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Peterest - The Pet Image Gallery

Peterest is a free social image gallery for your pet pictures. Browse thousands of photos of dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals or simply upload your best pet pictures of your beloved pets.      …

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  • [Deal Alert] Get $300 off the Note 8 or Galaxy S9/S9+ at Best Buy when you set up an installment plan

    Samsung’s latest smartphones are quite nice, but they’re also painfully expensive. Even when you split up the payments monthly, a $1,000 phone can put a dent in your bank account. Best Buy has a tempting deal today that’ll knock $300 off the total cost of the Note 8, Galaxy S9, or Galaxy S9+ as long as you activate it on an installment plan.

    The pricing varies a bit depending on which carrier you go with: AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon.

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    [Deal Alert] Get $300 off the Note 8 or Galaxy S9/S9+ at Best Buy when you set up an installment plan was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Nokia teases May 29 event with ‘some new stuff to share’

    Nokia under HMD Global has been on a roll, and the momentum doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop anytime soon. The company announced the Nokia X6 less than two weeks ago, but has scheduled an event for May 29th where Chief Product Officer Juho Sarvika…

  • LineageOS 15.1 Oreo now available for the HTC One A9 and Redmi Note 4

    The most popular custom ROM available, LineageOS, keeps on getting better and better. Since we last covered the project, two more devices are now supported, and a number of great features have been added. The project recently posted a new changelog, highlighting recent improvements and device changes:

    Major changes since April 1st

    • It’s now possible to restrict WiFi and / or mobile data usage for each app
    • LiveDisplay has been rewritten as a binderized HAL
    • Dialer can now enable Do Not Disturb during calls to avoid notification sounds while you’re in a call
    • Reader mode can now tweak your display to make documents and long texts easier to read
    • Trebuchet now has smarter apps suggestions in the drawer.

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    LineageOS 15.1 Oreo now available for the HTC One A9 and Redmi Note 4 was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • PayPal now available with Google Pay across a number of new Google services

    PayPal can now be used as a payment method across all of Google.

    Google’s been adding a heap of new features to Google Pay ever since it ditched the Android Pay branding earlier this year, and the latest addition comes by way of deeper integration with PayPal.

    You can already use your PayPal balance to pay for things in-store using Google Pay, but coming soon, you’ll be able to use your PayPal money via Google Pay across all of Google’s services.

    What exactly does this mean? If you add your PayPal account to Google Pay, you’ll now be able to use it as a payment method in YouTube, Gmail, Google Play, the Google Store, and with peer-to-peer payments such as Google Pay Send — all while only having to enter your information once.

    This won’t mean a lot for everyone, but if you’re a heavy PayPal user, this is bound to be exciting news.

    Download: Google Pay (free)

  • This is how Xiaomi wants to eventually win the U.S. market

    Not with a bang, but with surgically precise planning.

    Smartphone nerds are universally familiar with the name Xiaomi, though few in the U.S. have ever held one of its phones. The brand is explosively popular in many other countries in the world, most recently experiencing growth in India and Spain, but you can’t buy a single Redmi or Mi Mix phone from an American retailer yet.

    After the recent and spectacular failures of Huawei and ZTE in the U.S., it’s not difficult to understand why the company is cautiously planning its Stateside launch strategy. But even in the face of those events, Xiaomi remains convinced it will start selling hardware to Americans within the next year or so. To make this work, its plan is to sit back and learn as much as it can about this new market and then approach it like the giant it is.

    When sitting down with Xiaomi at Google I/O 2018, just after Google announced the Android P developer preview was coming to the Mi Mix 2S, we asked John Chan, the head…

  • [Deal Alert] Nest Thermostat E down to $149 ($20 off) with free Home Mini at Google Store

    Smart thermostats are an easy way to make your house look ten years newer – not to mention the vastly superior control you get over your air conditioning and heating, of course. If you don’t yet have one of your own, the Google Store is offering the N…

  • Kingdom Hearts 3 for PlayStation 4: Everything we know so far!

    Want to know what’s going on with Kingdom Hearts 3? Here’s everything we know so far

    In the early years of gaming, there were quite a few swings taken at the creation of a game utilizing Disney properties. Most of those games ranged anywhere from unplayable to mediocre as far as quality goes.

    Then in 2002, Square released Kingdom Hearts onto the PlayStation 2. Disney fans and gamers rejoiced as they finally had a significant video game with Disney characters. Thus far, there have been a total of nine Kingdom Hearts games and here in 2018 Square stands poised to release a new entry to the gaming public.

    We have been hearing rumblings about Kingdom Hearts 3 for years now but there is finally light at the end of the tunnel for fans of the series. As it stands now, we should see a release toward the end of 2018. However, what do we know about Kingdom Hearts 3 right now? Let’s take a look.

    A whole new world

    Since its inception, an important element of the Kingdom Hearts games h…

  • Pioneer releases a pair of new Android Auto head units with wireless support

    A lot of cars come with Android Auto these days, but you may actually get more features if you have an older car and add in an aftermarket head unit. Pioneer has launched two new AV receivers with Android Auto support. They aren’t cheap, but that’s par for the course.

    Pioneer has actually launcher three new head units today: the AVIC-W8400NEX, AVIC-W6400NEX, and AVH-W4400NEX. Only the 4400 and 8400 have Android Auto—the other only works with Apple CarPlay.

    Read More

    Pioneer releases a pair of new Android Auto head units with wireless support was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Everything that’s new in OxygenOS

    Have a OnePlus phone? Here’s what’s new with your latest update.

    OxygenOS is the software that powers OnePlus phones, and even if you’re not enrolled in the Open Beta, it’s still frequently updated with new features and bug fixes to keep an eye out for.

    It can be tough to keep track of what’s new, so we’ll be updating this guide with each new OxygenOS update that’s rolled out.

    May 25, 2018 — Face Unlock comes to the OnePlus 3/3T with OxygenOS 5.0.3

    The OnePlus 3 and 3T may be getting up in their age, but that doesn’t stop OnePlus from pushing new features to them. OxyenOS 5.0.3 is rolling out to the phones now, and the highlight here is easily the addition of Face Unlock.

    This is the same technology introduced on the OnePlus 5T, allowing you to quickly unlock your 3 or 3T by just looking at it. Other items included with the update are as follows:

    Android security patch updated to May 2018
    Refined UI for the Shelf
    New app shortcuts design
    More options when long-pressing an…

  • Why is Fortnite so damn popular?

    Epic Games’ battle royale hit has literally taken the world by storm. But why?

    I won’t tell you how much money I’ve spent in Fortnite, buying skins and pickaxes and stupid little dances for my character to perform. I’m not even very good at it, but I’ve lost track of the hours I’ve spent jumping out of that bus and getting shotgunned in the face.

    Fortnite was not a battle royale to begin with, and it had a fairly slow start, perhaps due to being behind the paywall of owning the main game to get access.

    But that was then. Now we’re at a point where Epic Games has pledged $100 million in prize money to competitive Fortnite tournaments, an unprecedented figure in the world of esports. And there’s not even a proper Fortnite competitive mode yet!

    It’s impossible not to have heard of this game. Mainstream media is picking it up, sensationalist headlines are appearing about parents “losing their children” to Fortnite, it’s causing issues within professional sports teams, and it’s one of…

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