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  • Amazon teases upcoming Fire TV Cube streaming device

    A new page appeared on Amazon yesterday: white text on a blue backdrop, asking “What is Fire TV Cube?” with a button to sign up for email updates. The question, obviously rhetorical, is a clear teaser for a new Fire TV device.

    AFTVnews reports that t…

  • Hands-on with Google Tasks: Another beautiful but disjointed way to get things done with Google

    Google just launched its rumored Tasks revamp alongside a new Gmail experience this morning. The new interface will show up inside Gmail, if you activate the latter’s redesign, and also comes with a new Android (APK Mirror) and iOS app. In this post, we’ll take a look at what Tasks can – and can’t – do and see how well polished its experience is.

    Getting started

    After installing the Tasks app on your phone, you launch straight into one onboarding screen followed by your My Tasks list.

    Read More

    Hands-on with Google Tasks: Another beautiful but disjointed way to get things done with Google was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • [Deal Alert] Samsung Level On Wireless noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones are $49.99 ($150 off) on eBay

    As headphone jacks continue to disappear, Bluetooth audio options are becoming more and more relevant. Here’s a good deal on one such option: Samsung’s Level On Wireless headphones, normally $199.99, are 75 percent off at just $49.99 direct from Samsu…

  • Samsung Pay: Everything you need to know

    Almost every phone offers mobile payments these days, but Samsung Pay is the most flexible and universally accepted form.

    Paying with your phone is still a relatively new prospect, but it’s become a ubiquitous feature on just about every NFC-capable phone over the last few years. The concept is simple; just hold your phone up to a compatible payment terminal to complete a transaction — secured with end-to-end encryption and authorized by your biometrics. Whether you forgot your wallet at home or simply have too many credit cards to manage, mobile payments can be a huge convenience.

    There are plenty of different payment solutions, ranging from Google Pay to Apple Pay, but they all fall victim to the same problem: not every payment terminal supports NFC. Luckily for Samsung users, that’s not necessarily a problem. Samsung makes use of a technology called Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST), which emulates the magnetic strip on a physical card to ensure that Samsung Pay work…

  • Harry Potter Hogwart’s Mystery release: school’s in

    Harry Potter fans from around the world rejoice! The time has come to set out on a journey to discover the world’s most famous school of magic! Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has finally released worldwide, so now you can enroll in Hogwarts for an adve…

  • Every kitchen should have one of these $56 Instant Pot Duo Mini

    Get one, for real.

    Amazon currently has the 3-quart Instant Pot Duo Mini down to just $55.99 as one of its Gold Box deals of the day. This means that the price that is here now will be gone tomorrow, or sooner if it sells out. We’ve seen deals on Instant Pots disappear pretty quickly, so if you have missed out in the past just click the buy button now.

    The Instant Pot combines a bunch of kitchen appliances into one and allows you to do anything from pressure cooking to rice cooking, sauteing to steaming, and even making some yogurt. If it intimidates you a bit, don’t worry. Grab this popular Instant Pot cook book for tons of recipes and ideas of how to perfect your cooking with it.

    Need a larger version? The 6-quart option is on sale for $130 and the 8-quart version is priced at $160. That’s $20 off each of them.

    See at Amazon

  • Facebook now allows users to appeal certain removed posts

    The removal of Facebook posts that violate some of the social network’s policies can now be appealed. Content flagged for certain violations will be made private, and the poster presented the option to begin an appeals process to restore the post.


  • New Google Tasks is made official with standalone Android and iOS app

    It’s been apparent for some time that Google was working on a new Tasks app, and further confirmation of this came with the leaked Gmail redesign. Now it’s official. Google Tasks has been completely overhauled and is now unrecognizable from the hardly…

  • How to change Fitbit Versa watch bands

    Get ready for some potential headaches 😬

    As functional as smartwatches are, they also serve as a great extension of your outfit/style. A leather band can help dress up a watch when at a formal gathering, but a silicone one is much better-suited when hitting the gym.

    The Fitbit Versa comes with a standard silicone band that can be worn just about anywhere, and while it looks and feels just fine, there are a number of first and third-party bands to choose from to help dress up the watch to your exact liking.

    Fitbit opted for a proprietary band system with the Versa, and it’s different from the other one introduced on the Ionic. The new setup can be a pain to deal with, so if you need a helping hand, you’re in the right place.

    Step 1 – Push in on the lever of your existing band

    With your Fitbit Versa turned upside down, find the quick-release lever (it’s the small metal pin near the Versa’s body).

    Once you’ve located it, use your finger to push it in towards the mi…

  • Nokia’s distinct design brings back the wow effect

    Smartphones are always looking more and more similar, and it’s getting harder to get excited about smartphone design. Nokia has shown that there is another way to create smartphones, and has done so with courage and flair. Finally, you can once again e…

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