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Live your life, use myTripRecorder to share it! With only your Android cell phone you can instantly create a trip log to share with your friends online. Your trip log includes: * Your Trip Map * Your Pictures * Your Videos…

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  • These are all the Moto phones Motorola is releasing in 2018

    2018 is shaping up to be a big year for Motorola.

    Ever since its acquisition by Lenovo, Motorola’s turned into a company that’s not shy about releasing a lot of different phones each year. This allows for a lot of choices, but it can also make trying to pick the perfect phone a bit headache-inducing. No matter your opinion on Motorola’s release cycle, however, there’s no denying that 2018 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for the company.

    We’ve seen a ton of leaks, rumors, renders and more for Motorola’s lineup of phones for 2018 ever since the beginning of the year, and this is everything we know so far.

    The phones that are still on their way

    Motorola One Power

    The wildcard on this list easily goes to the Motorola One Power. We didn’t have any idea such a phone existed until late May, and based on what we know so far, it looks quite a bit different from the rest of Motorola’s 2018 handsets.

    First off, the overall design language isn’t anything like the rest of thi…

  • Best Android Phone Under $400 in 2018

    Best overall
    Best for outside the U.S.
    Best for less

    Best overall

    Moto X4

    See at Amazon

    The Moto X4 is the long-awaited sequel to the Moto X Pure Edition and it’s the best phone you can buy under $400. It has a striking design, clean software, a great display, and a pretty good pair of cameras on the back. It’s also one of the few phones in its price range with an IP68 rating. Even better, you can get Amazon’s Prime Exclusive version for $270. Even better, all models work with all U.S. carriers

    Bottom line: If you’re buying an unlocked phone and have a $400 budget, the Moto X4 is your best bet right now.

    One more thing: The model made for Project Fi is the only Moto X4 with Android One, and the only model that’s guaranteed to receive updates for at least two years.

    Why the Moto X4 is the best

    The phone to get if you want bang for your buck.

    The design of the Moto X4 is just as nice to hold as it is to look at, thanks to its gentle curves, and it’s durable with…

  • [Update: Rolling out across Android now] A new, fresher look for Google Account settings is being tested

    Google is currently testing a new design for its account page — you know, the one buried in settings under the Google tab. In spite of the timing, it’s not actually a feature of Android P DP3; it’s just another one of Google’s beloved server-side tests.

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    [Update: Rolling out across Android now] A new, fresher look for Google Account settings is being tested was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Google Account page on Android updated with new UI and features

    The new look will come to iOS and web later in the year.

    Your Google account is an important part of your online presence, and to make sure it’s as easy to understand and manage as possible, Google’s revamping the way you interact with it on Android.

    If you head to Settings -> Google -> Google Account on your Android phone, you’ll see a brand-new interface for your entire Google account. A new Home page shows important info at a glance, such as your account storage, options for increasing your security, and more. From here, you’ll find other tabs for your personal info, contacts you’re sharing info with, payment methods and subscriptions, etc.

    The updated UI looks really sleek, and it’s reminiscent of the design found in Google’s recent Tasks and News apps.

    Along with the revamped interface, there are also a few new features to check out. You can now search for specific topics/settings you’re looking for, quickly get help from the new Support tab, and there are more tools…

  • What’s new on Amazon Prime Video for July 2018

    Three new Amazon Originals and a bunch of old favorites!

    We’re getting into the meat of summer. That means a couple things. First is that you should probably be spending a good bit of time outside. But that also means you’ll be reminded of just how great things are inside, with conditioned air, a distinct lack of bug life, and a lot less perspiration. Outside? Hot. Inside? Cool. With loads to watch on TV — an specifically on Amazon Prime Video.

    Amazon Prime Video has is one of the go-to destinations for on-demand content, thanks in no small part to devices like the new Amazon Fire TV Cube, the $50 Amazon Fire Stick, the $70 Amazon Fire TV, and even the $229 Amazon Echo Show.

    In addition to some old favorites, Amazon has three new Originals coming up in July:

    Comicstaan S1: The Prime Original series is a nine-episode series that brings together seven of the biggest comedians in India, to find the next big name in stand-up. The show will be hosted by Abish Mathew and S…

  • RHA MA650 headphone review: Made for Android, made with care

    A three-button remote that works with most Android phones.

    Headphone jacks are disappearing, and headphones themselves are all going Bluetooth. Right? Sort of, but that doesn’t tell the whole story.

    In 2016, Bluetooth headphone sales surpassed those of their wired counterparts for the first time, and are largely responsible for growing the headphone industry as a whole. And that industry is growing — dramatically. But one thing is certain: headphones — cheap, expensive, wired, wireless — are more important to people than ever. We think about them more, we spend more time researching the right ones to buy, and we’re more invested in the experience, if not the sound itself, of listening to music on our phones.

    This brings me to the RHA MA650 in-ear headphones, a set of wired earbuds that, in 2018, may not seem like a big deal, but to many Android users they should be. That’s because, for $60, you get a great-sounding, beautifully-made set of earbuds with a three-bu…

  • HTC U12+ review: No buttons, no sale

    The U12+ is the latest high-end smartphone from HTC, and while the ‘+’ moniker may have you wondering where the “regular” version is – this is it: HTC is, for the time being, only launching a large premium phone in 2018. It packs the latest Snapdragon 845 processor from Qualcomm, a large 6.0” Quad HD LCD display, and four cameras. It also costs a whopping $800, and you can only buy it direct from HTC or Amazon in the US.

    Read More

    HTC U12+ review: No buttons, no sale was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Check out these ‘revolutionary’ $250 Bose earbuds that can’t play music

    Bose is known for making high-end audio gear. It shouldn’t be surprising, then, that its latest fully wireless earbuds cost $250. What is a little surprising, though, is that the new “revolutionary noise-masking sleepbuds” (sleepbuds is one word, lowercase) can’t play music. These pricey, battery-powered, Bluetooth-connected earphones are made solely to drown out noise and help you sleep, and they literally can’t do anything else.

    The sleepbuds come pre-loaded with ambient noise files, and use Bose’s new noise-masking technology (that’s apparently more effective than other noise cancellation solutions) to block external sounds.

    Read More

    Check out these ‘revolutionary’ $250 Bose earbuds that can’t play music was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Treat your home to an Ecovacs Deebot N79 robot vacuum cleaner for just $160 today

    Free yourself from chores.

    Right now you can grab the Ecovacs Deebot N79 robot vacuum cleaner for just $159.98 when you use coupon code I5V25QHP during checkout at Amazon. We haven’t seen a deal this good on the N79 since April. With over 4,700 reviews, this robot vacuum has a 4.1 out of 5-star rating, which is rather impressive.

    You can use the free Ecovacs app to create a schedule, monitor cleanings, receive error alerts, and much more. It has four different cleaning modes and a 3-stage cleaning system to ensure your hard floors and carpets are nice and clean once it finishes.

    See on Amazon

  • Supreme Court closes online sales tax loophole

    The Supreme Court just handed down a decision in South Dakota v Wayfair, Inc. that states can force online retailers to collect sales taxes from purchases. This overturns a decision from 1992 that mandated that states could levy taxes on businesses on…

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