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Storyz allows you to share the moment with your friends. Take a picture, or a video clip, add some text, invite your friends, and off you go! Storyz is completely integrated with your camera and file system*, and creating and responding to a message…

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  • Pixel 3 XL and its unforgiving notch pop up in Toronto

    Everything we know about what’ll likely be one of the year’s best phones.

    Google first introduced its Pixel series in 2016, and since then, has been hard at work to establish itself as a serious player in the smartphone market. Google may be one of the most powerful and iconic companies in the world, but when it comes to hardware, is still very much a newcomer.

    We saw vast improvements with the Pixel 2 compared to the original Pixel line, and we’re expecting to get that again with the Pixel 3. Google’s quickly learning what it takes to compete with the likes of Samsung and Apple, and seeing as how the Pixel 2 was one of 2017’s best phones, there’s a lot riding on this year’s entry.

    Ladies and gentlemen, here’s everything we know so far about the Google Pixel 3.

    The latest Pixel 3 news

    August 17, 2018 — Pixel 3 XL and its unforgiving notch pop up in Toronto

    Surprise, surprise — another Pixel 3 XL leak!

    A reader of the Canadian tech site MobileSyrup recently snap…

  • This is the Moto AI — Motorola’s first smart speaker

    The gadget is being developed exclusively for China.

    Thanks to devices like the Google Home and Amazon Echo, smart speakers have exploded in popularity over the last couple years. We’ve seen companies like Apple, Sony, and Lenovo try their own hand at this market, and according to a report from AndroidPure, Motorola’s now gearing up to launch its first smart speaker.

    Currently named the “Moto AI”, the speaker is being designed specifically with the Chinese market in mind and is powered by Baidu’s DuerOS rather than Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Like other smart speakers, you’ll be able to use the Moto AI to find out stock prices, current news, weather, stream music, create reminders/timers, etc.

    Along with all the above features, the Moto AI will feature a kids mode that’ll automatically be turned on if it detects that a child is speaking to it. There will also be integrations with other companies such as Lifesmart, Haier, and more.

    On the technical side of things, the Mot…

  • Let your Samsung Galaxy S9’s beauty shine through our favorite clear cases

    For something that’s supposed to be clear and subtle, these cases have certainly found a way to stand out.

    The Galaxy S9 and S9+, are simply outstanding. Truly, this is a phone that you want to show off, but since it’s essentially made of glass, you’re going to want to cover the breakable bits with a case. Never fear, clear cases are here!

    There are a lot of ways to do a clear case, and whether you want one that shines bright like a diamond or one that’s as tough as one, there’s a clear case here for you.

    Spigen Ultra Hybrid Clear Case
    Catalyst Impact Protection Case
    Spigen Liquid Crystal Case Series
    Ringke Fusion Clear Case
    Caseology Skyfall Series Clear Case
    Zizo ION Series Clear Case
    Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

    Best clear case

    $11.99 (S9) at Amazon
    $12.99 (S9+) at Amazon
    Sometimes, a clear case just goes beyond.

    The Spigen Ultra Hybrid is a single-layer case that melds a strengthened silicone bumper with a diamond-hard and crystal-clear polycarbonate back for the best of bo…

  • Best offline Android apps: no internet, no problem

    Sometimes you find yourself with no access to the internet, whether it’s because you’re on vacation or you’ve hit your data limit. In these situations, you need apps that can get the job done offline. So, we’ve put together a list of our favorites for …

  • Epson’s 1080p projector, Xbox Live, and more are discounted today

    Whether you’re looking for new tech gear or household items, we’ve got you covered.

    We found plenty of great deals today that include big discounts on tons of Amazon hardware, Epson’s 1080p home cinema projector, Sennheiser’s open-back headphones, and more!

    View the rest of the deals

    If you want to know about the deals as soon as they are happening, you’ll want to follow Thrifter on Twitter, and sign up for the newsletter, because missing out on a great deal stinks!

