PAW Server for Android

PAW Server for Android

The new generation of mobile phones like the Google Android or the Apple iPhone is so powerful that they can be used to handle more complex tasks than the mobile phones before. The amount of memory and processing power enables them to do things formerly done by desktop computers, like running servers and services.

PAW is much more than a simple proxy web-filter. Due to it’s underlying Brazil Web Application Framework from SUN Microsystems it can be used as a Web Application Server. Originally Brazil was designed for small devices running web services. The basic Brazil application stack has as a result a very small footprint.

PAW in addition provides easier configuration and a management interface which makes the configuration of the server an easy task.

The server part of PAW has been ported to the Android platform and extended in the respect, that it can run dynamic web applications written in Java without the need to generate Google specific Dalvic Bytecode and enables a developer to access the functionality of the phone.

For installation instruction visit the fun2code website.

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