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  • Honor 8 won’t be updated to Android Oreo

    Honor is blaming “hardware and software limitations” for Oreo’s no-show.

    The Honor 8 was a truly fantastic mid-range handset when it launched in August of 2016, and following the update to Android Nougat in February of last year, it was made even better. We were crossing our fingers for Oreo to come to the phone in the near future, but those dreams have now been crushed.

    Honor’s Twitter account in India recently replied to a user asking about Oreo for the Honor 8, and this was the response:

    we can understand your concern. However, we regret to inform you that Honor 8 is not compatible for Android Oreo update due to hardware and software limitations. We always work for our customers and we are really glad to have you as an Honor customer. Inconvenience is regretted.— Honor India (@HiHonorIndia) January 15, 2018

    Honor sites that “hardware and software limitations” are preventing Oreo from arriving on the Honor 8, but that doesn’t seem like a valid argument in my book. The Hon…

  • Mod-1 Headophones Review: Bring the bass

    Simplicity sold me on my new favorite headphones and made me realize what I had been missing.

    It’s easy to be distracted by features on headphones right now. Google Assistant, instant pairing, and “dynamic” noise cancellation are fun things to play with, but each of these features sees the price slowly creep up while leaving behind the fundamentals of a good pair of headphones. In my search for what should be considered table stakes for any good $100+ pair of headphones, I came across Modular and its first set of wireless headphones. Dubbed Mod-1, I found them good enough to bring with me everywhere for the last couple of months.

    About this review

    I have been testing an early production Mod-1 in the Gunmetal color for two months. These headphones were provided by Modular, and have been tested on five phones, two tablets, and multiple computers during my evaluation.

    Bent to my will

    Mod-1 Headphones Design

    As wireless headphones go, Mod-1 does very little to stand out…

  • This discounted 3-pack of USB-C adapters brings new life to your old cables

    Don’t ditch your old cables completely.

    The transition from micro-USB to USB-C has been a pretty positive one for most, but that means that a lot of our old cables are no longer useful to charge our gadgets. Odds are you have tons of old cables laying around that you don’t want to get rid of, and luckily you don’t have to.

    Right now you can pick up Aukey’s micro-USB to USB-C adapters for just $5.99 at Amazon when you check out using the coupon code AUKEYA23. This is a 3-pack of adapters so you can keep one at home, one at your office, and one in your pocket for those times you may need it at a friends house.

    Charge and Sync: USB-C (male) to Micro-USB (female) adapter allows you to charge and sync USB-C devices with a micro-USB cable. 480Mbps USB 2.0 data transfer speeds
    Safe Charging: Safe, configured charging output ensured by high-standard components, including a high-power 56 kilo ohm resistor
    Wide Compatibility: Reversible USB-C connector that plugs in either way up. Compatibl…

  • Face Unlock now available for OnePlus 3/3T with OxygenOS beta

    Part of Open Beta 30 for the OnePlus 3 and Open Beta 21 for the 3T.

    Right before 2017 was officially over, OnePlus announced that Face Unlock would be making its way to the OnePlus 5 with a future software update. The company also teased that the OnePlus 3/3T would see similar treatment in the near future, and now with the latest OxygenOS Open Beta for these two phones, that day has come.

    Open Beta 30 for the OnePlus 3 and Open Beta 21 for the 3T have arrived, and the biggest addition with this update is Face Unlock. Just like on the OnePlus 5 and 5T, you’ll now be able to use the 3 and 3T to unlock your phone by simply looking at it. Since Face Unlock doesn’t require any special hardware sensors like Face ID on the iPhone X, it should work just as good on the 3 and 3T as it does on the 5T.

    In addition to this, the built-in launcher is also getting some new tweaks. Folders will automatically be named when similar apps are added to them, the clock icon is dynamic and moves to show …

  • OnePlus 5T Open Beta 2 adds new clipboard and Switch apps, improves power consumption management, and more

    OnePlus’ second 2017 flagship has turned out to be one of my favorite phones, but the largest disappointment at launch was that it shipped with Nougat instead of Oreo. However, OnePlus kept true to its word that the 5T would get Oreo via an Open Beta …

  • Moto E5 appears in render with rear fingerprint sensor

    Our first look at the Moto E5 shows a lot of similarities to the E4, but that’s not a bad thing.

