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7 Apps tagged: "platformer"

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Spot Goes Down

  Spot Goes Down is a mobile 2D game for Android. Game genre - platformer. Spot wants to go home. Destiny brought him to the top of the notebook sheet and now he has a long way down. Just tilt your device and spot will be moved. Do not let…

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  • Pandora's Mop

    Rating: 4.00/5 (1 vote)

    Mario style 2.5D platformer game based around Penwith College in the United Kingdom. Built and developed by Level 3 Game design students aged 16-18 using Unity 4 and 3DS Max. all original score composition, textures, gone throuygh industry standard…

  • Turtle Leap

    Rating: 3.50/5 (6 votes)

    Guide the turtle in a car in this tough endless platfomer over different platforms in hand painted environments avoiding enemies to score the highest points. Collect stars, take powerups, create combos and cover the maximum distance. Use stars to…

  • Roll Mania

    Rating: 3.50/5 (4 votes)

    Roll Mania is a fun and challenging physics based puzzle game. The player can change between 3 different rolling objects and must use their unique properties to navigate past obstacles and reach the exit.

  • Rapid Car Rush

    Rating: 3.25/5 (4 votes)

    Guide the kid in his red car across 25 levels in this fast paced 2d platformer. Collect stars along the way. Have fun with some rising/dropping platforms , some broken platforms, some inclined platforms and some portals with changing day night weather…

  • Riding Rhodri

    Rating: 3.11/5 (18 votes)

    Play as Rhodri in this exciting new platformer where you can not jump. There are no on-screen buttons used to control game-play. Instead, use the sides of the screen to move left and right. Springs, tornadoes, and other game mechanics will help you…

  • Hardcore Platformer League

    Rating: 3.00/5 (21 votes)

      Hey there! Heard you are looking for a platform game that actually plays great on your touchscreen device. Well, look no further. HPL (Hardcore Platformer League) is a skill-based platform game that is all about fun tricks and speedrunning.…

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