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  • Weekend poll: Are you getting a Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+?

    Although there might have been a couple hiccups, Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and S9+ are finally available for purchase in stores. The two phones might be more iterative than revolutionary, but they impressed us quite a lot in our review. So much so, in fact,…

  • This $78 AmazonBasics wall mount allows you to move your monitor where you want

    Put your monitor in the perfect position.

    This AmazonBasics wall mount monitor stand is down to $77.79 on Amazon. That price is a discount from its $100 street price, and it is only one of two discounts we’ve ever seen for this mount.

    If you work in a semi-permanent office space and don’t mind attaching this to the wall behind your desk, you could really free up a lot of real estate for yourself. Just make sure your monitors have standard VESA mounts on the back (and they most likely will). The arm extends and contracts, tilts for different reading angles, and rotates from landscape to portrait mode. Mounting your monitor to the wall creates desktop space, and it’s easy to set up.

    The mount has a one-year warranty from AmazonBasics. More than 1,000 users give it 4.4 stars on Amazon.

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  • Become an Excel whiz with this bundle of training courses!

    Microsoft’s Excel, the spreadsheet tool in its Office suite, has an incredible amount of depth that most people never touch. Figures and graphs are what Excel is usually used for, but there’s so much more potential if you have the correct knowledge.

    Use coupon code MADMARCH10 for additional 10% off! Learn more

    Whether it’s PivotTables, Pivot Charts, macros, or powerful formulas, in-depth Excel training to automate spreadsheets and solve complex problems can be quite expensive. There’s a lot of content to cover, and there are many questions to answer.

    If you’re interested in extensive spreadsheet training, Android Central right now has a Microsoft Excel course that includes over 70 hours of content spread over four courses. Instead of paying the regular price of $1,380, you’ll instead pay just $49. That’s 96 percent off the regular price!

    Use coupon code MADMARCH10 and pay just $44.10! Learn more

    Access to this course remains open forever, so even if you don’t have the …

  • [Deal Alert] Pixel 2 XL now offered with $200 statement credit via Google Store Financing, free 18W charger

    Until yesterday, Google had been offering anyone who purchased a Pixel 2 XL $100 in Google Store credit. But now, a new offer for the Pixel 2 XL has taken its place: a $200 statement credit when financed with Google Store Financing. A free 18W charger…

  • Best Cheap Android Phones in 2018

    Best overall
    Best for all-metal
    Best for software
    Best for even less
    Best for battery life

    Best overall

    Moto G5 Plus

    See at Amazon

    Motorola performed yet another pricing miracle with the Moto G5 Plus, the successor to the excellent Moto G4 series and a contender for the best affordable smartphone today.

    It starts with the excellent 5.2-inch Full HD display, but the real benefit to the G5 Plus this year is the excellent performance and battery life from the combination of a Snapdragon 625 platform and a 3000mAh battery.

    Also of note is the improved low-light performance from the 12MP camera, which boasts the same hardware as (and similar results to) the Galaxy S7.

    Bottom line: This is the best sub-$250 phone you can buy today, and it’s still a great device even if price isn’t a factor.

    One more thing: Motorola.com is offering the Moto G5 Plus with inexpensive financing if you don’t want to pay up front.

    Why the Moto G5 Plus is the best

    Motorola has changed up the phone’…

  • [Deal Alert] Anker’s new PowerWave 10W fast wireless chargers are up to 20% off with codes, other accessories are up to 25% off on Amazon

    Wireless charging for smartphones endures, and Anker is pushing further into this playing field with its new line of PowerWave wireless chargers, which the company first announced at the 2018 Mobile World Congress and began selling a few days ago. If …

  • XFINITY Stream app gets fingerprint support for parental controls

    Comcast’s switch from XFINITY TV to XFINITY Stream about a year ago was met with lots of criticism for a number of reasons, and based on the latest Google Store reviews, users still aren’t very happy. But here’s something that might cheer you up: fingerprint authentication has been added for parental controls.


    • Gain faster, easier access to your Parental Controls by using fingerprint authentication instead of a PIN.
    • We’ve worked out a few code improvements and fixed some bugs to enhance your overall experience.

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    XFINITY Stream app gets fingerprint support for parental controls was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Android 8.0 Oreo update released for Sprint Galaxy S8 and S8+

    Hot on the heels of Big Red and John Legere and co, Sprint is now pushing the Android 8.0 Oreo / Samsung Experience 9.0 update to its versions of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. That makes it the third major US carrier to do so, leaving only AT&T (and US Cellular, if you count that).


    — Leo Comitto (@peppermintisme) March 17, 2018

    Like with other variants, the update is coming in at a little over 1.5GB (or around 350MB for beta testers).

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    Android 8.0 Oreo update released for Sprint Galaxy S8 and S8+ was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • How to stop your PlayStation 4 from starting up in safe mode

    Time to get back to your normal PlayStation 4 menu

    Sometimes choosing options that could change your console entirely can be anxiety-inducing, especially when PlayStation’s Safe Mode has, not one, but two options for initialization. You also may have come across the problem where your PlayStation won’t stop launching in safe mode. Take a deep breath, we’ve got some advice to get you out of Safe Mode and back to your games and streams!

    What is safe mode?

    First things first, let’s take a look at what this is so you can better understand why your PlayStation may be launching in it. Safe mode on a PS4 is basically the same Safe Mode option your computer has. If your system isn’t starting up normally then Safe Mode will start up your console with some basic functions to help find a solution to get your PS4 working again. Furthermore, if you’re PS4 is starting up normally but is having some issues you can launch into this options yourself and see if the menu options can help get them so…

  • Google Play promo codes now available in Argentina, Chile, and Peru

    Developers who wish to grant free access to paid content on the Play Store usually do so with a promo code. However, these codes aren’t globally available, with Google instead having a list of 25 countries where they are. Google does add countries occasionally, though, and this time around, Argentina, Chile, and Peru have joined the list.

    Here’s the new full list of 28 countries:

    • Argentina
    • Austria
    • Belgium
    • Brazil
    • Canada
    • Chile
    • Denmark
    • Finland
    • Greece
    • Hong Kong
    • Ireland
    • Italy
    • Japan
    • Mexico
    • Netherlands
    • New Zealand
    • Norway
    • Peru
    • Poland
    • Portugal
    • Singapore
    • South Africa
    • South Korea
    • Sweden
    • Switzerland
    • Turkey
    • United Kingdom
    • United States

    Note that this list is for countries in which developers can issue promo codes; redeeming should be available worldwide.

    Read More

    Google Play promo codes now available in Argentina, Chile, and Peru was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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