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  • Google is pushing back some white Pixel 2 orders, offering a free Live Case as compensation

    Shipping delays on Pixel phones are nothing new. It took months for Google to get out from under the backlog for the original Pixel. This time, the white models seem to be in particularly short supply. Several people who ordered the smaller Pixel 2 in…

  • SmartThings Link hands-on: Turning your SHIELD TV into a smart home hub

    Connected home items are becoming more and more common, from light bulbs to doorbells and so on. Since the beginning of it all, I’ve really wanted to join in the smart home thing, mostly because I am lazy and want to control my house with my voice. Co…

  • [Update: Fixed] Google Photos isn’t showing recently backed up images for some

    Google Photos is probably one of the most renowned products the company has ever made. But, right now some people are having a bit of trouble with it. For many, images uploaded to the service since October 17th aren’t appearing on the Google Photos website, although the images are being backed up and can be accessed via Google Drive. 

    I’m one of those affected by this problem, and from the plethora of posts to the Google Photos product forums, I’m not alone.

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    [Update: Fixed] Google Photos isn’t showing recently backed up images for some was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • ‘Pay with Google’ is now live for select retailers and apps, more coming soon

    At Google I/O back in May, the company announced the Google Payment API, It promised a new way to pay in apps or online with any debit or credit card linked to your Google account. It’s similar to how we can already make purchases using Android Pay, w…

  • YouTube Music v2.04 introduces an all-red icon, will soon enable double-tap to seek [APK Teardown]

    YouTube may be in the process of making some changes to its branding and style choices with some of its mobile apps. A few days ago, the YouTube Gaming app received an update sporting a redesigned icon that kept its original heart shape, but sidelined the low-poly look it had launched with. And now it’s time for the YouTube Music app to do the same. 

    The shape is basically the same, but the classic vinyl look of the old icon has been retired and filled in with YouTube’s signature red and white color scheme.

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    YouTube Music v2.04 introduces an all-red icon, will soon enable double-tap to seek [APK Teardown] was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Best Leather Cases for Galaxy Note 8

    Give your Note 8 a touch of class with a leather case.

    The Galaxy Note 8 is a beautiful phone so it only makes sense to find a case that accents its features. You know what always looks good? Leather.

    There’s a good variety of leather cases available for the Note 8, and different styles, too — whether you’re looking for something that looks like an old, weathered book, a classic folio wallet, or just something with that nice leather finish on the back. Let’s dive in.

    DAVIS CASE Genuine Leather Case
    ProCase Genuine Leather Wallet Case
    Ringke Flex S Advanced Series
    Spigen Wallet S
    LK Luxury PU Wallet Strap Case

    DAVIS CASE Genuine Leather Case

    We’ll start out with some cases made from genuine leather. This option from DAVIS CASE has some great aesthetics especially if you love the look of old leather-bound books.

    These cases are handmade with genuine leather that’s got a nice weathered finish to it. On the inside, there’s a pocket that will accommodate some folded bills, …

  • Microsoft Launcher Review: an Apple by any other name?

    Microsoft has completely reworked the Arrow launcher and released it as “Microsoft Launcher” for Android. We checked it out.(This is a preview – click here to read the entire entry.)

  • Amazon wants you to read more with a huge sale on Kindle Unlimited and Kindle bundles

    If you’re getting ready to hibernate for the winter, you might as well keep your reading supply fresh.

    Is this deal for me?

    Amazon is celebrating the tenth anniversary of Kindle Unlimited with a big discount on Kindle Unlimited and huge sales on several Kindle products. The Kindle Unlimited sale is 33% off a one-year subscription or 40% off a two-year subscription. Those prices bring 12-months down to $80.32 (from $120) and 24-months down to $143.86 (from $240).

    This is a match for a deal on Kindle Unlimited that Amazon ran in the lead up to Prime Day earlier this summer but actually excludes the six month deal from back then.

    The service includes access to more than one million titles. The list includes great books like Slaughterhouse Five
    or The Handmaid’s Tale, and novels you’ve always said you read but never actually did like 1984. With your subscription, you can read whatever you want covered under the Unlimited banner for free. You also get access to any available audio bo…

  • Moto G5S Plus review: Too much of a good thing

    This is Motorola’s most prestigious budget phone, but you can do better.

    You’d be forgiven for not paying close attention to the release of the Moto G5S Plus; it snuck into the company’s lineup in early August alongside the Moto G5S.

    The ‘S’ stands for “Special Edition” (Moto G5SE Plus was too much of a mouthful?), and they’re moderately improved versions of the existing Moto G5 line that debuted earlier in the year. Why would Motorola introduce slightly updated versions of existing phones less than six months after their release? Who knows?!

    What I do know is that the Moto G5S Plus, which is available unlocked in the U.S. for $279, is one of the better budget phones you can buy, but the slightly better build quality, additional camera, and larger display don’t justify the additional cost over the existing Moto G5 Plus.

    See at Motorola

    Moto G5S Plus What you’ll love

    There’s a lot to like about the phone when you consider its $279 starting price: the metal build quality is uni…

  • Pay with Google connects your online purchases right to your Google account

    The service is rolling out now with promising merchant support.

    It’s hard to believe that Google I/O was already more than four months ago, but time sure flies when you’re having fun and freaking out over screen burn-in issues. One of the announcements made at the developer conference this summer was “Pay with Google” – a new platform that aimed to simplify online purchases with your Google account.

    Updates on this service were pretty much nonexistent following their initial announcement, but today, Google is finally making it available for all to use.

    When shopping within certain apps or stores via Google Chrome, you’ll begin to see a new “Pay with Google” button as an option for your payment method. Tapping this will show you any cards tied to your Google account through Android Pay, Google Play Store, and other Google services, and after selecting the card you’d like to use, all of your payment information will automatically be filled out for you.

    This functionality was …

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