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Feature Highlights: * You can break the ice with this app.* You have different worlds to discover.* Enjoy with the beautiful animations affected with real physics characteristics.* Enjoy with different power-ups to change the game experiencie.Have…

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  • Android P will block background apps from accessing the camera

    We still don’t have much solid information about the next release of Android — we’ve heard that Android P could have some notch optimizations and that access to undocumented APIs could get blocked, but we don’t really know too much more than that. However, the open-source nature of Android means that we can sometimes get a glimpse of what the next release of Android might have in store.

    As spotted by XDA Developers, a recent commit on AOSP appears to indicate that Android P could implement a rule that would prevent background apps from accessing the camera.

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    Android P will block background apps from accessing the camera was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Hands-on: Google’s ‘Reply’ gives other apps concise Smart Replies – when it isn’t throwing shade

    Around a week ago we heard that Google was going to test a new app called Reply, which allegedly ports Allo’s Smart Reply functionality over to a wider number of apps. Looks like the test has started rolling out, and we’ve gotten our hands on the APK. So far, Reply seems to fulfill its promises: you get mostly-apt automated response shortcuts in message notifications. 

    Google only just started closed beta testing for Reply today, but we managed to get our hands on a leaked build.

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    Hands-on: Google’s ‘Reply’ gives other apps concise Smart Replies – when it isn’t throwing shade was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Why LG decided to present a new V30 version at MWC

    LG will actually present a refresh of the V30 at the MWC. Finally, LG is teaching the camera how to recognize subjects. Is that going to be enough to make it the star of the MWC 2018? No, but the development is important for LG, and for what we shall s…

  • Samsung Pay’s rewards program just got a lot less awesome

    Now it takes twice as long to get the goodies you want.

    Along with supporting older MST terminals, another area where Samsung Pay has an advantage over Android Pay (well, now Google Pay) is with its rewards program. Samsung Pay gives its users points they can redeem for gift cards, raffles, and more as they continually use the app, but in an unexpected move, Samsung’s making this rewards system not nearly as fun.

    According to multiple users, Samsung Pay is taking the points you earn with its multiple tiers and cutting them in half. Because of this, the rewards system now looks like the following:

    Member users earn 5 points per purchase instead of 10
    Silver users earn 10 points per purchase instead of 20
    Gold users earn 15 points per purchase instead of 30
    Platinum users earn 20 points per purchase instead of 40
    This move wouldn’t be so crummy if Samsung adjusted the cost for prizes to go along with the reduction in points that are earned, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. In o…

  • Flixster has officially shut down today (February 20th)

    After a decade of operation, Flixster is calling it quits today. The company has been warning registered users via email in recent months, so this won’t come as a surprise. You can’t stream your digital movies at all anymore, and the website is no longer operational. If you haven’t saved your movie library to another platform, you may still have a shot.

    Flixster was bought by Fandango in 2016, and the shutdown process started last fall.

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    Flixster has officially shut down today (February 20th) was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Google Home v1.27 includes several cosmetic changes and shortcuts, smaller APK, and hints at new devices and reversible controls [APK Teardown]

    The latest Google Home update is rolling out with a handful of small-ish changes. Some of them are mostly cosmetic, and a few others are convenient links to matching features normally found in the Google app. A teardown also turned up some vague tease…

  • Qualcomm increases NXP offer to $44 billion amidst Broadcom drama

    Qualcomm’s increasing its original bid by 16%.

    Earlier this month, Qualcomm remained resilient against Broadcom by declining the company’s second buyout offer of $121 million. Shortly after this, Qualcomm has increased its offer to NXP by 16% in an attempt to get Broadcom off of its back.

    NXP is a Dutch semiconductor business that’s primarily involved with the creation of infotainment systems in automobiles, and this bid increase would see Qualcomm pay $127.50 per each share of NXP — resulting in a total purchase of $44 billion.

    With this move, Qualcomm is hoping that the larger offer to NXP will make it easier for shareholders to see the value of Qualcomm as an independent company and reduce their eagerness to sell to Broadcom.

    Speaking to Reuters about the revised offer to NXP, Qualcomm’s Board Director Tom Horton said:

    It makes Qualcomm stronger and more profitable and diversified if there is no deal with Broadcom, and if we do decide to pursue a sale the same is tru…

  • A pen for all: universal stylus standards are taking shape

    A well-made stylus on a smartphone brings new features and practicality, but for now we only have the S Pen on Android as an example of this. The Universal Stylus Initiative aims to change that. We take a look at what can be achieved with the possibili…

  • Snapchat gets GIF stickers and some changes to app redesign

    The company behind Snapchat is rolling out a new feature to its app that allows users to paste animated GIFs onto their Snaps and stories. The new functionality is the result of a partnership with Giphy, and provides users with access to Giphy’s enorm…

  • The best custom rooms in Rec Room

    Rec Rooms newest update, Custom Rooms is amazing. You should try it!

    Since Rec Room was first released for the PlayStation VR I have loved it. Based on the Recreation centers you used to go to as a kid, mainly to keep you from being underfoot, or from hanging around on street corners, Rec Room has a huge amount of pre-made content for you to play around with.

    From games like Dodgeball and Paintball to full quests like the Rise of Jumbotron and even Laser Tag, Rec Rooms stock game is enough to keep you busy for hours. Then, because the guys at Against Gravity are crazy, they gave us Custom Rooms.

    Custom Rooms Give users the ability to create and save huge rooms or parks for other people to play in. Using the maker pen, a 3D design tool that’s far more powerful than I gave it credit for, and the sandbox tools available, you can make almost anything you want to interact with. There are some limitations, the things you make with the maker pen can’t move or interact with you for e…

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