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Share Fare

Share Rides, Save Money, Stay Green. All for Free! Share Fare helps you find people to share rides with based on where you are and where you want to go. Shares can range from 10 block cab rides to cross-country road trips using your…

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  • Huawei Mate 10 Pro vs Galaxy Note 8: The big battle!

    This week we will welcome the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 into our tech ring: which one will be the winner?(This is a preview – click here to read the entire entry.)

  • OnePlus targeted by credit card hack that went undiscovered for two months; 40,000 potentially affected

    OnePlus has sent a letter to customers this morning, and confirmed in a post on the company’s forums, that it was the target of a credit card hack this morning. The attack was accomplished via a malicious script injected into the OnePlus.net payment p…

  • LG publishes patents for two foldable phone concepts

    The slow march to a foldable smartphone future continues.

    The mobile industry has been dreaming about folding smartphones for years at this point, but in 2018, we’re closer to this becoming a reality than ever before. New details recently emerged about Samsung’s “Galaxy X” foldable phone, and following this, new patents have been discovered for two folding phone concepts that LG has in the works.

    Looking at LG’s first concept, the device is made out of two individual bodies that house a single screen. You get a full, tablet-like display when the phone is open, but when you close it, you end up with a very narrow candy-bar shape. A second screen on the front shows information like the time and weather when it’s closed, and on the back is a camera module.

    The second version is mostly the same, but a back panel moves to the side to reveal a small transparent section of the main display that’s used for notifications, time, date, etc.

    LG’s patents certainly look interesting and are …

  • Amazon to raise cost of monthly Prime membership by $2 in February

    A bad deal gets worse.

    If you’re paying monthly instead of annually for your Amazon Prime membership, it’s going to cost you a bit more each month. Amazon will be raising the price by $2 per month starting on February 18, and the change applies to both new and existing customers. This will bring the monthly fee from $10.99 up to $12.99, meaning that you’ll be paying just under $156 for a year of Prime membership. Those who pay the annual $99 fee will not see a price increase from these changes, nor will any of the awesome benefits of Prime be changing.

    From GeekWire’s report:

    Amazon said the price increase does not affect the annual membership option, which will remain at $99. With the price increase, the monthly option will now equal slightly less than $156 for a year. Amazon has been investing heavily in Prime, bringing it to new markets and creating additional benefits and original content. Those moves, plus regular increases in fees from shipping partners, are among the fac…

  • Google Trips 1.6 adds videos and blog posts to help you discover your upcoming destinations [APK Download]

    Google Trips is one of the hidden gems of Google’s arsenal of apps. What started as a small app that manages your flight and hotel reservations is now nearly a full-blown travel planner with essential tips on how to get around and what you need to kno…

  • Top 5 VR180 videos you can watch on YouTube with Daydream

    The best of YouTube VR180

    From live performances to pre-recorded films, you have plenty of options for the types of videos available in virtual reality. Although most common, 360° videos aren’t the only viewing option for VR. You can experience almost the same amount of fun with a 180° video! Yeah, you might not be able to turn all the way around to see the scenery behind you but that’s okay! It’s just as fun to still be able to move your head around to focus on all the things in your sights.

    Travel to Bangkok and experience the Buddha Temple

    YouTube channel Oprod has filmed their entire trip to Thailand for you to experience in VR180. My personal favorite of this playlist has to be the experience from inside the Buddha temple. It’s absolutely mesmerizing to see the sun shining in on the structure, creating an ambiance of serenity and beauty. Outside of the visuals, it’s exciting to experience the excitement of traveling without having to leave your living room.


  • LG might announce an upgraded V30 at MWC instead of the G7

    A report claims LG will unveil another version of the V30 at MWC 2018 with new AI tech.

    Just a few weeks ago, we were expecting to get our very first look at the LG G7 during Mobile World Congress this coming February. However, following LG’s CEO’s decision to scrap current development of the phone and start over from scratch, this is no longer the case.

    The LG V30

    This decision left us wondering if the company would have anything to show off at this year’s MWC, and according to a new report from The Korea Herald, LG may announce an upgraded version of the V30 in place of the G7’s absence.

    The phone is supposedly being referred to as the “V30+a”, and the main focus of the new model would be improved artificial intelligence features. It’s believed that these new features could be based on the Google Assistant, but I find it a bit odd that Google would use a phone outside of its Pixel brand to debut new Assistant goodies.

    It’s also possible that LG will show off its own AI tech li…

  • WhatsApp adds notification channels on Android Oreo 8.0 so you can now choose what to do with each notification type

    Android 8.0 Oreo introduced one cool feature for app notifications: channels. Since not all notifications are created equal, even if they come from the same app, this would allow you to choose how different types of notifications appear, sound, and vi…

  • [Deal Alert] Verizon Business customers can get a Google Home Max and Home Mini for just $337.48 (25% off)

    Like many Google products, the Home Max isn’t easy to find at a discount, especially given its very recent entry to the market. However, Verizon Business is offering a Home Max and Home Mini bundle for just $337.48, or $112.50 off the combined MSRPs of both Home devices. That’s pretty nuts. Unfortunately, you will need access to a Verizon Business (B2B) account to take advantage of this deal. And no, your run-of-the-mill Verizon account won’t do.

    Read More

    [Deal Alert] Verizon Business customers can get a Google Home Max and Home Mini for just $337.48 (25% off) was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Google Now is being left to wither and die as Google Assistant takes the focus

    One of Google’s standout features has been left to die, and that’s sad to see.

    Google Now used to be really useful. It used to be so good that I only used Google Now Launcher on every phone because I needed to have Google Now just a swipe away on my home screen. Any other launcher felt like it was keeping me disconnected from information that I relied on every day.

    As we turned the calendar over to 2018, and just spent a week at CES 2018 seeing a huge emphasis on Google Assistant, it looks like Google’s happy to let the traditional Google Now feature set — aka the “feed” — wither and die. In the past six months, Google Now has gone from a must-have feature to something I have stopped looking at regularly and even forgotten about for days at a time. It’s no longer helpful, insightful or useful.

    Every morning, I used to unlock my phone, swipe to the right on my home screen and scroll through Google Now. I’d get updates on the weather, traffic, sports scores, upcoming c…

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