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  • Huawei Mate 10 Lite will sport four total cameras, a 5.9″ 18:9 1080p display, and Kirin 659

    Huawei is slated to have a whopping four Mate 10 variants this year. Famed leaker Evan Blass has just spilled the beans on the Mate 10 Lite, codenamed “rhone.” For being the cheapest device in the lineup, the Lite brings a surprising amount of interes…

  • Motorola releases Moto G5S Plus kernel source code

    Just yesterday, Motorola uploaded the Moto Z2 Play’s source code to GitHub. It seems like the Lenovo-owned company has been working hard on getting these kernel sources out, as it today released the source code for the Moto G5S Plus, which has the odd…

  • Google Keep adds 4 new note colors [APK Download]

    Call this a teaser or a weird rollout that hit one platform before another… or just typical Google behavior. Google Keep is showing users 4 new possible color options for notes, for a total of 12, but only on the desktop version.

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    Google Keep adds 4 new note colors [APK Download] was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Flipkart is selling the Galaxy S7 for just ?29,990 in India

    Grab the Galaxy S7 for just ₹29,990 at Flipkart.

    The Galaxy S7 is a year and a half old at this point, but the phone has aged very well. It has one of the best cameras available, and comes with IP68 dust and water resistance along with wireless charging. The phone routinely sells for around ₹40,000 ($620), but Flipkart is now offering the device for just ₹29,990 ($465) as part of its Big Billion Days sale.

    That’s a fantastic deal on the phone, and if you’re in the market for a new device, you should absolutely take a look. As a refresher, the Galaxy S7 features a 5.1-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display, Exynos 8890 SoC, 4GB of RAM, 32GB internal storage, microSD slot, 12MP f/1.7 camera with 4K video, 5MP front shooter, and a 3000mAh battery.

    The deal isn’t going to last long, so if you’re interested, head to Flipkart to get your hands on the Galaxy S7.

    See at Flipkart

    Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge

    Galaxy S7 review
    Galaxy S7 edge review
    U.S. unlocked Ga…

  • Google confirms it will pay $1.1 billion to acquire HTC’s Pixel team and license technology

    The rumor mill was working overtime over the last few weeks as everyone speculated what a Google acquisition of HTC would look like. Would it be a Motorola situation? Maybe more like Microsoft acquiring Nokia? In the end, it’s nothing so extreme as an…

  • Google is spending $1.1 billion to hire HTC’s best smartphone talent

    Google has made a strategic investment in HTC, and is hiring its best phone engineers.

    After intense speculation and lots of pontificating by tech pundits, Google has made it official: it’s going into business with HTC.

    But instead of buying HTC’s phone business outright, Google has “signed an agreement with HTC, a leader in consumer electronics, [to hire] a team of HTC talent [to] join Google as part of the hardware organization. These future fellow Googlers are amazing folks we’ve already been working with closely on the Pixel smartphone line, and we’re excited to see what we can do together as one team. The deal also includes a non-exclusive license for HTC intellectual property.”

    The announcement, made by Rick Osterloh, who heads Google’s nascent hardware division, notes that his company has been working closely with HTC since the early days of Android. Notable devices from those early days include the T-Mobile G1, the Nexus One, the Nexus 9, and the Pixel. HTC is expected to …

  • [Hands-on] Assassin’s Creed Rebellion, a fresh take on an aging franchise

    At first glance Assassin’s Creed Rebellion looks quite a lot like Fallout Shelter, which isn’t a surprise considering they were both developed by Behaviour Interactive. But unlike Fallout Shelter, Assassin’s Creed Rebellion’s gameplay is centered arou…

  • Android 8.0 Oreo finally arrives on Nexus Player

    The Nexus Player is getting pretty long in the tooth, as it was released in 2014. It’s still supported with software updates though, and was one of the devices to receive Android O Developer Previews earlier this year. However, a nasty bug was discovered close to official release, which caused the Nexus Player to upload a massive amount of data for no apparent reason.

    The director of Android TV at Google later confirmed to us that because the problem was discovered so late in development, the fix would arrive with the final Android 8.0 build.

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    Android 8.0 Oreo finally arrives on Nexus Player was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Best Android browser for porn [NSFW]

    When privacy and malware-blocking matter more than ever.

    A lot of people want to use their phone to look at online porn. According to Pornhub’s statistics, 72% of their total traffic (SFW Pornhub stats and press blog link) comes from mobile devices. And since Pornhub is listed as the 44th most popular site on the internet, that’s a lot.

    We don’t judge here. What we want is for you to get the most out of your phone, whether that be fantasy football or porn. With that in mind, let’s talk about the best Android browser for porn.

    Firefox Focus

    Firefox Focus is the best Android browser to use to watch pornography on your phone. But best is very subjective here, as it is in all things.

    The reasoning behind this pick is that if we’re going to pick one app as best, it has to do two things better than the rest: block potentially malicious ads and leave no trace of what it was used for. By default, most online ad networks and tracking services are blocked when using Focus. The same blocki…

  • [Update: $889.99] You can already buy a dual-SIM Note8 on eBay for $899.99

    Samsung has a history of releasing Dual-SIM variants of their devices, and the Galaxy Note8 is no exception. Since the phone is so new, availability of the Dual-SIM is limited, and it doesn’t seem to be on sale at all in the United States. But if you want one, you can buy one on eBay for a penny shy of $900.

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    [Update: $889.99] You can already buy a dual-SIM Note8 on eBay for $899.99 was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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