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Photo Bricks - Android Apps on Google Play

Give a new and interesting touch to your old and new pictures with Photo Bricks. Arrange them in grids and share them with your friends. This amazing free android app lets you have more fun with your pictures in the Pic gallery.

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  • Best Cases for the Honor 7X

    The Honor 7X is a great phone, so why not protect it with a great case?

    The Honor 7X is one of the latest phones in the Huawei subsidiary’s lineup, and we’ve called it one of the best budget phones you can buy. It’s fast, it’s long-lasting, and its display and cameras both outperform most similarly priced options.

    If you’re the proud owner of a 7X, you probably want to keep it safe. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best cases we could find.

    Spigen Rugged Armor
    KuGi Flexible Soft
    TopACE Silicone Cover
    Nillkin Sim Thin
    Yiakeng Dual Layer
    Spigen Rugged Armor

    Spigen is one of the most recognizable and reputable case brands around, so naturally it’s the first choice on our list. The Rugged Armor provides full coverage protection for the Honor 7X without adding much bulk.

    Its TPU material is flexible and easy to apply, and uses a webbed inner lining to absorb shock from drops. The cutouts give full access to all of the Honor 7X’s ports, and the carbon fiber styling up top and…

  • Moto Tab review: Look elsewhere for your tablet needs

    The Android tablet market is a proverbial scarce wasteland these days. It has been quite some time since we saw something from Samsung or Asus, two of the last major stalwart players in this space (excluding Amazon, obviously). Tablets are not what they were in years past, though I personally still find having one useful for certain situations, despite Android leaving much to be desired in this aspect.

    In either an attempt to capitalize on a dead horse, or to jumpstart one, AT&T teamed up with Lenovo to “create” the Moto Tab, a device exclusive to the giant carrier and aimed at its DirecTV customers.

    Read More

    Moto Tab review: Look elsewhere for your tablet needs was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Apex Construct review: A great experience held back by PlayStation VR

    Interesting puzzles and beautiful world interspersed with moments of screaming frustration.

    The PlayStation VR community has been spending a lot of time in Sprint Vector lately, and while it isn’t a new virtual sport, Apex Construct will no doubt soon be hogging some of the spotlight.

    Developed by Fast Travel Games, it has been created from the start with story-driven VR content in mind. You play as someone called into a dystopian future world by Fathr, an AI created before “The Shift.” It seems that — no surprise — humans turned everything upside down with their experiments, and the world is now stalked by robotic spiders, dogs, and more.

    A narrator fills you in on what’s going on here, and you soon learn that the voice is that of Fathr. There’s another AI on the loose here named Mothr, created by a competing tech company before the world was rearranged. They seem to be at odds, and you immediately feel like you’re caught between the two, used as some sort of tool. Wh…

  • Best theming widgets for Android

    Finding widgets that work with one theme can be hard. Finding widgets that work with many is like a diamond in the rough, and here they are, ready to shine.

    Android has hundreds of thousands of home screen widgets out there for you to try out, from advanced widget creators to those that come with your favorite apps. Some are beautiful, some are extravagant, and some are refined, but above all, they have to work. Widgets have to earn their keep on my home screen, or they’ll be deleted and replaced with something I actually use.

    Not all apps have customizable widgets, and no matter how good some of those widgets are — like Google Keep — if they don’t play well with themes, then I can’t count on them when I’m building my home screen.

    Another Widget

    The Google Pixel 2 brought a few new tricks to its home screen this year, but none have been as popular as the At A Glance widget. This refined, easy-to-see and easy-to-use widget is only available on the Google Pixel, but…

  • Job listings suggest that Spotify is working on its own smart speaker

    “Spotify is on its way to creating its first physical products.”

    Ever since Amazon came out with the Echo in 2014, the market for smart speakers has exploded into something that Google, Apple, and countless other companies are trying to dip their toes into. According to a new job listing, one of the next smart speakers could come from none other than Spotify.

    A new job listing was recently added to Spotify’s website for an “Operations Manager – Hardware Product.” Under the title for this position, it says “Spotify is on its way to creating its first physical products and setting up an operational organization for manufacturing, supply chain, sales & marketing.”

    Could a Spotify speaker stand against the Google Home and Apple HomePod?

    The Operations Manager will be in charge of Spotify’s distribution, supply, logistics, etc., and the streaming service notes that this person will also “contribute in the creation of innovative Spotify experiences via connected hardware….

  • Google Pay launches to replace Android Pay and Google Wallet

    The rebrand to end them all.

