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  • Warner Bros. has released ‘Game of Thrones: Conquest’ worldwide and fans aren’t happy

    Game of Thrones: Conquest has been launched worldwide as of today. But before you get your hopes up, it is clear that this is a Game of War clone with a Game of Thrones skin. With such a high profile property, it is a real head-scratcher as to why War…

  • [Update: OmniROM too] LineageOS beats Google to the punch, fixes ‘KRACK’ WPA2 vulnerability in Android

    Yesterday, security researchers published a paper on ‘KRACK,’ a security vulnerability in the WPA2 Wi-Fi protocol. I won’t re-explain how it works here (click the above link if you want to learn more), but almost every modern operating system and device that can connect to Wi-Fi is affected.

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    [Update: OmniROM too] LineageOS beats Google to the punch, fixes ‘KRACK’ WPA2 vulnerability in Android was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Authy adds fingerprint support for app protection in latest beta

    The internet is a dangerous place, and two-factor authentication (2FA) is one of the best ways to keep your accounts secure. It’s a real pain to manage, though. Authy makes 2FA slightly less annoying, and it’s getting a long-awaited feature today in t…

  • Giveaway: Win a BrexLink Google Pixel (2016) battery case, or get 25% off with our code [US only]

    The Pixel 2 reviews might be up, but Google’s original 2016 Pixel is still a capable device. It’s not as if the old one has gone bad just because a new model has arrived. But, if you’ve been using your OG 5″ Pixel to its utmost, your battery might not be what it once was. Thankfully, BrexLink’s Pixel battery case can give you a big bump in capacity, and the 15 lucky winners of this giveaway will get one for free.

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    Giveaway: Win a BrexLink Google Pixel (2016) battery case, or get 25% off with our code [US only] was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Monument Valley 2 is finally coming to Android on November 6th

    About two months ago ustwo games put Monument Valley 2 up on the Play Store as a pre-registration title. Well, it would appear that they have finally settled on a release date for Android, the 6th of November. So get ready people, because we are reall…

  • Upgrade from your TV’s muddy speakers to this $190 Yamaha Bluetooth sound bar

    The Yamaha YAS-203 Bluetooth sound bar with subwoofer is down to $189.99 on Amazon. This sound bar was selling for as high as $400 in August. Since then it has been on a steady decline, and this drop to $190 is its lowest price yet. The last time we shared a deal on this sound bar it had dropped to $240 in September.

    Sound bars like this are so good and so inexpensive, it doesn’t make sense for you to keep using your TV’s default speakers. I know this thing isn’t exactly a Sonos home audio system, but at least your sound won’t sound like it’s traveling through mud to get to you.

    Features include:

    Provide high-quality sound and reliable performance with 100W of RMS power:
    The wireless subwoofer delivers powerful bass for a full, rich listening experience.
    Virtual surround sound Immerses you in theater-like audio for your favorite TV shows and movies.
    Bluetooth music streaming lets you play music from your compatible device.
    The included remote allows you to control the settings fr…

  • You can speak to Assistant in Korean on your phone and Android Wear watch

    At I/O this year, Google promised support for the Korean language would be coming by the end of the year to Assistant. Then at the October Pixel event a couple of weeks ago, Google also stated that Actions on Google (third-party Assistant integrations from different services) now support Korean. Between then and now, it appears that support for the Korean language has gone live on Assistant.

    Google’s help pages now say that you can talk to Assistant in Korean on your phone, your Wear watch (which makes sense since it’s connected to your phone), and that developers can add it in their Actions on Google apps.

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    You can speak to Assistant in Korean on your phone and Android Wear watch was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • The Rushpack may be the last water bottle you ever buy

    Keep your important items on hand while you work out and stay hydrated with the Rushpack water bottle!

    The way we work out sure has evolved in the 21st century. Used to be that you’d just go out for a run or hit the gym and that was that. These days, you’d be a fool to leave the house without all your essential daily carry items likely includes your phone, your credit cards and ID, your keys, a pair of headphones and more. Ideally, you’d like to keep all those crucial items on you or nearby as you work out, but who wants to run with full pockets?

    No one, that’s who.

    Enter the Rushpack: a water bottle designed to carry all your stuff so you don’t have to. I mean, think about it — you need to stay hydrated while you work out, so why juggle another item when you can instead keep all your stuff together on the water bottle. That’s smart.

    If you’re tired of strapping your phone to your arm with a sweaty armband case, the Rushpack offers an elegant solution with a rugged slee…

  • Sonos One review: Adding Alexa is just the start

    The best way to stream music wirelessly in your home is getting smarter, but still has plenty of room to learn.

    Sonos is one of those products that’s simultaneously extremely complex yet blissfully simple. Or let’s put it another way: It’s a complex product for the folks who made it. That’s a good thing, because sometimes the more work that goes into making something, the easier it is for those of us actually using it. And that’s the case with Sonos.

    At its simplest, Sonos is this: A family of speakers that hook into your Wifi to play audio content from all kinds of streaming sources. Apple Music. Spotify. Sirius XM. Google Play Music. Amazon Music. Locally. … The list of sources that can hook into Sonos is long. All of Sonos’ speakers can act independently, or in groups, so you can have the same thing playing on multiple speakers in the same room — in stereo pairs, even — or the same thing playing throughout the house. It can serve as your home enterta…

  • Moto X4 preorders starting soon, Alexa Moto Mod coming November

    Solid mid-ranger? Check. Confusing Moto Mod? Check.

    Motorola’s announced just a few smartphone this year, and one of them is the Moto X4. The X4 was first announced at IFA in August, but U.S. availability was never fully disclosed. Thankfully, that’s changing today.

    You’ll be able to pre-order the Moto X4 starting on October 19, and when the device officially goes on sale on October 26, it’ll be available from Best Buy, B&H, Fry’s, Jet, Motorola, Newegg, Republic Wireless, and Ting. You might notice that Amazon is missing from that list, but that’s because it’s getting a special version of the phone.

    The Moto X4 is the latest handset to join Amazon’s Prime Exclusive line of devices, and it’s by far the highest-end smartphone to make its way to the program yet. Prime Exclusive phones come with Amazon apps preinstalled and advertisements on the lock screen, but because of this, they also have discounted prices compared to their regular unlocked counterparts.

    The Prime Exclus…

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