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  • How to set up Samsung’s Secure Folder on the Galaxy S8

    Secure Folder makes it easy to keep your stuff where only you can get to it.

    Secure Folder is a component of Samsung Knox that gives you a “compartment” to hold apps and files that is separate from the rest of the phone. You don’t need to create a new user or go through any hoops to get it up and running, and once you’re all set up you can not only keep private files private but you can also use apps with a separate user login, or add apps that you only use through your secured profile.

    Secure Folder is one of those awesome things Samsung offers on every Galaxy S8 or (Galaxy S7 with Android 7.0) so you don’t have to go looking for an app that tries to do the same thing.

    As mentioned, it’s easy to get started.

    Set up Secure Folder

    Secure Folder uses your Samsung account, so you’ll need to have that setup and running. If you downloaded anything from Samsung Apps you’re already set up. If not, the easiest way to do it is to open Samsung Apps and check out some icon themes. You’ll…

  • T-Mobile announces spectacular attempt to steal Verizon customers by paying off their Pixel bills

    John Legere has a well-deserved reputation for being an eccentric CEO. After spells at AT&T and Dell, he’s now the top dog at America’s third largest carrier, T-Mobile. His latest crazy scheme to pull US customers away from other networks is wonderfully simple: His company will pay off your smartphone in its entirety if you switch over from Verizon.

    The offer is exclusive to owners of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL (plus several iPhone models) and will be honored regardless of how much is still left to pay.

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    T-Mobile announces spectacular attempt to steal Verizon customers by paying off their Pixel bills was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Video: Google’s crazy experiments from I/O 2017

    Google I/O is about more than just keynote presentations, big announcements, developer sessions and sunburn. Each year, Google also has a tent full of wacky computational “experiments” based around some of its most important products, platforms and technologies, and I/O 2017 was no exception. This year’s “Experiments” tent combined everything from machine vision, with an AI-powered electronica robot, to VR ping-pong and machine learning picture recognition games.

    As the show was winding down late last week, we stopped by the tent in question to capture these experiments in all their glory. Check out our video feature above to see how both professional and amateur developers are using Google’s technology to do fun, crazy and interesting things!

    Android Central on YouTube
    More on Google I/O 2017 experiments
    All the big announcements from I/O 2017

  • Verizon announces the LTE-equipped SmartHub to manage smart home devices

    Verizon will put LTE in just about anything. Watches? Check. Cars? Check. Smart home hub? Check, as of tomorrow, May 25th. The SmartHub is a combination WiFi hotspot and smart home control interface. It’ll retail for $200 tomorrow, but you can chop th…

  • Garmin announces the VIRB 360-degree action camera, can record video at 5.7k and costs $799.99

    There are a handful of good 360-degree cameras for consumers, like the Samsung Gear 360 and EZVIZ Mini 360. Garmin’s first entry into this product category was announced today – the VIRB 360. It’s a pretty powerful little camera, but you’ll be paying …

  • Should you buy the all new Amazon Fire 7?

    Is Amazon’s newest budget tablet worth your $50?

    The online giant is calling it the “all new Fire 7,” which is perhaps more a marketing thing than actual hard truth when it comes to the tablet in question. It is new, and it is improved, but marketing hype is still marketing hype.

    So, let’s actually break down what is new and whether this latest budget tablet is worth your time.

    See at Amazon

    What’s actually new?

    There are subtle differences in the hardware on the all new Fire 7, but ones that will make for a solid improvement in user experience. The first of these is that it now supports the microSDXC standard which means you can now expand your internal storage by up to 256GB based on currently available cards.

    The next important improvement is the inclusion of dual-band Wi-Fi, which means you’re now able to use the Fire 7 on the 5GHz band. Traditionally these give you better speeds over your local network, and it’s a notable upgrade over the single-band available in the old…

  • Google Assistant now offers topical next-word keyboard suggestions

    A number of interesting upgrades for the Google Assistant were announced during the I/O developer conference last week, including the option to use the keyboard as the default input method instead of voice. Now that people have had a chance to play with the new setting it’s become apparent that Assistant offers its own next-word suggestions, seemingly related to current events.

    How this works will depend on which keyboard you’re using. If you’re using Gboard, its suggestions line will be disabled entirely and those from the Assistant will be displayed instead, as you can see in the first example below.

    Read More

    Google Assistant now offers topical next-word keyboard suggestions was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Get great deals on Logitech gear today only

    Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with great deals on Logitech gear that won’t last until the end of the day!

    Amazon’s Gold Box Deal of the Day features a selection of Logitech PC gear. Pretty much anything you get from Logitech is going to be pretty high quality and these are all good prices, but there’s a couple of items that stand out as a worthy investment here:

    Logitech MX Anywhere 2 Wireless Mouse – $48 (from $60)

    This is a match for the lowest price ever on this wireless mouse. The Anywhere mouse uses Logitech’s Darkfield laser technology to allow it to track on any surface, even glass. It can connect to whatever device you need it to with the included receiver or through Bluetooth. Plus, this new generation uses a micro-USB cable and built-in battery to keep it charged so you don’t waste money on batteries.

    Logitech Z523 Speaker System with Subwoofer – $50 (from $75)

    The only audio system in the listing for today, the Z523 is an inexpensive an…

  • Chromebook Gift Guide: What you should gift for Dads and Grads

    Chromebooks make great gifts and we’re here to help you decide the best one to buy for the dad or grad in your life.

    Update May 2017: We updated things to help you pick what’s right for Father’s Day and graduation gifts.

    It’s that time of year when we set aside a day for our dads and watch the next generation leave school and prepare for their future. That means we’re looking for great gifts to celebrate! Good thing there is something that’s easy to find, won’t hurt your wallet and is something that anyone would love — a new Chromebook!

    They come in plenty of sizes, styles and capabilities, so you’ll be able to pick the perfect model no matter who you’re buying for. And what you’re giving — the full internet experience with the Chrome browser, thousands of apps and extensions that go with it and a secure system that is quick and almost maintenance free. Of course, you also get Google Play and over 1,000,000 Android applications on select models.

    Since different people…

  • Become an IT Security professional for $29

    The world of IT Security is ever-changing and fast-paced and with increased worries over black hat hackers, the demand for IT security professionals is increasing as well. Whether it’s important credit card information or private data from a company, hacking is a real problem that is best fended off by people who hack themselves. If you’re interested in getting into this field, you have probably wondered how do you even begin to understand the certifications required to step into this field?

    Become an IT Security professional for $29! Learn more

    There are three major certifications that IT Security employers are looking for: CompTIA Security+, Ethical Hacker Certification, and Cisco’s CCNA Security. With all of these under your belt, you’d be qualified to break into this exciting field.

    Allow us to introduce you to the 2017 IT Security & Ethical Hacking Certification Training by the IT experts at LearnSmart.

    Right now, you can start your certification training in all thre…

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