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Wet Cement

Don't you hate boring sidewalks?  Wouldn't it be cool to personalize them? Wet Cement allows users to geotag places that have freshly poured wet cement, and for other Android users to find it. Users can search as well as get background notifications…

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  • [Deal Alert] Samsung Gear 360 (2017) is just $135.45 ($94.54 off) on Amazon

    A GoPro is great if you want to record some action shots in wide-angle, but what about when a fisheye lens isn’t wide enough? If you want to record your entire surroundings while barreling down the ski slopes, anything less than a 360-degree view just…

  • Treat yourself to some new Anker charging gear for as little as $8

    Time to power up.

    Anker is a company that many people trust when it comes to charging gear, and these deals make its awesome accessories even more affordable. First up is a wireless charging pad with 12W wall charger for $14.59 when you use the coupon code BEST9911 during checkout. If you want just the charging pad and not the wall charger, you can pick one up for $11.99 when you use the coupon code BEST9811 during checkout. This is a savings of just over $8 and $7 respectively.

    If your phone doesn’t support wireless charging and you want something that will get you additional battery life in a hurry, this 18W Anker USB 3.0 wall charger is the way to go. It normally sells for $15.99, but when you check out using coupon code ANKERQC3 you can nab one for $7.99.

    You can’t go wrong with any (or all) of these accessories, so be sure to pick them up before the coupon codes expire.

  • The most physical PlayStation VR games

    So you’re looking for a work out in virtual reality.

    If games like Dance Dance Revolution and Just Dance have taught us anything it’s that putting a little pep in your step always leads to a good time. Here we’ve found the best titles for your PlayStation VR (PSVR) system for you to break a sweat in. So if you’re looking for a good in home work out while also having an awesome time in VR, you’ve come to the right place!

    Sprint Vector

    Not only is it a battle of the fittest, but there is also nifty power-ups to give you the visual experience of a superhero workout. Here you’ll dodge obstacles by moving in the real world with this VR game. Sprint Vector has you racing against your friends to see who can make it across the finish line first. You can get it on Amazon for about $23.99! So, what do you race for? During my own time playing this game I couldn’t stop the fun I was having with the experience of competing in a fun cartoon-like world.

    Even when you lose or miss the target…

  • IFTTT has added a Cortana channel, plus a couple of other services

    Over the past week, IFTTT has added 3 new channels to its hundreds of supported services for smart integrations and automations. Two of them are little known: SURY Assistant and ELA Smart Lighting, but the third one is quite important: Cortana.

    Like the Google Assistant and Alexa channels, the new Cortana one has dozens of applets you can instantly try, as well as 4 triggers available: say a specific phrase, say a phrase with number, say a phrase with text, say a phrase with number and text.

    Read More

    IFTTT has added a Cortana channel, plus a couple of other services was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Huawei confirms its next phone is the P20 and will have three cameras

    See mooore with AI.

    We’ve been hearing leaks and rumors regarding the Huawei P20 for quite some time now, and just a few short days before MWC 2018 begins, Huawei’s sent out a teaser to make sure you don’t forget about its event next month.

    There’s been some debate regarding whether the upcoming phone would be branded as the P20 or P11, and while sources of ours confirmed this earlier in the year, this is the first time Huawei’s officially acknowledged the P20 name.

    Huawei just confirmed the name of its next flagship: The #HuaweiP20 is officially the #HuaweiP20 pic.twitter.com/HdOAsycA7i— Alex Dobie (@alexdobie) February 23, 2018

    In addition to the name, the teaser also confirms the presence of three rear cameras. Again, while this is something we’ve been anticipating, it’s nice to get confirmation from the horse’s mouth.

    Huawei will announce the P20 on March 27 in Paris.

    Huawei P20: Rumors, specs, availability, and more!

  • Every Android phone with ARCore right now

    Google’s AR platform is now available to more than just the Pixels.

    You don’t need to own a Pixel from Google to take advantage of ARCore anymore! The platform has now been released to version 1.0, and with that comes a lot of exciting news for developers and users alike.

    ARCore apps will start showing up in the Play Store soon, but what phones will be able to enjoy this new tech? Check out the list here, which we’ll be keeping updated as frequently as possible!

    Phones with ARCore support


    Pixel and Pixel XL
    Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

    Galaxy S7 and S7 edge
    Galaxy S8 and S8+
    Galaxy Note 8
    Galaxy S9 and S9+

    V30+ (Android O only)

    Zenfone AR

    OnePlus 5
    Excited to get started with ARCore? Make sure you have the framework app installed and get ready for some exciting new apps to head your way!

  • How much are you willing to spend on a smartphone?

    Phones aren’t going to get any cheaper, but how much is too much?

    New phone season gets heated up in a big way next week when Samsung shows us the Galaxy S9. Two things are guaranteed once we start to see whatever it is companies making phones want to show us: there will be something from some company we really want, and it will be expensive. More expensive than last year because that’s how anything that uses money seems to work. That got me to thinking; how much is too much? How much money will you spend on a phone?

    We all have our own limit on what we’ll pay. It’s going to be higher for some than it is for others but I think 2017 got close to everyone’s limit with phones like the Galaxy Note 8, Pixel 2 XL, and iPhone 8/X in range of a $1,000 price. I know it reached mine. Even mid-range phones are getting more expensive, as companies like OnePlus have higher prices. I have two thoughts on all this and wanted to share them and see what others think.

    Phones got better

    One thing p…

  • How to get faster updates for Huawei and Honor smartphones

    It’s frustrating to learn that a new OTA update for your smartphone is out, with new features and bug fixes, but if you try to update it, the option just doesn’t show. For Huawei and Honor smartphones, we’ll show you how to use Firmware Finder, an app …

  • Samsung Max is a reincarnated Opera Max VPN with a new coat of paint and a crappy so-called ‘Premium mode’ [APK Download]

    You might recall the sudden death of the Opera Max VPN service from back in August. It turns out that Samsung somehow acquired it, and it’s just been re-unveiled as ‘Samsung Max.’ The Korean company has given the app a new coat of paint, but it’s also…

  • Google Lens now rolling out to more devices

    Google Lens, a machine learning-powered image analyzer, was first announced at I/O 2017. It currently exists in both Google Photos (to scan existing photos) and Assistant (to scan in real-time), but both methods have required a Pixel phone. Alongside …

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