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  • [Deal Alert] Anker 5-port charger with 1 Power Delivery port just $33.99 (39% off) on Amazon with code, plus more cables and chargers

    Anker makes some of the best mobile phone accessories around, particularly when it comes to its ever-reliable chargers and cables. Even better when they are discounted, which thankfully is fairly often. Today, Anker is offering a 5-port wall charger with 1 power delivery port discounted by almost 40%, as well as a car charger and a couple of cables.

    Take a look at the deals below, and use the code listed for each one to knock the money off at the checkout:

    Pay attention to the varying expiry date for each deal and be careful not to miss out if one of them interests you.

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    [Deal Alert] Anker 5-port charger with 1 Power Delivery port just $33.99 (39% off) on Amazon with code, plus more cables and chargers was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • RED Hydrogen One with holographic display coming this Summer

    Camera manufacturer RED is developing a smartphone with a ‘holographic display’ and a modular system for professional video quality. With the promise of never-before seen display tech and an audacious asking price of $1,195, the RED Hydrogen One is hyping itself up big time, but here’s what we actually know so far.

    (This is a preview – click here to read the entire entry.)

  • [Deal Alert] August Smart Lock 2nd gen down to $117 at Amazon and Best Buy, and $99 in-store at Walmart

    “A smart lock?! No, I’ll never trust the security of my home to anything smart!” That was my thought until I sat down and considered the potential benefits: unlocking remotely for someone you trust (children who get home early from school, or visiting…

  • Nokia 8 gets Android 8.1 Oreo beta

    Just a couple months after the Nokia 8 got a public build of Android 8.0, HMD Global is already releasing a beta for 8.1.

    In the world of Android OEMs and releasing fast software updates, HMD Global has been one of the top performers with its Nokia handsets. Just two months after releasing a public build of Android 8.0 Oreo for the Nokia 8, the company is already pushing out a beta for the newer Android 8.1.

    HMD Global’s Chief Product Officer, Juho Sarvikas, made the announcement on Twitter early this morning, and you can download the new software to your Nokia 8 through Nokia beta labs.

    Android 8.1 is a fairly minor upgrade over 8.0, but as Sarvikas points out in his tweet, updating your phone will reward you with a new hamburger emoji with the cheese placed on the top.

    There’s no official word when 8.1 for the Nokia 8 will be ready for a public release, but we should see it within the next few weeks or so.

    Android Oreo

    Android Oreo review!
    Everything new in Android Or…

  • Most anticipated game releases for PlayStation VR in 2018

    Best games coming to your PlayStation VR sooner than you know it

    Playstation has released a list of games for the PSVR that are set to release in 2018, and we are so excited. I’ve combed through the list, scoured the internet for information, and compiled a list of what I think to be the best of the best. If you love VR games as much as I do, check out the list below and join the club of anticipation.

    Bravo Team
    The American Dream
    Quar Infernal Machines

    Moss: February

    I’m sure everyone has been waiting for Moss since it was announced. Well, now the developers over at Polyarc announced it will release in February of 2018 and it’s available for pre-order now at the price of $29.99!

    This adorable experience will take you through a gorgeous forest where you will help a furry friend reach his goals by completing different puzzles as you go along. So Honey, it’s time to shrink ourselves again — we’ve got an adventure awaiting!

    See at PlayStation Store

  • [Hands-on] Scheduled lets you write, schedule, and auto-send messages to your contacts

    Remembering things is getting tougher and tougher every day. One second I’m thinking I should reach out to my uncle to ask how he’s been doing after his surgery, the next it’s out of my mind and it doesn’t come back until many days later and I feel like the most horrible niece ever. I’ve used to-do lists and calendar events even to remind me to message someone, but when that notification pops up, I keep snoozing it until I find the time to write the actual message. Messaging people and staying in touch isn’t easy with our hectic lives, whether it’s birthday greetings or simple “hey, how are you?” or the daily “I reached work safely” or “I’m leaving work now” notices you send to your significant other.

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    [Hands-on] Scheduled lets you write, schedule, and auto-send messages to your contacts was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Google’s Files Go app uses AI to declutter your phone

    Google’s Files Go app has a special filter to delete those annoying ‘Good Morning’ messages.

    Millions of Indians are making their way online for the first time, discovering new ways to connect and share with friends and family. And because WhatsApp usage is ubiquitous in the country, they land on the Facebook-owned messaging platform sooner or later. And one way of expressing themselves is through “Good Morning” messages sent over WhatsApp. These messages are usually delivered in the form of images and have a pithy quote attached.

    Even accounting for WhatsApp’s compression — which reduces the file sizes to under 500KB — thousands of such forwards tend to clutter up a phone in a matter of months. If you’re a regular WhatsApp user and are in a lot of groups, the deluge can get pretty infuriating. It doesn’t bother me as much as I mute most groups as a general rule and don’t set media to automatically download onto my device, but I cannot count the number of times I’ve had t…

  • What password manager do you use?

    It’s time to stop using “password” as your password.

    Late last year, I finally came to my senses and started using a password manager. Doing so has made managing all of my online accounts considerably easier, and I often find myself wondering how I survived prior to this.

    I thought I was previously in the minority of people that didn’t use password managers, so I was somewhat surprised to find out that just 12% of Google accounts actually take advantage of something like 1Password or LastPass.

    Some of our forum users got together to talk about which password manager they use following this news, and these are a few of the top answers.

    01-22-2018 01:18 AM

    I use LastPass. I pay for the premium ($24 a year). Love it so far. I have used it on my PC via chrome extension, iPhone (when using one), and also on Android via my Pixel 2 XL.


  • How to set up a new Chromebook

    These are the best tips to follow to set up your new Chromebook.

    Speaking as someone who makes a living deploying and managing Windows laptops and Chromebooks , Chromebooks are awesome. Almost the entire initial setup is handled for the user automatically when they sign in with their Google account. Having said that, there are more things you can do to make your Chromebook yours after signing in.

    Here are all the things you should do when setting up a brand new Chromebook!

    Plug it into power
    Sign into your Google account
    Download some apps
    Add a second account
    Check out the touchpad
    Learn the keyboard shortcuts
    Unlock your Chromebook with a PIN code
    Set up Smart Lock
    Set up Instant Tethering
    Choose what to sync

    Plug it into power

    When you get a brand new Chromebook, just pressing the power button doesn’t actually turn it on. Instead, you need to plug the charger in first. Once your Chromebook starts getting a bit of juice, it will turn on on its own and you’ll be ready to go.

  • Instagram now supports Android’s direct share menu

    Android’s direct share feature debuted on Marshmallow and makes it easy to share links or media from any app on your phone. You can use it with most popular messaging services, email clients, and even note-taking apps like Keep. To be able to share di…

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