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  • What’s your favorite keyboard app?

    With so many keyboard apps to choose from, picking just one can be a challenge.

    We all know that user customization is one of Android’s highlights, and one of the areas where this is seen is with the ability to download third-party keyboard apps. This is something that Apple eventually added to iOS in 2014, but even today in early 2018, third-party keyboards are still the best in camp Android.

    The Google Play Store is filled with different options to choose from, and while there is some garbage here and there, there are also a lot of excellent ones available. Our forum users recently shared their thoughts on which keyboard app they like the best, and these are a few of the top answers.

    01-16-2018 10:25 PM

    Gboard, swiftkey, go keyboards are the ones I recommend. Fleksy is alright, touch responsiveness is meh at times

    01-16-2018 10:4…

  • Jam City unveils a teaser trailer for ‘Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery’

    Jam City’s upcoming RPG Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery (not to be confused with Niantic’s planned augmented reality Harry Potter title “Wizard’s Unite”) has just had a teaser trailer released that shows off a few key details of the game. It would appear that players will be creating a personalized Hogwarts student avatar to then roleplay what it would be like to attend classes, learn magical skills, and form friendships or rivalries in the Harry Potter universe.

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    Jam City unveils a teaser trailer for ‘Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery’ was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • How to use face unlock (trusted face) on the Google Pixel 2

    A fingerprint sensor is both secure and fast, but sometimes you want other unlocking methods.

    Much was made of the OnePlus 5T’s Face Unlock, but it’s hardly the only Android phone to have a great face-unlocking feature. Google’s own Pixel 2 actually has a great face unlock feature available as part of Smart Lock. And even though the fingerprint sensor is more secure and often faster, some of us want to have other options for unlocking. Whether you’re wearing gloves or have your phone in positions that are awkward to reach behind the phone, it may actually make sense in some cases to unlock with your face rather than your finger.

    Here’s how you can set up and use face unlock to unlock your Pixel 2 with just a glance, and a couple ways to make sure you don’t compromise your phone’s security in the process.

    Head into your phone’s Settings, scroll down and tap Security & location.
    Tap on Smart Lock underneath the Device security subheading.
    Confirm your current screen lock, then t…

  • Instagram starts showing activity status in direct messages

    In its quest to become the only app where you share photos, moments, and messages, Instagram is adding one new feature to its direct messages: activity status. Just like you’d see when a person was last active on WhatsApp or Telegram or plenty of othe…

  • Xiaomi’s Snapdragon 845-powered Mi 7 could make its debut at MWC

    Xiaomi is listed as an exhibitor at MWC, suggesting a possible Mi 7 unveil at the event.

    Two years ago, erstwhile Xiaomi VP Hugo Barra took to the stage at MWC to unveil the Mi 5. The Chinese manufacturer opted to sit out last year’s conference, but Xiaomi will once again be exhibiting at this year’s event. The official Mobile World Congress page lists Xiaomi as an exhibitor, leading further credence to the rumors that the manufacturer will unveil the Mi 7 flagship at the event.

    The Mi 7 is likely to be the first phone powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 845 platform. Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun was on hand at the Snapdragon Tech Summit last month to confirm the same, and while we don’t have a lot of details on the design changes or the rest of the hardware, the phone is rumored with a 6.0-inch 18:9 panel made by Samsung.

    Other rumors also hint at facial recognition tech and Qi wireless charging. The Mi 7 is certainly turning out to be an interesting phone, and we should know more ab…

  • Huawei endorses Google Jibe RCS, will start including Android Messages on phones

    Adoption of RCS, the successor to the SMS/MMS standard, has remained relatively slow among carriers and devices. Google has spearheaded the effort by building its own ‘Jibe’ RCS hub and integrating it into its Android Messages SMS app, making it easie…

  • The Xiaomi Mi A1 looks absolutely stunning in red

    The red Mi A1 is the best variant of an already great phone.

    Five months after its release, the Xiaomi Mi A1 continues to be the best budget phone you can buy in India. Its combination of styling, internal hardware, dual rear cameras, and Android One underpinnings give it a distinct leg up over other devices in this segment.

    Xiaomi initially launched the Mi A1 in gold and black color options and added a rose gold model later on. The red variant was introduced late last month, and as you can see from the pictures below, it looks incredible.

    The red Mi A1 looks slick from every angle, and the bright red hue combined with the matte texture at the back makes this one of the best-looking phones in this segment. The antenna lines at the top and bottom are painted a slightly darker shade of red, complementing the design perfectly. The volume and power buttons have also been painted red.

    Xiaomi was looking to create a phone that stood out, and it certainly managed to do that. This is…

  • It’s Wednesday, so here are 29 temporarily free and 22 on-sale apps

    Wednesday is here, and the week is more than half over. It’s a slim list today, about the same as Monday’s, but that’s okay. Dig through and see if you find something you like, and I’ll see you all Friday.



    1. Braintoss $1.99 -> Free; 2 days left
    2. Alarm Clock Pro – Music Alarm (No Ads) $0.99 -> Free; 5 days left
    3. Ner – Photo Editor, Pip, Square, Filters, Pro $0.99 -> Free; 5 days left
    4. 80s Music Radio Pro $1.99 -> Free; 6 days left
    5. Pocket Spy Sound Recorder $3.99 -> Free; 6 days left
    6. Trueshot Swing Tempo $0.99 -> Free; 6 days left
    7. BMI Calculator $0.99 -> Free; 7 days left
    8. Metapod – Podcast Manager $0.99 -> Free; 7 days left


    1. Comomola Far West Train – Railroad Game for kids!

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    It’s Wednesday, so here are 29 temporarily free and 22 on-sale apps was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Google could block access to hidden and undocumented APIs in Android P

    We’re probably just a few months away from the first developer preview release of Android P, but there are some hints of what Google’s cooking in AOSP. According to a report at XDA, Google might be planning a move that’ll upset some developers. New co…

  • Google designer Ivy Ross shows off prototypes of Pixel 2, Pixelbook, Home Mini, and more

    Prototypes are always cool to see, but us consumers don’t often get to do so. It’s nice to take a look at how the designs of products evolve from the drawing board all the way to our homes, pockets, and backpacks. An interview with Google hardware designer Ivy Ross recently went up on The Keyword, and embedded within are photos of several Google products’ prototypes.

    Ross gave this interview as part of The She Word, a series in which “powerful, dynamic, and creative” women at Google are put front and center.

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    Google designer Ivy Ross shows off prototypes of Pixel 2, Pixelbook, Home Mini, and more was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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