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  • Pokémon Go Fest attendees file lawsuit against Niantic

    Niantic’s inability to make Pokémon Go work properly is becoming legend. Basically, if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. And there was a lot of wrong at the high-profile Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago last weekend. It was such a mess that a few dozen players have filed a class action lawsuit against Niantic, alleging false advertising.

    The plaintiffs are demanding Niantic compensate them for travel to the festival, which was an unmitigated disaster.

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    Pokémon Go Fest attendees file lawsuit against Niantic was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • What are you looking forward to with Android O? [Roundtable]

    Changes big and small are coming to Android and these are our favorites.

    Android O will soon be here, though it will take a while for most of us to see it.

    With it comes more of the tweaks under the hood with each release: changes to make batteries last longer, apps run better, and to keep our information safer. But there is also a lot of other cool stuff there! Things that sound small but will make a big difference like better ways to manage fonts and emojis, as well as bigger changes like new ways to show notifications.

    Everyone has a favorite feature from the list of changes, and that’s what we’re going around the table with this week. See what we’re most looking forward to when Android O arrives.

    Jerry Hildenbrand

    I have two things, but they kind of go together so it’s not cheating. The new window controls like picture-in-picture combined with new ways to use the keyboard mean developers can build apps that work even better on Chromebooks.

    It’s great that Android works on…

  • Deal: Grab the LG Watch Style for just $140

    Excellent Style at a stylish price.

    The LG Watch Style has seen another price cut, and it should put the simple-yet-satisfying watch back on a lot of folks’ radar at this price. eBay has a vendor selling the LG Watch Style in Silver for $140.

    The LG Watch Style isn’t the most future-proofed Android 2.0 watch on the market, but it’s small, comfortable, and runs Wear 2.0 smoothly for your entire day. There’s regrettably no NFC, heart-rate monitoring, or GPS, but the Style is sleek and easily blends into both business casual and everyday outfits easily. It also quite easily adapts to a large variety of bands and wardrobes to fit in whether you’re dressed for business or pleaure.

    In short, it’s not ugly as sin and will get the job done for most of us who don’t have wrists the size of coffee mugs. With this sale, it’s finally down to a price that most of us are willing to pay for one. $140 isn’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but for a watch without all the bells and whistl…

  • Unlocked BlackBerry KEYone now available in Canada from Walmart

    Grab a KEYone while you grab a rotisserie chicken.

    When the BlackBerry KEYone) was initially announced as coming in an unlocked version in Canada, BlackBerry Mobile planned to have the device available starting in June but that release eventually got pushed to ‘later this summer’ due carrier partner demand. It’s now later this summer, and Walmart has begun selling the KEYone unlocked in Canada.

    Through the Walmart site, unlocked versions of the BlackBerry KEYone are available for $650 with free shipping and can be received in as little as two days depending on where you live, and while there’s no indication of how many Walmart has available, right now, the site does state they are ‘in stock’. For how long? Not sure, but probably best to not wait if you’ve been holding out for an unlocked version to be available in Canada.

    Folks in the CrackBerry Forums have already got their shipping notices.

    See at Walmart

  • Become a full stack coder for only $15

    The online industry has got to be one of, if not the biggest in the world. So many companies are moving to completely online models, and that means that fine websites abound. There is so much work in web development that everyone and his brother can build a site, but can they build a good site and maintain it well? If you want to get a foot in the interweb development door, you’ll need great fundamentals and solid knowledge of coding so that you can create websites that stand out among the billion.

    Become a full stack coder for only $15 Learn more

    Sure, you could go to a university or college and take a computer course, but you might need to take a multi-year program, and the short courses offered likely don’t cover everything you need to truly succeed. You would also have to abide by the schedule of whichever institution. But if you have a full-time job, how can you go to school during the week?

    Through Android Digital Offers, you can learn to be a full stack coder with the C…

  • [Deal Alert] Get a US unlocked Galaxy S8 for just $575 and an S8+ for $650 on eBay

    The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are some of the best phones on the market, with their main downside being that their MSRPs are a little too high. Not to worry, though – the US unlocked models of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ have now dropped to $574.99 and $649.99, respectively, on Samsung’s own eBay storefront. That’s $25 lower than we’ve previously seen for the S8. amd $50 lower for the S8+.

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    [Deal Alert] Get a US unlocked Galaxy S8 for just $575 and an S8+ for $650 on eBay was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • The Best and Most Unique Skins For Samsung Galaxy S8

    Looking for a sharp-looking (and practical!) skin for your Samsung Galaxy S8? Then here are some options to keep in mind!

    You love your Galaxy S8, but you don’t love how bulky and boring cases can be. Using a skin with your Galaxy S8 is a low-maintenance option that can also allow you to express yourself with different designs, patterns, colors, and styles.

    If you’re looking for some of the more unique skins for your Samsung Galaxy S8 — that still do a good job at protecting your phone and are high-quality — then here are a few that you might want to consider!

    Skinit Leopard Galaxy S8 skin
    DBrand Galaxy S8 Zebra Wood skin
    DecalGirl Retro Horizontal skin
    Samsung Galaxy S8 Signature Gold Mirror skin
    Skinit Diamond Red Glitter Galaxy skin
    Slickwraps Hero Series for Galaxy S8

    Skinit Leopard Galaxy S8 skin

    If you’re someone who loves the alluring look of a classic leopard print, but still wants a slim, trim, super-sleek skin for their Samsung Galaxy S8, then we recomme…

  • Chrome on Android O will give each website its own notification channel

    While this isn’t live now in any version of Chrome from stable to Canary, work is underway to improve the way notifications through the app that originate from websites are handled on Android O by giving them individual channels.
    Currently, with all C…

  • Best PlayStation VR shooters

    What are the best shooting games for PlayStation VR?

    Shooters are a mainstay and favorite among many gamers, and the style of play is only heightened in PlayStation VR thanks to motion tracking and intense immersion. The list of shooters for PSVR is ever-increasing, but here are the ones we think you should try first.

    Read more at VR Heads

  • Save $150 on the unlocked Galaxy S8, S8+ at Amazon and Samsung

    Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with an easy way to save $150 on the unlocked Galaxy S8.

    If you like having unlocked smartphones, but don’t always like the price tag associated with them, this deal is for you. Right now you can pick up the Samsung Galaxy S8 for just $574.99, or go with the bigger Galaxy S8+ for $674.99 at both Amazon and Samsung. We’ve seen some BOGO offers on the Galaxy S8 recently, but if you’re only in the market for one phone, this $150 savings is likely more enticing.

    In addition to the instant savings of $150, Samsung will also give an additional trade-in credit of up to $150 more with a qualifying smartphone. You’ll have to trade in an LG G4, G5, G6, Galaxy Note 5, S5, S6, S7, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, or Google Pixel to earn the extra trade-in credit. Don’t wait too long to take advantage of this offer, as we don’t know exactly how long this price drop will stick around.

    See at Amazon

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    Skip the expensive pet store…

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