  • Galaxy Note 9 updated with August 2018 security patch and camera features

    Here’s the lowdown on one of 2018’s most powerful smartphones 💥

    It’s finally here. After relentless leaks, rumors, and more, Samsung’s finally unveiled the Galaxy Note 9.

    Even though we already knew a lot about the phone prior to its official announcement, there’s still plenty to talk about. What colors does it come in? What are the final specs? Were we impressed during our hands-on preview?

    All those questions and more are answered right here, so without further ado, here’s everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

    The latest Galaxy Note 9 news

    August 17, 2018 — Galaxy Note 9 already getting a software update that adds August 2018 security patch and more slow-mo video options

    The Note 9 won’t officially be released until Augst 24, but even so, Samsung’s already pushing a software update to the phone that adds a couple goodies.

    This update changes the software version number to N960FXXU1ARH5 and allows users to record Super Slow-Mo video for mo…

  • Save $30 on Amazon’s latest streaming hardware, the Fire TV Cube

    This discount won’t last long!

    Amazon currently Fire TV Cube streaming media player for $89.99 today as part of Amazon’s off to college deals. This matches the pre-order discount that Amazon ran when it first announced the hardware and its Prime Day pricing.

    CordCutters did a full review of the Fire TV Cube. Essentially, imagine the way you use an Echo Dot now to control all the wirelessly connected appliances around your home. Then imagine that control plugged into your TV so you can control everything plugged in there with your voice as well. That’s what you get with this new device. It’s a way to turn on the TV, play your favorite DVD, adjust the volume on your home audio system, dim the lights, and get your microwave to cook some popcorn all without moving from the best spot on the couch.

    This is just one of the many items on sale right now. Be sure to check them all out now!

    See at Amazon

  • What’s new on Amazon Prime Video for September 2018

    New Amazon Prime Originals abound, including Pete the Cat and Shakespeare’s King Lear.

    Summer’s just about over, but the fall TV schedule is just heating up. September sees the return of the NFL on Amazon Prime Video on Thursday nights, starting with the Minnesota Vikings at the L.A. Rams on Sept. 27. Earlier in the month, however, we’ll see a slew of Amazon Prime Originals, including the return of kid-favorite Pete the Cat, and the premiere of Forever, from Emmy-winning writers Alan Yang and Matt Hubbard.

    And there’s a world of your favorite movies and TV series coming to Amazon Prime Video, free with your Prime subscription. The Original Ghostbusters is back, as is the excellent 2006 adaptation of Miami Vice.

    Get a free Amazon Prime trial today!

    Here’s more on the Amazon Prime Originals coming in September:

    Six Dreams S1: The Prime Original series is a behind-the-scenes look at Spain’s top football league, LaLiga. It follows six contrasting storylines revolving around three pl…

  • Which Amazon Echo should you buy?

    Which Amazon Echo is best for you? I have no idea. But here’s how I’d approach each one.

    I own too many Amazon Echo speakers — from the original Echo to the Echo Dot and the newfangled Echo Show with its screen and camera. Plus there’s the Amazon Tap and Echo Look, which you can’t even buy without an invitation (and you probably shouldn’t but it, for reasons I’ll get into in a second).

    This isn’t a cookie-cutter list of all the Echo speakers and why you should buy them. Hell, a couple I think you probably should stay away from. This is a list of how I see things after having used them all for months and months. Hit the links below to jump on down to the Echo that tickles your fancy.

    Echo Dot
    Echo Dot Kids Edition
    Echo Plus
    Echo Spot
    Echo Tap
    Echo Show
    Echo Look

    Echo Dot: The best Amazon Echo for starting out

    Start simple. If you’re just not sure about this whole Alexa thing and really don’t know how much you’ll get out of an Amazon Echo, it’s best to not spen…

  • We’re giving away two stylish Urbanears Lotsen speakers with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cast, and AirPlay support [US and CAN]

    We’ve given away countless Bluetooth speakers over the years, but if you’re looking for a truly unique speaker, now’s your chance. We’ve partnered with Urbanears to give away two of the company’s ‘Lotsen’ units, which normally cost $199 a piece.
    The L…

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