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DialerX | Calling Card & GV Dialer

Advanced Calling Card, PBX & Google Voice Dialer Application! 14 Day Full Featured Trial Dialer X is an Advanced Dialing assistant application for Android devices that automates calls through your Calling Cards, Google Voice…

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  • Asus announces new Lyra Trio mesh WiFi system

    The wireless connectivity veterans at Asus announced a new mesh WiFi system today called Lyra Trio. The white-and-blue devices are pretty functionally similar to last year’s Lyra system: Lyra Trio comes as a three-pack (obviously), the three individual routers working in concert to blanket a large area in WiFi coverage. This year’s model is cheaper, though: the Lyra Trio will retail for $299.99, as opposed to the 2017 model, which went for $399.99 at launch.

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    Asus announces new Lyra Trio mesh WiFi system was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Does the Honor 10 have what it takes to win you over?

    Honor has made its new smartphone official! The Honor 10 has it going on in terms of both design and specs, and the price is great. But is it enough to make you want to go out and buy it?(This is a preview – click here to read the entire entry.)

  • 6 months after Pixel 2 launch, Google has nothing to say of its success — but hardware focus is bigger than ever

    Other parts of the hardware and operating system business take the spotlight instead.

    Alphabet just released its Q1 2018 earnings, and I followed along with the earnings call afterward to pick up further context on the numbers from Google CEO Sundar Pichai. The most striking thing from the call, at least as it pertains to us here in the Android world, is that the word “Pixel” was used only once — mentioned as an aside when talking about overall customer satisfaction with a wide range of Google hardware products. This comes despite the fact that we’re just about 6 months removed from the Pixel 2 and 2 XL launch, and this earnings report comprised the first full quarter of the phones’ retail availability — a perfect time to tout some numbers.

    Google Home, Nest, Android One and Chrome OS took the focus in Q1.

    After covering what are honestly more important parts of Google’s business, including the advertising and search divisions, Pichai gave a quick rundown of the Go…

  • Where to buy a used VR headset

    VR is expensive. Buying used might be the solution.

    Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, and the PlayStation VR are taking the world by storm when it comes to amazing VR experiences. The only problem for some people is the price of getting started. For instance, the PlayStation VR is about $349 on Amazon for a bundle with Skyrim. But what if we don’t have that kind of money?

    No worries, we’re here to walk you through all your buying used options!

    What to consider before buying a used VR headset

    Do you have everything that’s required?

    You’ll need to make sure you have a dedicated VR space, which is extremely important. Your entire gaming experience can be ruined if you find yourself trying to play in the smallest space possible because you keep running into walls or furniture!

    For the PlayStation VR you’ll obviously need to have a PlayStation 4 to run the device. A PlayStation Pro is recommended for the best PSVR experience, but you can still get a good quality of gameplay on the…

  • Alphabet reports $31.15 billion in revenue for Q1 2018, a 26% increase over last year

    Google parent company Alphabet just announced financial results for the first quarter of 2018, and the news is good across the board. The company took in a whopping $31.15 billion over the three-month period ending March 31st, which is a 26% increase …

  • T-Mobile subscribers will be able get $4 ‘Deadpool 2’ tickets on May 15

    T-Mobile subscribers will be able to grab one $4 ticket each to “Deadpool 2” in the carrier’s T-Mobile Tuesdays app on Tuesday, May 15. The vouchers can be redeemed on Atom Tickets starting on May 18, the day the movie releases in theaters. The “un-carrier” also announced two Deadpool-themed contests in which entrants can win a trip to New York for an advance screening of the film or free movie tickets for a year.

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    T-Mobile subscribers will be able get $4 ‘Deadpool 2’ tickets on May 15 was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Fortnite Mobile: tips and tricks to win the battle royale

    Fortnite is one of the most popular battle royale games but it’s not your typical shooting game. In Fortnite you have to manage several other aspects in addition to killing the enemy. Here are some tips and tricks to help you be the last one standing a…

  • Alphabet Q1 2018 earnings: $31 billion revenue leads to $7 billion income

    First quarter sees strong double-digit growth overall, with advertising driving a bulk of the business.

    Alphabet, the parent company comprised of Google and various other subsidiaries, has just released its Q1 2018 earnings. The top-level numbers are strong: $31.1 billion in revenue, leading to $7 billion in operating income for the three months. Those numbers are increases of 26% and 22% over the previous year, respectively, and earnings per share were $13.53. In short, Alphabet continues to have amazingly large growth for a company of its size.

    Alphabet’s stock quickly spiked after the earnings release, but quickly leveled off to about $1070, just shy of where it last closed before the earnings release.

    Unsurprisingly, Google’s advertising business is roughly 85% of its revenue.

    The “Google” part of the business obviously continues to be the primary driver of revenue and income for the company, with the “Other bets” segment — a combination of small, speculative endeav…

  • Amazon might sell an Alexa robot in 2019

    Employees are said to begin testing the robot later this year.

    In just four short years, Amazon’s turned Alexa into a household staple for millions of people across the world. The virtual assistant can already help users out with various questions and commands in its current form, but now it’s reported that Amazon will be taking things a step further by creating an in-home robot.

    According to Bloomberg, Amazon’s Lab 126 – the same team behind Echo speakers, Fire TV, Fire tablets, etc. – has begun development of a robot codenamed “Vesta” (the Roman goddess of the home and family). Vesta is still very much in its early days, but it’s said that Amazon plans on testing it in employees homes at some point this year before selling it to the public in 2019.

    Did anyone think Amazon wouldn’t make an Alexa robot?

    Although specifics on Vesta are still few and far between, one Amazon employee says that it’s supposed to act as a portable version of Alexa that can travel to dif…

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