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  • [Update: Rolling out now] Android 8.1 feature spotlight: Speed labels for open Wi-Fi networks are now displayed in settings [Update]

    While open Wi-Fi networks are nice to find, they can sometimes be so slow that you’d prefer to just use your precious mobile data.

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    [Update: Rolling out now] Android 8.1 feature spotlight: Speed labels for open Wi-Fi networks are now displayed in settings [Update] was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Telegram X is a fast alternative official Telegram client with experimental features

    Telegram is an increasingly popular messaging app thanks to its focus on security and the free price tag. An alternative client called Challegram popped up a while back, and now the developers of Telegram have acquired it and changed the name to Telegram X. It includes all the basic messaging features from the regular Telegram app, but there are a few experimental features, too.

    Telegram X is built to be noticeably faster and smoother than the main Telegram app—the animations are really impressive.

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    Telegram X is a fast alternative official Telegram client with experimental features was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Integral Memory will release a 512GB microSD card in February

    At last year’s IFA in Berlin, SanDisk announced a microSD card with 400GB of storage. If that wasn’t enough space for your needs, Integral Memory announced today that it has beat that record, with its new 512GB microSD card.
    The card complies with the…

  • Hangouts Meet now supports tablets

    By last count, Google had 39 messaging apps. Okay, that’s not accurate, but it’s not that far off. After moving away from Hangouts as the unified Google messaging platform, Google launched Hangouts Meet as a business-oriented video conferencing product. You may not think about Hangouts Meet a lot, but it still exists and today has gained support for tablets.

    Tablets are obviously not as widely used as they once were, but businesses are more likely than consumers to have tablets around.

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    Hangouts Meet now supports tablets was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • YouTube TV already has 300,000 users less than a year after launch

    Hulu with Live TV has even more subscribers at 450,000.

    In early 2018, Internet-based live TV services are bigger than ever. Sling TV acted as the catalyst for this market in January 2015, and it’s continued to grow since then. Google and Hulu are two of the younger entities with their YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV services, but according to sources that spoke with CNBC, they’re already seeing substantial growth.

    YouTube TV first launched in April of 2017 in just five markets, but following regular expansions to new areas, the service has already picked up 300,000 customers. Hulu’s live TV service launched just a month later, and it’s already acquired 450,000 subscribers (not including those that signed up with recent promotions).

    Both YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV serve the same main purpose, but they cater to different people. YouTube TV is the easy choice for folks that are heavily invested into Google’s ecosystem, but Hulu with Live TV makes more sense if you’re someone …

  • Less than 10% of Google accounts use two-factor authentication

    Only about 12% of people use password managers, too.

    As our world becomes more and more digital with every passing day, online security should be at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Two-factor authentication systems are some of the most secure that you can enable on your online accounts to ensure that only you have access to them, but according to Google, less than 10% of people do this.

    Software Engineer Grzegorz Milka revealed this data at a security conference Google recently held in California, and seeing as how two-factor authentication was first introduced for Google accounts almost seven years ago, that number is pretty abysmal.

    When you enable two-factor authentication on your Google or another online account, it requires you to use another device in addition to your password to log in. For example, if you’re using two-factor authentication with your Google account, you’ll get a unique code sent to your phone after typing in your password that you’ll then need to enter b…

  • What to do with a broken phone to keep your data safe

    Can I protect the data on my broken phone?

    We try to make sure everyone knows the things they can do to make sure they know how to keep their personal data safe on an Android phone. What you do with the information is up to you, which is how it should be because only you know how valuable you think your personal information is.

    But not every answer is simple. A question I hear a lot: What to do when your phone turns on, but the screen is broken? There is a lot of personal information in there!

    It happens more than you think. A phone is dropped or sat on or roughed up somehow and the screen breaks. Everything else works; the phone boots up and you can connect it to a computer. Or someone else can connect it to a computer. What do you do about all the data still inside since you can’t erase it?

    Sometimes broken is temporary and a new part or two is all that’s needed.

    Besides connecting it to a computer, there’s a good chance someone else could even fix it and use it normally. …

  • Lenovo announces three new education-focused Chromebooks

    Chromebooks don’t have as much power as the average Windows laptop, but they don’t need it. These devices can do everything most computer users need and then some. The lower price point is nice, too. Lenovo’s latest Chromebooks run the gamut from mid-…

  • Twitter quietly added Notification Channel support to its Android app

    One of the new features in Android 8.0 Oreo was Notification Channels. This gives users the ability to toggle categories of app notifications from the Android settings. WhatsApp was the latest high-profile app to add support for the feature, and now i…

  • 7 Google Play Music playlists to get your blood pumping while you work out

    Your best workout tool isn’t a dumbbell or treadmill: it’s your music!

    January is a month many of us promise to start getting back to the gym to exercise. Doing this in the dead of winter can be problematic because you really need some motivation to get out of our warm beds and trudge through the cold and ice to go avoid eye contact at the gym. Well, a good playlist can get your adrenaline up, your dopamine up, and make you not only alert but craving some physical activity. To this end, we’ve got some Google Play Music playlists and radio stations that are sure to get you up and moving.

    Nothing says pumping iron and beating your body into shape quite like Metal, and this station by P.O.D is ready to get your screaming at your weak body in the weight room mirrors. Just make sure the gym’s empty before you start screaming to the music while you work out.

    Rap-Metal Adrenaline Boost

    Journey, Queen, Rush, Electric Light Orchestra, Pink Floyd, this is a station that can go on for…

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