    Of all the phones Motorola released in 2017, one that stood out the most was the Moto E4. The E4 might have been the least powerful of the bunch, but for its retail price of $129, it performed way above what we usually expect to see from something so cheap.

    The very first render of its successor – the Moto E5 – just surfaced, and while it looks like more of the same, there are a couple tweaks to the design worth taking note of. For starters, the fingerprint sensor has been moved from the front to the back below the camera sensor. This means that Motorola is finally using its Moto dimple for something useful, and while that’s something I’ve been wishing Motorola would do since the Moto X (2014), it is slightly disappointing to see that nothing new was done with the front of the phone.

    We’re finally getting a Moto dimple that doubles as a fingerprint sensor.

    Where the fi…

  • Best document scanning apps for Android

    Scan and save all the important documents in your life without hassle.

    As our technology becomes more and more integrated with the world around us, it becomes easy to forget that many important documents are still printed out on paper. Being able to easily scan and save your lease, receipts, or other important paperwork can ensure that you never lose a document again. Of course, there are tons of apps out there, so we’ve done the hard work for you and narrowed that list down to just a few suggestions.

    These are our picks for the best document scanning apps on Android.

    Adobe Scan
    Office Lens
    Genius Scan

    Adobe Scan

    If you are already familiar with Adobe, then seeing this app on our list should make your eyes light up. While you can sign in like usual with Google or Facebook, you can also use your Adobe ID and it supports exporting documents to your Adobe account. The app is free and full of features that make it easy to scan your documents even if they aren’t in the …

  • Everything you need to know about The Inpatient VR

    You’ll need to uncover the mystery, and survive long enough to remember why you’re here.

    The Inpatient is the newest game from developer SuperMassive Games, and is a prequel to the breakout hit on PlayStation 4 called Until Dawn. You’re transported sixty years into the past to the Blackwood Sanatorium where something has gone rather awry. If you’ve played Until Dawn, then the name should sound pretty familiar and you may have an idea of whats coming.

    You play as an Amnesiac patient in the Sanatorium, and while the doctor keeps telling you that you’re there for your own good, that may not be the case. You’ll need to uncover the mystery on the grounds, and discover your past if you want to survive everything this game has to offer. With every choice you make you’ll see consequences and changes to the story, so you’ll need to be on your toes.

    See The Inpatient at Playstation

    Blackwood Sanatorium

    While there haven’t been tons of details about what you’re being thrown into with I…

  • Amazon Echo Spot now up for preorder in the UK

    Amazon’s little round screen is expanding to the UK from late January.

    If you ever wanted a little more screen with your Amazon Echo but the Echo Show is too big, then the Echo Spot might be just what you’re looking for. The little round Echo contains the best of Alexa, added video features and is small enough to go anywhere in your home.

    And very soon it’ll be available to UK buyers, too.

    Priced at £119.99 it’s substantially cheaper than the Echo Show and you can get it in white or black. It’s only on preorder right now, with shipping set to commence for January 24. If you’re looking for more than one, add two to your Amazon basket for £199.98, saving £40.

    More: Amazon Echo Spot review

    See at Amazon

  • How has your Project Fi experience been?

    If you don’t use a lot of mobile data, Fi is still the way to go.

    It’s hard to believe that 2018 will mark Project Fi’s three year anniversary, but then again, I suppose time flies when you’re saving heaps of cash each month on your monthly phone bill.

    Project Fi was an interesting concept when it first launched with the Nexus 6 in 2015, but now that you can use phones like the Pixel 2 and Moto X4 with the service, it’s a much more serious contender in the MVNO space than it ever was before.

    Some of our forum users recently got into a discussion about their own experiences using Project Fi, and this is what they had to say.

    01-14-2018 11:30 PM

    I’ve had my Pixel 2 XL 128 since launch and we went with Google Fi at the same time. My wife, who couldn’t care less about phones, is using my old Nexus 6 on Fi and is quite pleased with it.

    I’ve found Google Fi support to be superb and available 24/7. …

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