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  • 12 Fortnite-style games for Android you can play right now

    Fortnite may not yet be available on Android, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get into some hectic battle royale gameplay on the OS. A ton of similar games have released on the Play Store in the last few months, so I figured why not round up all of th…

  • TWRP now supports Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, Moto E4 Plus, and more

    Team Win Recovery Project, which you probably know as TWRP, is the most popular custom recovery around. The open-source project makes it easy to flash custom software, including custom ROMs, on compatible phones and tablets. Since our last update a co…

  • Best Shower Speakers

    Sing along with your favorite tunes in the shower with these great speakers.

    If you’re sick of belting out your favorite tunes in the shower a cappella you may want to consider getting a speaker to use in the shower.

    We’ve compiled a list of the best shower speakers you can find to help you sing like nobody’s listening.

    UE Wonderboom
    Polk Audio BOOM Swimmer
    Photive Hydra
    SoundBot SB510
    UE Roll 2
    Fugoo Sport
    UE Boom 2
    Sbode Bluetooth Speaker
    UE Wonderboom

    UE’s latest water-resistant Bluetooth speaker is cute as a button! The Wonderboom is a compact Bluetooth speaker with big sound, a lovely design, and an IPX7 rating, meaning it can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes — it’s perfect for the shower. I’ve been testing this speaker and have been very impressed with its low end. The bass is surprisingly warm for such a small unit, and its size, again, is perfect for the shower.

    Given its size, the Wonderboom does have a bit of trouble at higher volumes, with…

  • Sony LF-S50G review: Novelty features don’t redeem this expensive Google Assistant speaker

    In the personal assistance arms race, the two real options for Android users are Google’s Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, and both companies have realized that victory will require ubiquity—not as the final result, but as the means. To that end, each has opened its platform up for third-party hardware, and Sony’s (un)imaginatively named LF-S50G takes advantage of Google’s Assistant in the same way the first party Google Home does, seasoned with a few unique features like gesture controls and a clock.

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    Sony LF-S50G review: Novelty features don’t redeem this expensive Google Assistant speaker was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • How to get a perfect fit with your PlayStation VR

    Without a good fit on your head, your PlayStation VR experience won’t be too enjoyable.

    Despite its somewhat odd shape, the PlayStation VR headset is extremely comfortable. It’s fairly lightweight and designed so that the weight it does have is spread evenly between the back and front of the head. It’s unlike other headsets like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, which strap on in more of a ‘ski mask’ fashion.

    But that doesn’t mean you can just jump in and everything is hunky dory. Central to your overall enjoyment is being comfortable in the headset and that it’s focused properly. The moving parts on PlayStation VR link comfort and focus together, so here’s what you need to know to get the best of both.

    How to adjust the PlayStation VR

    There are two buttons relating to the adjustment of the headset. One on the rear of the headband and the focus adjust button on the bottom right-hand corner of the visor. The headband has some elasticity to it, but when putting the headset on the best th…

  • Google rolls out fix for setting alarms and reminders on Google Home speakers

    Asking your Google Home smart speaker to set an alarm or reminder is a rudimentary use case for those devices. But it seems some users recently found that their Google Home failed to sound alarms and reminders that were set. Now Google is saying that …

  • Reminder: You can double tap Recents to quickly switch to your previous app

    Android is full of wonderful little touches here and there that we either forget or have never come across in the first place. One of these is the very neat time-saving ability to double tap the Recents button to switch to your previous app. The funct…

  • HMD Global finally releases Nokia 8 kernel source code

    Despite doing a pretty good job on keeping its phones up to date, HMD Global has until recently had a bit of trouble with releasing the kernel sources for its devices. But in a “finally” moment, the exclusive manufacturer of the Nokia brand has released the Nokia 8 source codes to the developer community.

    Having this code allows developers to start tinkering with custom software for the device(s) in question. These kernel sources for the Nokia 8, which was very well-received by our very own (awesome) Rita, have often been requested by the dev community since the phone launched.

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    HMD Global finally releases Nokia 8 kernel source code was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • What apps, widgets, and wallpapers are on our home screens?

    There are as many home screens as there are people, and what you keep on yours speaks volume about you.

    Some home screens are completely covered by apps, and some home screens are completely empty. Some home screens are all business, and some are devoted to pleasure and distraction. We at Android Central use our phones quite heavily, and so our home screens are a testament to our workflows, habits, and styles. They’ve evolved over our years on the platform, from phone to phone, launcher to launcher. And so, we’re going to share that evolution with you.

    Daniel Bader

    I like to keep my home screen focused on the apps and information that I need most often. It took me a few years, but the core group of apps revolves around what matters to me on a typical day: news, work-related and otherwise (Newsblur, Twitter); my work (Slack and Newton); my friends and family (Hangouts, Instagram); my audio (Spotify, Pocket Casts), and my camera (Google Photos). The more time I spend on a phone,…

  • AmpliFi Mesh Point HD review: The benefits of a mesh system with your existing router

    My new apartment is laid out in a longitudinal way with the master bedroom on an opposite end of the living room/balcony. This makes the terrible internet situation in Lebanon even more challenging because finding a router system that reaches both ends is tricky. After a lot of research, I opted for a TP-Link Archer VR2600 that we had to place toward the living room side of the house. On paper, it seemed to fit the bill with speed, dual-band, guest network, parental controls, and a neat Android app.

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    AmpliFi Mesh Point HD review: The benefits of a mesh system with your existing router was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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