    At the beginning of the year, Google announced that it’d be merging its Android Pay and Google Wallet services under one new umbrella called “Google Pay.” A little more than a month since that announcement, the Google Pay app is now rolling out to users via an update on the Play Store.

    What does this change mean? Admittedly, not a whole lot. The Android Pay app on the Play Store is being changed to Google Pay, and while there’s a new logo and tweaked UI, all of Android Pay’s core functionality is still here. You can view all of your linked cards, pay for things in stores without having to first open the Google Pay app, and make payments online when you see a “Buy with G Pay” button.

    Google says that users in the United States and the United Kingdom will be able to use the main Google Pay app to send and receive money from friends and family members in “the next few months”, but until then, the Google Wallet app is being changed to Google Pay Send with …

  • Mega Man Mobile series for Android review: Malfunctioning robots

    What should be a celebration of an iconic video game series is dragged down by development issues.

    Nostalgia plays a huge role in gaming these days. As cool as games with jaw-dropping graphics are, more and more you’re seeing retro-styled titles or ports of 8-bit video game classics making their way to the Google Play Store.

    Play Mega Man Mobile 1-6 for FreeGAMESTASH

    Sega set the standard for how companies ought to go about re-releasing legacy titles to nostalgia-hungry smartphone gamer with its Sega Forever series. Another classic company, Capcom, also tried to cash in on this 8-bit retro phase in grand fashion last year, releasing the first six Mega Man games as mobile releases onto the Google Play Store:

    Mega Man Mobile
    Mega Man Mobile 2
    Mega Man Mobile 3
    Mega Man Mobile 4
    Mega Man Mobile 5
    Mega Man Mobile 6
    Mega Man, AKA Rockman in Japan, AKA The Blue Bomber, is a plucky young lad in a blue armor suit who must defeat Dr. Wily and his army of robots to save the earth an…

  • Swype Keyboard is officially being discontinued

    Time to move to Gboard.

    Like a lot of my fellow Android users, I often used to jump back and forth between keyboard apps on my phone. I’ve dabbled with just about every popular option out there, but today the Play Store is losing one of its long-standing champs as development for Swype Keyboard has officially ended.

    According to one Redditor that contacted customer support at Nuance (the company behind Swype), they were told that “Swype+Dragon for Android has faced end of development.” This was then followed up by a message from Swype’s Product Team that reads:

    Nuance will no longer be updating the Swype+Dragon keyboard for Android. We’re sorry to leave the direct-to-consumer keyboard business, but this change is necessary to allow us to concentrate on developing our AI solutions for sale directly to businesses.

    Shortly after this, XDA Developers received a statement from Swype’s PR department confirming what the Reddit user was told.

    Swype has been on the Android Market/Goo…

  • Amazon is discounting the Prime-exclusive Moto X4 by $150 for one day only

    Limited time offer.

    You can grab an unlocked version from several retailers for $299.99 right now, but this is a great way to save even more. Amazon no longer uses your phone’s lock screen to display ads, and instead, the company just preloads a few of its apps on the phone including the Amazon widget, Prime Movies, Prime Photos Storage and more. The phone is IP68 water resistant and features a 5.2-inch display, Snapdragon 630 processor, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.

    Alexa is only a voice command away as well. Simply say “Alexa” and you can begin playing music, check the news, and much more. This is also an unlocked version which will work on all major U.S. carriers, and this discount is available on both the silver and black versions of this phone. Remember, this price is only good for today, so don’t miss out.

    If you don’t want to deal with Amazon’s extra apps and don’t mind spending $50 more, you can pick up a regular unlocked version from B&H, Motorola directly, Best Buy…

  • Do you prefer Nova Launcher or TouchWiz Home?

    The battle of third vs. first-party.

    As most all of you know, one of Android’s greatest strengths lies in the ability to customize just about every little aspect of it that you want. Third-party launchers are a great way to change up the entire look and feel of your device, and time and time again, Nova Launcher has proven to be one of the best options around for doing this.

    Samsung’s own Android launcher (TouchWiz Home) used to be hot garbage just a few short years ago, but since the Galaxy S8, Samsung managed to turn it into something that a lot of people actually prefer using over a third-party one.

    Some of our forum users recently started talking about whether they prefer Nova or TouchWiz Home, and these are a few of the responses.

    02-18-2018 09:54 AM

    I’ve been using Nova Launcher on my V20 for the past year and I just upgraded to a Note 8 yesterday. Yeah, I know this isn’t the Note group but…

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