamic duas used during the day like dua for waking up and sleeping, before eating, drinking water and many more. The word by word Islamic duas will help kids learn duas even without guidance as the reciter teaches every dua with emphasis on every single word.

The main features of Kids Dua Now are:• Kids Dua Now provides a unique feature of word by word Islamic Supplications for use in daily life.

• In Kids Dua Now, the duas are divided in 3 age groups:Group #1 (Age 1-3)Group #2 (Age 4-6) Group #3 (Age 6-9)

• Word by word tab shows the dua in Arabic where each word is highlighted in a separate box, which improves the focus and attention of the kids to the individual word level.

• The translation and transliteration of the highlighted word are also given separately to help the child understand the sounds and meanings of the word.

• Each word is recited separately to help kids in learning the right way of reciting the Dua.

• Full Dua tab of Kids Dua Now shows the complete dua with translation in English and Transliteration of Dua.

• Kids Dua Now uses descriptive pictures to illustrate the purpose of each Muslim dua which makes learning easy.

• The reciter recites complete Islamic Dua and a highlighter scrolls through the dua simultaneously to show the word being…


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