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aCar is an all-in-one handy application for your Android supported device to effectively track the fuel mileage and costs, maintenance, business (and non-business) trips/mileages and general expenses of your vehicles.Whether you want to track the…


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[car vehicle maintenance gas fillup mileage service]

Rating: 3.24/5 (366 votes)

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  • #2 iSpy


    Rating: 3.22/5 (58 votes)

    The car game made popular during road trips is now on Android.Puzzles are created by users so they are fresh. Plus, you get to see images of the world. Guess the object or concept the hint is referring to. Create puzzles by taking a picture, entering…

  • uPackingList

    Rating: 2.95/5 (19 votes)

    uPackingList application is designed to turn packing into fast and convenient activity for any journey, developed by NIX Solutions. You can easily create lists of necessary items and control packing process. Update your packing list…

  • RoamAside

    Rating: 2.86/5 (462 votes)

    67% cheaper than skype   Avoid Roaming fees. Make your calls directly from your phone over WiFi.   Avoid international roaming charges / fees when travelling for business…


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  • Google creates coffee making sim to test VR learning

    Most VR experiences so far have been games and 360-degree videos, but Google is exploring the idea that VR can be a way to learn real life skills. The skill it chose to use as a test of this hypothesis is making coffee. So of course, it created a coff…

  • Samsung will be unveiling the Galaxy Note8 on August 23rd in NYC

    Last year’s Galaxy Note7 was a bit of a train wreck for Samsung; it was a fantastic phone… aside from the fact that it had a tendency to catch fire. Samsung is hoping to move on from that with the Galaxy Note8, a phone that we’ve already seen leaked…

  • Samsung confirms Galaxy Note 8 launch for August 23

    A year later, the Note line is hotter than ever.

    Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 8 on August 23 at various Unpacked events around the world, though the main one will be in New York City starting at 11 a.m. ET.

    The company sent out press invites with a silhouetted phone slightly boxier than the Galaxy S8, replete with an S Pen overlaid on top, In other words, nothing surprising.

    The date lines up with previous rumors, and gives Samsung a few weeks to get the phone onto store shelves prior to the unveiling of Apple’s new iPhone model. Samsung is also expected to spend some time reassuring the media, and potential customers, that the new Note model is free of battery defects, and that its ]eight-point battery test](https://www.androidcentral.com/samsungs-new-8-point-battery-safety-check) is the best in the industry.

    This year’s Note is expected to have a 6.3-inch Infinity Display, a Snapdragon 835 processor and 6GB of RAM, along with dual 12MP rear cameras, a 3300mAh battery, an…

  • Legendary Pokémon are coming to Pokémon GO via the new Raid Battle system

    Pokémon GO launched just over a year ago, and instantly became a cultural phenomenon. Its popularity has waned since then, but there’s still a dedicated player base. Those still venturing out to play Pokémon GO will soon be able to capture legendary Pokémon, which have been conspicuously absent since launch.

    Legendary Pokémon are much more powerful than other Pokémon; so much so that they were never added to the game because of balance issues. Now, they’ll debut as bosses in special legendary Raid battles.

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    Legendary Pokémon are coming to Pokémon GO via the new Raid Battle system was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • [Update: It’s live] OnePlus 5’s 911 rebooting issue will be addressed in a software update soon

    If you’ve ever been involved in an emergency in which you’ve had to call 911, chances are that you felt feelings of panic. While that may be a normal human reaction, one can only hope that the smartphone that’s being used to dial 911 doesn’t exhibit the same panicked nature as its owner in this critical time. The OnePlus 5 had a bit of an issue with this, but OnePlus is now saying that an update to fix this will be coming soon.

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    [Update: It’s live] OnePlus 5’s 911 rebooting issue will be addressed in a software update soon was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • ASUS getting back into phones in the UK starting with Zenfone AR

    After a few years away, ASUS has announced it will begin selling smartphones in the UK again.

    It begins with the Google Tango powered Zenfone AR which will be up for pre-order from ASUS directly beginning on July 21.

    ASUS isn’t coming back with a budget phone, then. The Zenfone AR will cost a fairly hefty £799, and the premium is certainly added with having Tango. Folks who pre-order will also get a Google Daydream View included for free, while the first 30 will get a swanky box full of goodies.

    Those super early orders will come in a wooden chest with the phone, Daydream View, some headphones, a case, screen protector and a whole lot of style.

    The Zenfone AR has plenty of hardware to go with the price, too. You’re getting a 5.7-inch QHD display, 8GB of RAM, Snapdragon 821 processor and 128GB of internal storage.

    More: Early hands-on with the Zenfone AR

    It’s also not the last phone Brits will be seeing from ASUS. While the U.S., Asia and even other parts of Europe have …

  • Layton’s Mystery Journey is on the Play Store, and yes, you’ll have to pay for quality

    Anyone familiar with Level 5’s Nintendo DS and 3DS puzzle adventure game series Professor Layton should be pretty ecstatic to hear that a full-fledged sequel, Layton’s Mystery Journey, is available on the Play Store today. You’ll need to pony up $15.99 in order to download the title, but that’s actually a deal when you consider that the 3DS version will cost more than twice as much.

    Now I know many of you will scoff at that price, but it’s not all that bad, so please read on to hear me out.

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    Layton’s Mystery Journey is on the Play Store, and yes, you’ll have to pay for quality was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Opinion: Good smartphones are getting more expensive – because we’re demanding more from them

    When OnePlus announced the OnePlus 5, the newest handset from a company that has become synonymous with value for money among smartphone enthusiasts, there was some real sticker shock. The phone starts at $479, making it $30 more expensive than the On…

  • How to fix OnePlus 5 battery life problems

    No matter how long your battery lasts, there will always be someone who needs more.

    The OnePlus 5 has above-average battery life thanks to its lean software, efficient processor, and 3300mAh battery. But not everyone uses their phone the same way or has the same demands from the limited power supply — some of us need more longevity than others. This difference in configuration means that some may have a combination of factors leading to lower battery life than expected.

    If you’re in need of longer battery life from your OnePlus 5, we have a handful of great tips to help you out. Read on.

    Look for unnecessarily power-hungry apps

    Misbehaving apps are one of the most common causes of bad battery life, and they can often be the easiest ones to diagnose as well. Head into your Settings and then Battery to see your usage over the last charge cycle — it’s best to do this near the end of the day to get the most complete picture of things.

    Apps should be conscious of your …

  • The Moto Z2 Force will reportedly be thinner with a much smaller battery than last year

    We’re just a few days from Motorola’s (likely) unveiling of the Moto Z2 Force, and Venture Beat has some details on the device. According to VB’s Evan Blass, Motorola is taking a similar approach to the Z2 Force as it did with the Z2 Play that came out a few weeks ago—it’ll be thinner with a reduced battery capacity compared to last year’s phone.

    Like the first-gen Z Force, this phone will have a 1440p AMOLED with a shatter-proof surface.

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    The Moto Z2 Force will reportedly be thinner with a much smaller battery than last year was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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