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  • Google Maps two-wheelers mode spreads to Indonesia

    There are many cities around the world where traffic is insane and getting around on a motorcycle is faster, more convenient for parking, and cheaper than buying and maintaining a car, not to mention the gas prices. But motorcycle drivers often don’t really know which road to take on Google Maps: they’re not cars but they’re not bicycles either. Last December, Google Maps started rolling out a two-wheeler mode in India that helps motorcyclists find roads specifically tailored for them.

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    Google Maps two-wheelers mode spreads to Indonesia was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • [Update: Live] Inbox types are now supported in the Gmail app for Android

    It can sometimes be a little annoying when a product has different features on different platforms. For example, Gmail’s web interface supports different inbox layouts, such as Important first, Unread first, or Priority Inbox, but unfortunately Gmail’s Android app doesn’t. To add insult to injury, Gmail on iOS also supports inbox types, so users were left feeling puzzled as to why the same feature was present on one platform but not another.

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    [Update: Live] Inbox types are now supported in the Gmail app for Android was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Galaxy Note 8 Oreo: What’s new in Android 8.0 for the Note

    Long-suffering Galaxy Note 8 owners, your Android Oreo update is about to arrive! If you bought Samsung’s most expensive phone or 2017, you could be forgiven for feeling left out as the Galaxy S9 launches, and last year’s S8 gets its own Oreo update in many countries.

    But very soon the Note is going to be right up to date with the latest Samsung Experience 9 — the same software experience that ships on Samsung’s 2018 flagships.

    The look and feel of Samsung’s software hasn’t changed a whole lot from Android 7.1, but there’s still plenty to get stuck into in the Note 8’s first major software update. Check out our hands-on video above, and be sure to subscribe to Android Centra on YouTube for more Note and Galaxy S9 coverage in future.

    Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ video review
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  • [Deal Alert] Get the Wirecutter’s ‘Best Robot Vacuum’ pick for $179 ($51 off) with a free accessory kit from Amazon

    Last summer, my wife and I got married and we moved from Portugal to Boston almost immediately after our honeymoon. It’s great to have a place just for ourselves, but we quickly found that neither of us were big fans of having to vacuum our apartment….

  • How to change the screen timeout option in MIUI

    Changing the screen timeout option isn’t as straightforward as it should be in MIUI, but we’re here to lend a hand.

    Normally, adjusting the screen timeout option is as easy as going into the display settings and changing the value. However, MIUI does things differently, and the setting is tucked away in the lock screen menu. What’s even more annoying is that the particular setting is labeled Sleep, which means you’re not going to be able to find the option if you search in the settings menu for screen timeout.

    If you’re on a Xiaomi phone running MIUI 7 or higher, here’s how to change the screen timeout setting.

    How to change the screen timeout option in MIUI

    Open the Settings app from the home screen or app drawer.
    Scroll down until you see the System & Device category.
    Tap Lock screen & password.

    Tap the Sleep button.
    Select your desired value to change the default timeout setting.
    You should see the changes reflected in the settings.

    That’s it! MIUI offers a t…

  • E-commerce firm Shopify now supports Google Pay

    Canadian e-commerce giant Shopify announced today that its payments platform, Shopify Payments, now allows payments made using Google Pay. According to its website, Shopify is used by more than 600,000 businesses worldwide. Among those businesses are familiar names like Penny Arcade and PooPouri.

    It’s worth noting that while 600,000 is certainly an impressive figure, not all payments made to Shopify merchants use Shopify Payments. Google Pay also isn’t enabled by default—merchants have to opt-in.

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    E-commerce firm Shopify now supports Google Pay was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Tips and tricks to optimize your Galaxy S9 / S9+

    There is no doubt that the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are two of the best devices on the market right now, with great features. For this reason, it is difficult to know all of the functions in depth. We’ll let you in on some secret, and very useful function…

  • Doodle in the air with Google’s new AR experiment, Just a Line [APK Download]


    Google’s turned another one of its Experiments into a standalone app: augmented reality doodling tool Just a Line hit the Play Store today. Based on Jonas Jongejan‘s ARCore Drawing experiment, the app lets you make augmented reality drawings in 3D space around you, and frankly, it’s pretty stinkin’ neat.


    There’s really not a whole lot to the app: drawing with your finger on your phone’s screen, you’re able to scrawl white lines in the air that realistically stay in place as you move around them—it’s sort of like the Pixel’s AR stickers with just a dash of Tilt Brush.

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    Doodle in the air with Google’s new AR experiment, Just a Line [APK Download] was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Save $100 on Huawei’s unlocked powerful Mate 10 Pro

    Don’t let this limited time discount slip out of your hands.

    From its 6-inch display to its 6GB of RAM or 128GB of internal storage, the Huawei Mate 10 Pro packs a whole lot of features to justify its price tag. Right now, the powerful unlocked phone is $100 off, which drops it down to $699.99. It’s available in both blue and silver at this price.

    Our review here at Android Central delved into the pros and cons of this device, stating:

    Huawei will tell you the Mate 10 is all about onboard artificial intelligence and everything that AI can bring to the smartphone experience.

    And AI is all well and good. What makes the Mate 10 Pro a great buy today is its excellence in the core smartphone experience. Things like getting to the end of the day on a single charge, no matter what you’re doing. And taking excellent photos even in challenging night-time conditions.

    This is the first price drop we’ve seen on this phone, so don’t miss out. B&H has matched this discount, and ke…

  • HTC isn’t looking to gain any converts with the Vive Pro

    HTC introduced us to the Vive Pro during CES 2018. The new VR headset comes equipped with a new design, higher-resolution displays, and improved audio quality, and now it’s officially available for pre-order. But at a price of $800 for just the headset…

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