Searchify lets you perform translations, calculations, unit conversions, wikipedia searches, calendar entry and more just by typing in searches into the main search box on Android (1.6 or higher).

You can use Searchify just by hitting the search button and typing – you don’t need to open an app at all. So it can replace your wikipedia app, your calculator, unit convertor, and it’s the fastest way to do all these things.

Some of the things you can do with it:

Unit convertor: type a quantity (e.g. “10 pints” or “5 oz”) into the search box to see a list of conversions.

Calendar entry: Type an event in text (e.g. “tue 3pm meeting” or “tomorrow 3pm – thursday 5am event @ John’s”) to add it to your calendar.

Translator: Type “translate” then a word or phrase in any language to see translations into languages of your choice.

Wikipedia: Type anything to bring back search results from Wikipedia that will link you direct to the Wikipedia page.Calculator: Just type a sum right into the search box.

Keyword search: like in Firefox, type e.g. “twt android” to search twitter, or “dict something” to search a dictionary.

For more details, see the Searchify website:

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