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  • Popular PC strategy game ‘Stellaris’ warps onto PlayStation 4 soon

    Get ready, console owners.

    Stellaris is an evolution of the grand strategy genre with space exploration at its core. It features deep gameplay, a rich and diverse selection of aliens, and emergent storytelling. According to publisher Paradox Interactive, Stellaris contains engaging moments that reward interstellar exploration as you traverse, discover, interact, and learn more about the species you encounter during your travels. There are a lot of mechanics to master here, so be prepared for a somewhat steep learning curve when you first dive in. It takes some time to get familiar with the gameplay, but it’s quite satisfying once you do.

    Stellaris has only been available on PC ever since it launched in 2016, but that’s about to change soon. Today at Gamescom 2018, the publisher announced that the title was coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One “soon”. The popular space exploration game will be the first ever grand strategy experience to hit consoles.

    Stellaris: Console Editio…

  • How to protect your Wi-Fi network from hackers

    It’s your house and your network, filled with your stuff. Nobody wants some random intruder snooping around in it.

    The digital information age is pretty awesome. I can find the answer to almost anything in just a few seconds, I can look at a screen small enough to carry in my pocket to know where to go and why I need to go there, and I can even make the lamp brighter by telling Alexa or Google to do it instead of reaching over to the fixture and swiping its tiny touch panel. A big part of the reason why, as well as why it’s only going to get even more awesome, is because everything is connected.

    If you’re a network engineer you’ve got all this covered. The rest of us have to actually try.

    For us, there is usually only one small part of that connection we need to worry about — the last 20 meters or so. Once all those digital signals make their way into our home they spread out over a Wi-Fi network that we control. The other gazillion meters of any connection have trained …

  • Google’s working on a new Chromecast that has Bluetooth and better Wi-Fi

    For better or worse, the design is staying exactly the same.

    It’s been a hot minute (read, 3 years) since Google updated the Chromecast, but according to a new FCC listing, it would appear that a new model could be on its way in the near future.

    According to the filing, this new Chromecast will be the first to support Bluetooth. The current model does have a Bluetooth chip, but it’s only used during the initial setup process and can’t be enabled by users afterward.

    The FCC documents show that Google thought about just sending a software update to the exisitng Chromecast to enable this functionality, but “because this new model requires a new equipment code (DSS) not covered by the original certification for FCC ID A4RNC2-6A5, the new version of device requires a new FCC ID.”

    Along with Bluetooth functionality, the new Chromecast will also offer improved Wi-Fi reception with 5GHz networks:

    This device has been changed to include a 0.5 mm trim on the 5GHz PCB antenna trace that…

  • Light up your home with two new collections from Philips Hue

    The perfect lights.

    Philips announced the new Signe and Play collections, which add indirect lighting to your entertainment space. The Signe Collection will feature a table light around 24 inches tall and a floor light around 59 inches tall. Both are designed to be pointed at a wall to give off indirect, ambient light that reaches up to the ceiling. They will have the full range of Philips’ White and Color Ambiance, similar to current starter kits, so you can choose between one of 16 million colors. The lights are only capable of one color at a time, but with multiple devices you can mix and match.

    The Play Collection features a nine-inch bar that lays horizontally or vertically and creates light in a very similar way to Signe. These bars come with a base kit that you can plug the Play into, which helps reduce the electrical outlets you need according to Philips Hue.

    Philips Hue has gotten into bias lighting in the past with light strips that can also be connected to your smart hom…

  • From the forums: Should you get the Note 8 now that the Note 9 is out?

    Depending on who you are, the Note 8 might still be a great buy.

    On August 24, the Galaxy Note 9 will officially exit the pre-order stage and be released out in the wild for everyone to buy. Our full review of the phone left us rather impressed, and although it’s not a drastic upgrade from the Note 8, there are a lot of subtle improvements here and there that create for an excellent user experience.

    The Note 9 is obviously a great buy, but if you’re rocking a smartphone that’s a couple years old, is the Note 8 still worth considering now that its successor is here?

    Here’s what some of our AC forum members had to say!

    08-19-2018 08:03 AM

    I think I will be on the lookout for a good deal on a used note 8 once the n9 is out.

    08-19-2018 10:48 AM

    Note 8 is still an excellent phone, but if both you …

  • 4 things that’d make the Lenovo Smart Display even better

    Lenovo’s Smart Display is great, but there’s still some work to be done.

