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  • 100 days with the Note 8: Impressive, but not for everyone

    The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a wonderful smartphone. But after 100 days, every smartphone doesn’t just show its sweet side; it also starts revealing minor or major weaknesses. The Galaxy Note 8 is no exception.

    (This is a preview – click here to read the entire entry.)

  • What we can expect from smartphones in 2018

    Here is a list of features and technologies that all Android smartphones should offer during 2018, including screen size, unlocking functions, and artificial intelligence.(This is a preview – click here to read the entire entry.)

  • [Deal Alert] Ultimate Lightning McQueen by Sphero is $148.99 (50% off) on Amazon

    About half a year ago, we reviewed Sphero’s Ultimate Lightning McQueen RC car. We walked away unimpressed due to its subpar controls and monstrous $300 price tag, despite its realism and cool factor. Now it’s been discounted to a much more reasonable $148.99, just a bit over 50% off its MSRP, on Amazon.

    Ultimate Lightning McQueen is supposed to be a realistic scale version of the Cars movies’ Lightning McQueen. There are a ton of motors, touch sensors, lights, and a speaker on board, all so that McQueen can talk and move just like the real thing.

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    [Deal Alert] Ultimate Lightning McQueen by Sphero is $148.99 (50% off) on Amazon was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Amazon Go app hits Google Play just ahead of Seattle store opening

    Amazon’s getting ready to open up its checkout-free Amazon Go convenience store in Seattle tomorrow on January 22nd, and the corresponding app has just hit Google Play. Advertising “Just Walk Out Shopping,” the new Amazon Go store uses sensors and cam…

  • The phone’s the thing [#acpodcast]

    Daniel Bader and Russell Holly are joined by Apps and Games Editor, Marc Lagace! They begin by talking about the massive credit card breach at OnePlus, Samsung Galaxy X rumors, foldable phone tech, and various issues that continue to plague LG.

    The majority of the show is devoted to gaming — The trouble with loot boxes and games that ship incomplete to hit release dates, the best new Android games, hot indie titles, and what’s new in AR. Check it out!

    Show Notes and Links:

    OnePlus confirms up to 40,000 users affected by credit card breach
    Samsung Galaxy X: Everything you need to know
    LG publishes patents for two foldable phone concepts
    LG might announce an upgraded V30 at MWC instead of the G7
    The U.S. smartphone industry has an LG problem
    Loot boxes and in-app purchases: A necessary evil or the scourge of the gaming world?
    The best new Android games
    Google announces finalists for 2017 Indie Game Contest
    What can you do in ARCore right now?
    Marc Lagace on Twitter

  • Top ten icon packs for Android: customization heaven

    So you’ve decided to go down the rewarding path of making your Android your own. But a launcher and theme are just the beginning. Now we’ll get to work on those icons. Here are the best icon packs for Android! Customize your Android phone or tablet wit…

  • Weekend poll: How much mobile data do you use in a typical month?

    Now that Verizon and Google Fi have jumped on the pseudo-unlimited train, it seems like most of the US carriers offer some type of all-you-can-eat data plan. It’s not surprising, either, given our ever-increasing appetites for media in all its forms. It’s a lot easier to binge a new Netflix series (so psyched for Altered Carbon) if you don’t have to worry about the distinction between mobile data and Wi-Fi when it comes to your monthly bill. So how much data do you burn through in a typical month?

    Read More

    Weekend poll: How much mobile data do you use in a typical month? was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Motorola releases Oreo kernel source code for Moto X4

    Those of you familiar with the GPL will know that manufacturers are required to post any modifications they make to the Android kernel. Motorola does this with all of their phones, including the Nougat-powered Moto X4, but now that Oreo is out for the…

  • From the Editor’s Desk: Why do we want ‘foldable’ phones like the Galaxy X?

    So … foldable phones, huh?

    The Galaxy S9 and S9+ haven’t even been announced yet, and we know so much about them. So that means it’s time to start looking at the next thing, right? If that’s your thought process, you’ve no doubt been keeping up with the Galaxy X rumors — the “foldable” phone supposedly coming from Samsung this year. Samsung isn’t the only company working on this sort of thing, but if any company is setup to take advantage of branding and marketing to sell an altogether new form factor and technology, it’s the one.

    If the rumorsphere is to be believed, the Galaxy X will effectively have a “standard” phone form factor, with the same width (or so) as a Galaxy S9, but with extra screen height to it. That extra height gives you more phone to look at without making the phone super wide, but makes it awkward to use. The solution? Let the thing bend in half on itself — at least, that’s what the current thinking is.

    Not knowing much else about how Samsung w…

  • IFTTT adds 9 new channels for Nokia Sleep, TxHash, Moodo, OhmConnect, and more

    IFTTT continues to expand the realm of automation possibilities at its users’ disposal. Over the past month or so, nine new channels have been added to the connect-everything service. Most of them will make your home smarter (or more pleasing to your olfactory receptors), while one connects a number of services to the Ethereum blockchain.

    Here’s a rundown of IFTTT’s nine latest channels:

    • Nokia Sleep: optimize your room conditions when you go to bed and start brewing your coffee as soon as you wake up with the help of Nokia’s sleep sensor
    • TxHash: touted as “Blockchain as a Service,” these applets can trigger a Slack channel post, SMS, phone notification, or Facebook post every time you receive Ether cryptocurrency
    • Moodo: this smart home fragrance box can be used to control the way your home smells with Google Assistant, and trigger your favorite fragrance to help wake you up or welcome you home
    • OhmConnect: get paid to save energy by turning off connected devices during a designated hour of the day (California only)
    • SmarTap Shower: get your shower going when you get home or with Google Assistant or Alexa, or start it if there’s a fire
    • mydlink: automate your home’s lights and D-Link camera, and get notified if motion is detected
    • Airthings: monitor your indoor air quality, show off your good radon levels on Twitter, and turn your Philips Hue light bulbs an ominous red when radon levels are high
    • Meross: automate your smart plugs and customize your smart bulbs
    • Liebherr: if you have one of the German manufacturer’s connected refrigerators, automate its temperature based on your location or get notified if your fridge raises an alarm

    If you’re an IFTTT user, click the links above to get more info about each of the newly added channels.

    Read More

    IFTTT adds 9 new channels for Nokia Sleep, TxHash, Moodo, OhmConnect, and more was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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