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  • Get S9 and S9+ cases for every taste and other great accessories from Spigen [Sponsored Post]

    With the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, it’s time for the release of must-have accessories for the new flagship. Spigen’s S9 and S9+ collections are available for orders starting today on Amazon, so you can start checking out your optio…

  • Will my Samsung Gear VR work with the Galaxy S9?

    Sometimes you have to update your Samsung hardware in pairs, but that’s not a worry with the Galaxy S9.

    The Gear VR is designed to work with Samsung’s flagship phones, but you have to make sure that you have generations of both devices that work together. With the unveiling of the Galaxy S9, many will ask if their next phone will work with their current Gear VR headset.

    The short answer is yes, as long as you’re using the latest version of the Gear VR, but here are some more details to make sure that you’re good to go.

    Checking your device’s compatibility

    If you’re using the latest version of the Gear VR, it will work with the Galaxy S9. Another way to view it is that if your Gear VR works with the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ then it will work with the Galaxy S9. You can tell that you’re headset is the latest version a couple ways.

    First, you can tell just by the look of the device. If the headset is black and comes with the motion controller, then it works with the Galaxy S8 an…

  • For $350 you can get a Prime-exclusive Moto X4 and second-gen Echo

    Why not bundle and save?

    We did recently see the Prime-exclusive Moto X4 drop down to $300, and while this isn’t quite as affordable as that, it’s actually a better offer. Amazon currently sells the phone on its own for $349.99, but for a limited time, you can get a free second-gen Amazon Echo with the purchase as part of a bundle. The Echo sells for $99.99 right now.

    You can pick between the silver and black phone for the bundle, but it doesn’t appear as though Amazon is offering color options for the Echo itself. Experience the true capabilities of Alexa using its hands-free on both the Moto X4 and 2nd-gen Echo. Use it to control your smart home accessories, answer your trivia questions, listen to music, and so much more.

    See at Amazon

  • Chrome OS may soon be able to run Linux applications in a container

    Even though Chrome OS is based on Linux (Gentoo Linux, to be exact), you can’t run traditional desktop Linux applications. One solution to this problem is Crouton, a script that sets up a chroot of Ubuntu or Debian Linux on top of Chrome OS. While thi…

  • Turn your existing desk into a standing one with this $141 converter

    Sit less, stand more.

    This AmazonBasics sit/stand converter lets you turn your current sitting desk into a standing one with ease. When it was first released, this adjustable stand sold for around $220, and today’s price drop makes it the most affordable it has ever been.

    It has a 20-pound maximum capacity, but that should be enough to accommodate your laptop, monitor, keyboard, mouse and more. There are two built-in clips to make cable management easy, and switching between sitting and standing is as simple as pulling a lever. It sits just two inches above your current desk at its lowest and extends up to 20 inches at its highest.

    There is no assembly required as it ships ready to use. Simply unbox it, put it on your desk, and start standing. If this is your first standing desk, you may want to consider picking up an anti-fatigue mat as well to make the transition a bit easier for you.

    See at Amazon

  • Modern Dad on HomePod: It’s only for the Apple Faithful

    Creating converts will have to wait.

    Subscribe to Modern Dad on YouTube

    I love me some connected speakers. I’ve got almost every speaker Sonos has released, spread throughout my home. I’ve got every Amazon Echo ever sold. (Including, yes, this thing.) I’ve got all three entries in the Google Home line.

    I am, as the kids say, a fan of the audios. (The kids don’t say that? Well, they should.)

    So I was very much looking forward to the Apple HomePod. I mean, sure. On one hand you wouldn’t even have to buy the thing to know that the following things would be true:

    HomePod would sound great.
    HomePod would look great.
    HomePod would treat Apple’s own devices and services first, and everybody else’s second.
    HomePod would cost more than it should.
    OK, so we got surprised on that last part. At $350 HomePod is priced very competitively for a speaker of its caliber.

    But it also comes with some pretty serious caveats. If you’re not all-in on Apple stuff — iPhone or iPod, Siri an…

  • Where to buy the Galaxy S9: Best deals for your new phone

    It’s more expensive than last year.

    The Galaxy S9 and S9+ are coming on Friday, March 16, but we already know how much they will cost, and where they will be available. Here’s everything you need to know.



    You’ll be able to pre-order the Galaxy S9 and S9+ starting 9:01pm PT on March 1, or just after midnight ET March 2. T-Mobile is doing its usual trade-in bill credit, offering $360 off either the Galaxy S9 or S9+ with an eligible trade-in.

    Here are the phones eligible for $360 in credit:

    GS8 Active
    GS7 edge
    GS7 Active
    Note 8
    iPhone 8
    iPhone 8+
    iPhone 7
    iPhone 7+
    iPhone 6s
    iPhone 6s+
    LG V30
    LG V30+
    Here are the phones eligible for $200 in credit:

    GS6 edge
    GS6 edge+
    GS6 active
    Note 4
    Note 5
    iPhone 5s
    iPhone SE
    iPhone 6
    iPhone 6+
    LG V20
    LG G6
    LG G5
    As for official price, here’s what T-Mobile says:

    The Galaxy S9 is available in Midnight Black, Lilac Purple or Coral Blue for just $30/month on the T-Mobile Equipment Installment Plan ($0 dow…

  • The Galaxy S9 combines face and iris unlock into something that still isn’t as good as Face ID

    The Galaxy Note7 introduced Samsung’s iris scan technology back in 2016, and it’s been on every Samsung flagship since. On the Galaxy S8, Samsung also added face unlock, but it wasn’t authorized for secure actions like mobile payments. The issue on th…

  • The Galaxy S9 and S9+ have dual-aperture cameras – here’s what that means

    The Galaxy S9 and S9+ have rear cameras with adjustable aperture settings, allowing the phones to take photos at either f/1.5 or f/2.4. This may mean something to you, but in the event it doesn’t, let me provide a brief explainer.
    You might already be…

  • MrMobile Hands-On: the Galaxy S9 is an incremental update with intense optics

    The Android world is a diverse landscape of distinctive, powerful, and sometimes bizarre smartphones … but let’s face it: Samsung’s new Android flagship is always “the next big thing.” The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ are all you’re going to be hearing about for the next few weeks – and even if nine out of ten people wouldn’t be able to tell them apart from their immediate predecessors at a glance, there are at least a few new features worth checking out. Among them: a fingerprint sensor whose placement actually makes sense; revamped speakers for more immersive audio; and a variable-aperture camera capable of some truly magical slow-motion video.

    Just how iterative are these Galaxy S8 sequels, and how old does your current phone need to be for you to consider upgrading to them? Get an early taste ahead of the full Galaxy S9 review, in MrMobile’s Galaxy S9 / Galaxy S9+ Hands-On above! Then be sure to hit up the Android Central preview post for the…

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