    I’ve been living with the Lenovo Smart Display for a few weeks now, and during that time, it’s quickly become one of my favorite gadgets of 2018. As a huge fan of the Google Home, it’s been a dream come true to have that same functionality brought over to a form factor with a large, crisp 10-1-inch screen.

    I genuinely love using the Smart Display, but for all the things it gets right, there are a few pain points that I’d like to see get worked out sooner rather than later.

    Without further ado, here are 4 things that’d make the Lenovo Smart Display better!

    Portrait orientation for the entire UI

    One of the most unique aspects of the Lenovo Smart Display is its wedge design on the back. Because of this, you have the option of standing it either horizontally or vertically on your kitchen counter, table, etc. Unfortunately, at the time of publishing this editorial, the vast majority of the interface can only b…

  • Fitbit announces Charge 3 fitness tracker, coming this October for $150

    Pre-orders for the new tracker are live starting today.

    Fitbit’s been hitting the smartwatch market pretty hard over the past few months with its Ionic and Versa, and following those two wearables, the company’s now going back to revive one of its most popular fitness tracker series with the all-new Fitbit Charge 3.

    The Charge 3 is an evolution of the Charge 2 that came out before it, and while it has the same general form factor as its predecessor, Fitbit spent a lot of time making sure that the Charge 3 is a more comfortable and stylish tracker. Aerospace aluminum was used for the Charge 3’s case while Corning Gorilla Glass 3 covers its display, and speaking of that display, the one on the Charge 3 is a gray-scale OLED panel that’s 40% brighter and sharper than the screen on the Charge 2.

    There’s also a lot more you can do on the display. The dashboard from the Ionic and Versa is now on the Charge 3, too, allowing you to quickly see your steps, calories-burned, most recent exerc…

  • Drive back the forces of hell in DOOM Eternal for PlayStation 4

    id Software doubles down on DOOM’s gory renaissance.

    At E3 2018, id Software announced a new entry in the DOOM franchise. Dubbed DOOM Eternal, it’s a continuation of the 2016 reboot that set the franchise on a new path. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

    What is DOOM Eternal?

    For quite some time, DOOM was an IP that existed in a state closely resembling limbo. Sure, the games haven’t been totally terrible, but it was clear how far removed we were from the glory years. That changed with the reboot of the franchise in 2016.

    Aptly and succinctly titled DOOM, it was a huge success. It was one of the best feeling shooters to launch on contemporary consoles, and the game didn’t shy away from the blood and gore that made the series what it is. (It also helped that the storyline wasn’t cheesier than a box of Velveeta.)

    DOOM was a huge success, so it’s no surprise the developers want to take that formula and keep it going with DOOM Eternal. It’ll be the first game developed…

  • Don’t miss out on this one-day sale full of awesome Nerf guns and gear

    Stock up now!

    Amazon has a variety of Nerf guns and accessories on sale today as part of its Gold Box deals of the day. From popular guns like the Nerf Rival Phantom Corps to the Zombie Doublestrike Blaster, face masks, and even the Vortex Aero Howler football, there’s something in this sale for everyone.

    Some of these are add-on items, meaning they only ship with qualifying orders of $25 or more, but with prices starting at just $4.89 you will want to check them all out.

    Some of our favorite deals include:

    20-pack Elite MEGA dart refill – $8 (Was $12)
    N-Stroke Elite Firestrike – $8.11 (Was $12)
    Phantom Corps Kronos – $10.05 (Was $15)
    Negotiator Blaster – $13.81 (Was $20)
    Rival Deadpool Apollo – $20.98 (Was $35)
    Double Dealer Blaster – $27.37 (Was $40)
    Rival Prometheus – $139.99 (Was $200)
    This is just a small selection of what’s available, so be sure to check them all out now and grab some before the deals disappear.

    See at Amazon

  • Should you buy the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo?

    The undisputed champion of wireless charging has something new for you to check out.

    When it comes to wireless chargers, there’s Samsung and then there’s everything else. Samsung chargers are just plain better, from the way they look to the amount of power they dispense, these things are a great addition to any desk or bedside table.

    But with the launch of the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Watch, Samsung took its wireless charging ambitions to the next level. A wireless charger designed to power a watch and a phone at the same time, thanks to multiple sections on the platter to place your devices. It’s not a new idea, and unlike Apple’s version of a multi-device charger it is actually available to purchase immediately after announcement, but should you grab one for yourself?

    See at Amazon

    Charge all the things

    The cool thing about Samsung’s chargers is the way they follow a global spec, which means you don’t need to have a Samsung-specific device to use it. Like its predecessors, t…

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