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mojo the app : Earn cash Reward

Mojo is a place where we get rewarded for the tasks we do. There will be some super exciting tasks and some even exciting rewards. Nothing could beat trying good apps, listening best music, reviewing interesting places and getting paid for it handsomely.…

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  • Adobe Lightroom updated with improved auto settings, app shortcuts, and more

    Despite a bumpy start, Adobe’s Android version of Lightroom has become a capable and popular app for mobile photographers. It can process RAW files, apply filters, and it syncs across devices with a Creative Cloud subscription. Today, Adobe is rolling…

  • Head of Google Lens engineering teases upcoming features for the platform

    Google Lens is one of the more incredible examples of machine learning in action. It’s one thing to take a picture, but it’s entirely another when you can use it as a means of learning more about the world around you. If you haven’t used it, you’ll just have to trust us – or read some of of our previous coverage – when we say that it’s highly nifty. And Google plans on making it even more useful in the future, with improvements for shopping, nature, new AR experiences, and a new OCR model for text recognition.

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    Head of Google Lens engineering teases upcoming features for the platform was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Samsung Galaxy A8 will have dual front cameras and infinity display, according to leaked manual

    Samsung’s most recent Galaxy A-series models were released at the start of this year, way back in January, so it’s safe to assume the next generation will make an appearance around the same time early next year. There have been plenty of rumors about the mid-range lineup, and we’re pretty sure the naming convention will be changing, with this year’s A5 and A7 becoming the A8 and A8+.

    New information coming from a leaked user manual confirms that the new A-series devices will have dual front-facing cameras and a Galaxy S8-esque ‘Infinity Display’ – or an 18:9 screen with minimal bezels.

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    Samsung Galaxy A8 will have dual front cameras and infinity display, according to leaked manual was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • [International Giveaway] Win a Pixel 2 and a free copy of PowerDirector 16 from CyberLink and Android Police

    The new Pixel 2 is Google’s latest and greatest flagship, packing together excellent performance, a truly incredible camera, and some of the best software out there. Now, thanks to CyberLink and Android Police, our readers have a chance to snag one for free. That’s right, we’re finally giving away a Pixel 2. Even better, the winner will also get a copy of Cyberlink’s PowerDirector 16.

    CyberLink is, of course, the well-known developer behind PowerDirector, PhotoDirector, and YouCam Makeup—all of which are highly rated apps with cumulatively over a hundred million downloads, and two of which are Editors’ Choice apps on the Play Store.

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    [International Giveaway] Win a Pixel 2 and a free copy of PowerDirector 16 from CyberLink and Android Police was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Synaptics announces in-display fingerprint sensor, launching with a ‘top 5’ smartphone maker

    Getting the fingerprint sensor inside a display has been the next logical step for years (unless you’re Apple). It has proven hard to crack the code on that, though. As displays keep getting bigger, it’s time for someone to take the plunge, and Synaptics says it has the technology to make it happen. Its new Clear ID in-display fingerprint sensors are coming soon in partnership with a “top 5” smartphone OEM. That’s a bit cryptic.

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    Synaptics announces in-display fingerprint sensor, launching with a ‘top 5’ smartphone maker was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Luminoodle is a Flexible, Thin Light that You Can Use Virtually Anywhere

    Spend less time setting up lighting and more time getting work done with the Luminoodle Task!

    It seems like you never have the right lighting right where you need it. How often have you found yourself propping up your phone with the flashlight on, or using some other makeshift solution to give you lighting when you’re fixing something in a dark corner of your home, working outside at night, or in your dimly lit workshop?

    Power Practical has been working hard to brighten our world with its line of flexible lighting solutions and the Luminoodle Task is tits most powerful and flexible product yet! The Luminoodle is an ultra thin, flexible LED utility light that comes in three varieties — the Luminoodle Task, Task Link, and Task USB. The Task and Task Link run off of a 12V power source and are capable of a maximum brightness of up to 3,600 Lumens, while the USB version is capable of up to 1,000 Lumens — slightly underpowered, but infinitely more portable when paired with …

  • How to buy PlayStation 4 games from the Japanese store

    Getting access to the Japanese PlayStation Store

    Not every PlayStation 4 game is released globally. Some games go to one country early, and some are never made available to every place you can buy a console. There’s a solution, but it’s a little tedious.

    Bored with your current games or just looking for something new and interesting? Try out the Japanese PlayStation store to see what kind of new and interesting games might not be available to you currently!

    Here’s how to do just that.

    Read more at VRHeads!

  • Android Oreo now on 0.5% of devices, Marshmallow still largest at 29.7%

    Here’s the state of Android in December 2017.

    Google recently released the latest Android Distribution numbers, and this is the last one we’ll get for 2017. A lot of what we’re seeing this time around is more of the same, but one area that might look disheartening is Android Oreo’s current adoption.

    At this time, Oreo 8.0 (not even counting 8.1 that was recently released to Nexus and Pixel devices) only makes up 0.5% of all Android gadgets. That number was 0.2% back in October, so there’s only been a 0.3% increase over the past two months. We should hopefully see that number increase in January as more and more OEMs are continually releasing either public or beta versions of Oreo for their hardware, but that’s something for which we’ll just have to wait and see.

    As for the rest of Android, Marshmallow is still found on most devices with a distribution of 29.7%, with Lollipop behind it at 26.3%.

    Nougat falls into third place at 23.3%, and this is up quite a bit from October’s resu…

  • Best streaming video apps for Huawei MediaPad

    With these apps, you will never run out of things to watch.

    There are a ton of apps out there for watching videos on your tablet, but not all of them are great. Some don’t look nice on larger screens, while others take advantage of the larger space to give you lots of options. It’s not always obvious which is which though, so we’ve assembled this handy guide.

    With your Huawei MediaPad in hand, check out these apps for maximum fun!

    Movies Anywhere

    While you certainly can buy all your digital movies from one place, not everyone does. Sometimes that DVD you picked up comes with a Vudu code, which can be weird if you’ve never felt the urge to use that service before. Movies Anywhere gives you a way to bring together a ton of movies from all of the different purchase and code apps into a single place. It’s also a really nice app, which is cool.

    Movies Anywhere will pull movies from Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, and others into a single place. It will show you when new movies a…

  • Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is an RPG coming to Android in 2018

    The full Hogwarts experience you’ve been waiting for.

    If you’re a fan of J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World, 2018 is already shaping up to be a pretty incredible year. Not only is there another Fantastic Beasts movie coming out, but Jam City has just announced that its latest mobile game is Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

    Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is an RPG title that will allow players to create their own witch or wizard and explore Hogwarts the way they want to. You’ll be able to take classes, compete in spell duels, explore the school, and even interact with iconic characters like Dumbledore and Hagrid.

    Jam City says Hogwarts Mystery will be a story-focused game, and although exact gameplay details have yet to be announced, the little information we do know already has us quite excited for its release.

    A screenshot of Hogwarts’ library from the game.

    Previous games Jam City has developed include Cookie Jam, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, Futurama Worlds of Tomorrow, and …

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