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  • My perfect smartwatch is a mashup of the LG Watch Style and Fossil Q

    A hybrid watch would be the perfect smartwatch if it just had Google Assistant built in.

    I’ve been seriously ruminating over this since reviewing the LG Watch Style. I thought I would still be wearing the smartwatch by now, that it would be the device that would get me back into daily life with Android Wear. It’s not; the smartwatch has since been been relegated to the bottom of my jewelry box and replaced with a hybrid variant from Fossil.

    The Fossil Q Tailor can only do half of what the Watch Style can do — if at that, since this is a mechanical smartwatch we’re talking about here, with no screen in sight. If I want notifications, for example, I have to assign each of my special contacts to a number on the dial. As a result, I don’t use notifications.

    And then I discovered what the Fossil Q hybrid can do, and that’s all the simple stuff I’d wear the Watch Style for anyway. It can track my sleep, show me the time in another country, and wake me up every morning. Maybe the r…

  • New Google Play Music subscribers now get a four-month trial

    New customers can try out Google Play Music for free for 120 days.

    Google typically offers a 90-day trial for customers looking to evaluate Google Play Music, but the company is now rolling out a four-month free trial for new subscribers. If you’re using another streaming service and are looking to make the switch to Play Music, you now have an addition 30 days to decide if you want to continue. Once the trial ends, you’ll have to shell out $9.99 per month.

    In addition to accessing Play Music’s catalog of over 40 million songs, you’ll be able to upload up to 50,000 songs from your own music collection — 100,000 if you’re using a Samsung phone — to the service. The UI is in need of a revamp and the device usage policy is antiquated, but overall there’s plenty to like in Play Music.

    There’s no telling how long the offer will last, so if you’re interested in seeing what the deal is with Play Music, hit up the link below to subscribe.

    Sign up for Google Play Music

  • Charge six of your favorite devices at the same time for just $30 today

    These days we’ve got lots of gadgets and charging them all can mean taking up a bunch of outlets around your house. Naztech’s 6 USB charging hub lets you get up to six of your favorite devices charged up easily, and today it is just $30.

  • Bye Bye 3T: OnePlus stops producing its flagship killer

    It’s time to say goodbye. OnePlus has officially announced that it will stop production of its OnePlus 3T model.(This is a preview – click here to read the entire entry.)

  • OnePlus rolls out a referral program ahead of OnePlus 5 launch

    Save some cash on OnePlus accessories with its referral program.

    OnePlus is launching a referral program ahead of the launch of its next flagship. To be eligible, you should have bought a OnePlus smartphone directly from the company’s website in the past. To register, you’ll need to head to the referral page and click the Get your sharable link button to get a unique code that you can share with your friends and family.

    Once they use the link to purchase a smartphone from OnePlus, they’ll get $20 (or equivalent) off an accessory, and you’ll pick up 100 referral points that can be used toward an accessory, discount on a phone, or exclusive OnePlus gear.

    From OnePlus:

    Anyone who’s ever bought a OnePlus smartphone past, present, or future, can get a unique referral link. Once you’ve got a link, just share it with someone interested in buying a OnePlus device and wait for them to hit the order button. If your friend uses your link to purchase a OnePlus smartphone, they’ll receiv…

  • ARM’s Cortex-A75 and A55 cores are ready to power next-gen phones

    ARM’s latest processors are built for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

    ARM has unveiled its next-generation CPU cores, the Cortex-75 and the Cortex-A55. The Cortex-A75 will be aimed at the premium segment while the Cortex-A55 core will cater to the mid-range category.

    The company is touting “ground-breaking performance” from the Cortex-A75 core, which delivers a 20% uptick in single-threaded performance from the A73. The A75 will be able to deliver up to 50% more performance in multithreaded use cases, with ARM focusing on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The core also offers 16% more memory throughput, as well as a 30% increase in performance on large-screen devices.

    The cores are the first to be built on ARM’s DynamicIQ platform, a more flexible and scalable solution to heterogeneous computing. DynamicIQ allows vendors greater freedom in choosing the cores — including a 1+7 configuration where a single Cortex-A75 core is paired to seven A55 core…

  • The pricey OnePlus 5 and the accidental OnePlus X [#acpodcast]

    This week, Daniel, Andrew and Flo close the door on Google I/O and open it to the OnePlus 5. And while they’re at it, they talk about Motorola’s newfound confidence, and whether the HTC U11 can make up some ground.

    Oh, and there’s some OnePlus X reminiscing ❤️

    Show notes:

    The end of Google I/O
    Developers, execs and Kotlin at Google I/O
    HTC U11 review
    Everything we know about the OnePlus 5
    Motorola’s big comeback plans
    This episode of the Android Central Podcast is brought to you by Thrifter, the best place to get great deals in your inbox every day!
    Podcast MP3 URL: http://traffic.libsyn.com/androidcentral/androidcentral337.mp3…

  • Two reasons the Moto Z Play is far from perfect

    Having tested the Moto Z Play for 3 weeks, I’m a little disappointed in the camera and the module options. Read on to see why I would never buy the Moto Z Play.(This is a preview – click here to read the entire entry.)

  • The best game emulators for Android

    Here is a list of the best game emulators for Android. Whether you’re a fan of old school DOS games or Nintendo classics, we’ve got you covered with the best emulators.(This is a preview – click here to read the entire entry.)

  • Microsoft’s Path Guide app for Android makes creating and giving directions indoors easy

    Microsoft recently released a new app for Android called Path Guide, which allows you to easily create and follow custom routes for indoor areas that exist as linear instructions separate from a map. Think of a children’s treasure hunt where each goal…

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