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  • HyperDrive is a combo USB-C hub, stand, and Qi charger on Kickstarter (and it’s already funded)

    Usually, we aren’t too into Kickstarter stuff here at AP. No small number of crowdfunded endeavors have failed to materialize in the past, and too many of them are merely rebadged OEM goods. But in this brave new dongle-filled world, the HyperDrive ha…

  • Allo v26 prepares multi-account support, breaking news camera effect, and more [APK Teardown]

    Allo updates are starting to roll out, but as the trend has been going, there’s not much to see in the main interface for this update. However, tearing down the APK has turned up signs of good things to come. Support for using Google accounts to find …

  • The Amazon Alexa app now lets you use Alexa voice commands

    Alexa’s latest home is the Alexa app.

    Up until now, Alexa’s presence on Android has been a bit confusing. Phones like the Huawei Mate 9, HTC U11, and Moto X4 have the assistant built right into them, and last summer, Amazon rolled out Alexa to the Amazon Shopping app. Now, Alexa is getting a more fitting home inside of, well, the Alexa app.

    The Alexa app has been a free download on Android since the launch of the first Amazon Echo, but you’ve never actually been able to use Alexa within the app. Instead, it’s always acted as a hub for your Alexa lists, music control, etc. However, according to Android Police, Amazon will soon be updating the Alexa app so that you can tap an icon and perform all of the Alexa voice commands you’ve come to know and love.

    This might be exciting news for Amazon superfans, but for most folks, this likely isn’t anything that’ll change your life. You’ll still have to open up the Alexa app and tap the icon as saying “Alexa” doesn’t do anything, and if th…

  • Samsung Cloud no longer supports third-party app backups, user data being deleted in February 2018

    Anyone who’s set up a Samsung phone has probably seen all the popups for Samsung Cloud backups. It’s actually a rather robust system backup tool that can save system settings and app data, but Samsung is dropping a big part of that service. Starting n…

  • Bring new life to your aging tech with this $10 Aukey Bluetooth receiver

    Bring your old tech to the current day.

    As the year’s pass technology continues to adopt Bluetooth, but if you have some older gear hanging around you may not be able to take advantage of the wireless future. Luckily there are ways around this, and one of them is Aukey’s Bluetooth receiver. Right now you can grab one for just $9.91 at Amazon when you use the coupon code WYF6SCC5 during checkout. This saves you just over $6 from its regular selling price.

    So, what does it do? Well, it’s quite simple. You can plug this device into your car to stream music from your phone through the aux jack in your vehicle, or you can plug your favorite set of wired headphones into it and then stream music from your phone that doesn’t have a headphone jack.

    Aukey backs this with a 24 month warranty.

    See at Amazon

  • This app checks if your carrier is violating net neutrality

    The FCC is ending its enforcement of net neutrality (unless the Senate can override it), but it’s still an important issue. Now that it’s no longer illegal, we’ll probably see more carriers and ISP begin to interfere with internet traffic as time goes on. Researchers from Northeastern University and The University of Massachusetts have published an app that can verify if your carrier or ISP is throttling or blocking some services.

    Read More

    This app checks if your carrier is violating net neutrality was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Verizon’s Go Unlimited plan will soon include service to Mexico and Canada

    Back in August, Verizon split its unlimited data plan into three separate plans – Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited, and Business Unlimited. All three plans have limitations on video streaming, tethering, and international usage. But starting on January …

  • A Few Reasons Why I Subscribe To Amazon Prime

    Wait — aren’t you signed up for Amazon Prime at birth? That’s how it works, right?

    I don’t remember when I first signed up for Amazon Prime. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is. It’s kind of like, I dunno. Shaving. It was a thing that you just started doing at some point. (Erm, and that I stopped doing a few years ago.)

    Probably it had to do with faster shipping. That’s a pretty unsexy answer, but years ago that was the main perk, right? Free two-day shipping, and inexpensive options for next-day shipping.

    The easier question is why I’ve continued re-upping Amazon Prime every year. That’s become an easier decision, and it’s never been one that I had to spend too much time on.

    Sign up for a free Amazon Prime Trial

    Yeah, the shipping options are still important. We’re ordering more things these days, not fewer. I don’t always do next-day delivery. (We don’t have same-day where I live.) Sometimes the free option is just fine, and you can’t beat free. But if I do need so…

  • The best launchers available: transform your Android

    Do you feel like the layout and interface on your device just doesn’t suit you? Wish for more control over how things are organized and presented? Or simply want to stand out from the crowd? An Android Launcher can completely change the style and funct…

  • Alexa app update adds full Alexa voice interactions

    Amazon partnered with Huawei a year ago to launch the Mate 9 as the first Alexa-enabled phone, but there have only been a few since then. Simply installing the Alexa app on your other devices didn’t get you Alexa voice commands. Well, until now. Amazo…

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