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  • SoundCloud app update allows Go and Go+ users to save playlists offline to external SD cards

    Spotify is one of SoundCloud’s biggest competitors, and the former has supported offline music for Premium subscribers for a while now. SoundCloud has done the same thing for Go and Go+ users for over a year now, but the company is now also allowing t…

  • Google fixes Android Auto issue that left users unable to read or reply to messages

    Android Auto seems to have had a lot of issues as of late, which isn’t great considering you don’t want to be fiddling with a screen on your dash while barreling down the freeway in a two-ton mass of metal and glass. In keeping with that theme, a rece…

  • Android Wear 2.0 update is now available for the smaller 1.45″ ASUS ZenWatch 2 as well

    Two days after hitting its larger 1.63″ sibling, the Android Wear 2.0 update has made its way to the smaller (and surprisingly, more expensive) 1.45″ ASUS ZenWatch 2. This is the last ZenWatch that had still been waiting to receive the update, as it’s…

  • Hulu launches new UI and Live TV Beta on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

    Hulu may not be as big of a name in the industry as it once was, but its subscriber count is still in the octuples. It’s also still working on new features, such as an updated user interface and Live TV beta that hit Android, iOS, Apple TV, Xbox One, …

  • Hallelujah: YouTube announces simpler way for creators to block comments with links in an effort to reduce spam

    Recently, popular YouTube videos have been plagued with spam comments much like the one you see above. It’s become a legitimate issue, and one that YouTube hasn’t done much about. But now, to alleviate this issue, the YouTube team has implemented a ne…

  • LG V10 on T-Mobile updated to Android 7.0 Nougat

    The LG V10 was a pretty great phone when it was released. Not only did it have a secondary ticker display, but a removable battery and expandable storage too. The phone originally shipped with Android 5.1.1, but that was later updated to 6.0 Marshmall…

  • [Deal Alert] Packt’s eBooks are all on sale for just $10 each, including Android development ones

    Have you been thinking about getting into Android development (or any development in general) lately? Don’t know where to start? Well, Packt currently has its full catalog of eBooks and videos available for just $10 apiece – a great deal, considering …

  • Snag some Comic-Con deals on movies from Google Play this weekend!

    The San Diego Comic-Con is well underway, and to celebrate Google Play has some pretty sweet deals on superhero movies!

    Following along with all the news coming out of the San Diego Comic-Con is always fun but if you’re looking jump even deeper into the superhero world, why not take in a movie at home this weekend? Right now, Google Play has discounted a bunch of superhero movies that you can rent or purchase. Everything from live action movies to animated features is available, so there’s sure to be something that piques your interest!

    Some of the available titles:

    Blade Runner: The Final Cut Special Edition – $2.99 Rent – $9.99 Buy HD
    Scott Pilgrim vs. The World – $2.99 Rent – $9.99 Buy HD
    Justice League vs. Teen Titans – $2.99 Rent – $9.99 Buy HD
    Batman: Bad Blood – $2.99 Rent – $9.99 Buy HD
    Kick-Ass 2 (Extended) – $2.99 Rent – $7.99 Buy HD
    Serenity – $2.99 Rent – $7.99 Buy HD
    Ghost Rider – $2.99 Rent – $7.99 Buy HD
    Ghost Rider Spirit Of Vengeance $2.99 Rent – $8.99 Buy HD

  • Verizon’s Unlimited plan: Everything you need to know

    A complete breakdown of Verizon’s Unlimited plan and everything else you can get when you sign up for service.

    In the United States, there are a lot of companies that can get you and your phone online, but most people use one of the four biggest: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. Choosing between them can be difficult. Your first priority should be what service works best in the places you spend your time. It’s not worth saving $10 a month if the service is bad. Once you have that sorted, you can look at what each company has to offer and the prices they charge for it.

    More: Which unlimited plan should you buy?

    Let’s take a look at Verizon to see what they can give you and what it will cost.

    Verizon Unlimited plan details

    Unlimited talk, text, and data
    Unlimited HD streaming video (see Verizon’s Video Optimization Deployment page)
    Unlimited mobile hotspot
    Add a tablet with unlimited data for $20 per month
    Add a connected device for $5 per month
    Unlimited calling and text…

  • Best phone mounts for PlayStation 4

    With a phone mount, you can play no matter where you are.

    PlayStation 4 is a beloved console because it has hundreds of excellent games, access to movies through Sony’s store, and plenty of apps that let you get at the content you want to enjoy. What if you’re not able to snag the television from your roomie, though? Well, if for whatever reason you can’t play on that sweet big screen, you can utilize the popular PlayStation 4 Remote Play feature by taking advantage of a clip that mounts your phone to your controller.

    These clips aren’t just for playing directly from your phone either. You can use them to help film Let’s Play videos, use them as a second screen for tips and tricks, or for specific items for a walkthrough. No matter what reason you have for wanting a phone mount, we’ve collected the best ones to get the job done. Keep reading for all the details!

    Nyko Smart Clip
    Megadream 180-degree Android clip
    Wireless phone clip holder mount
    Sony GCM10 phone mounts

    Nyko Smart …

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