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Truth or dare

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Truth or dare

Price: Free

Rating: 2.61/5 (153 votes)


The classic Truth Or Dare game. You have a lot of dares and truthes (more than 2000) in 3 levels (normal, sexy and hot).You can take picture of the dare.You can also add custom truth or dare.You can send to a public gallery your best photo.You can access to the public gallery in the menu.In the local gallery, you can delete and send picture to facebook, twitter, mms, mail, etc.In the web gallery, you can save picture to your local phone.In the gage list, your can fix spelling of truthes or dares (long press to edit).The user can now choose 6 genders for player (male hetero, female hetero, gay male, lesbian, bi male, bi female).

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    I’m willing to bet you have a portable device that has to be recharged occasionally. And when you’re away from an outlet for extended periods of time (or your device can’t last long without a recharge), portable batteries are a must-have. Anker is one…

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    If you have long days ahead, this portable battery pack is a must-have for your bag!

    There have been a lot of advancements when it comes to battery life on current smartphones and gadgets, but sometimes they still don’t last long enough to make it through our busy days. This is where portable batteries come in handy, and RAVPower’s latest option is a great one to consider.

    Right now, you can pick up RAVPower’s 22000mAh power bank with 3 high-speed USB charging ports for just $31.99 at Amazon when you enter the coupon code PB052USA during checkout. This is a savings of $8 from its regular price, and only a few dollars more than its lowest price ever.

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