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Parental Access

This application allows you to monitor your child's mobile usage actions when you are not physically present around, so as to prevent him/her from any bullying/threats or inappropriate online activities. This application monitors call history, call…

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  • SquareHub

    Rating: 3.00/5 (2 votes)

    SquareHub is a private social network designed exclusively for families.  SquareHub allows families to send messages, share photos, coordinate schedules and give location information easily through their mobile devices.  In an era where family interaction…

  • Hatchedit

    Rating: 2.75/5 (8 votes)

    HATCHEDit is a free app that includes a shareable calendar & address book HATCHEDit.com is a mobile whiteboard for managing your personal life. We bring online, social collaboration tools into the home. Our app is a free,…

  • Daddy511

    Rating: 2.95/5 (44 votes)

    Daddy511 is aimed to help assist timing contractions and also provides guidance on the proper time to go to the hospital when expecting a child. Daddy511 makes it extremely easy to time contractions and also provides useful information about the pregnancy.…


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  • New US Supreme Court ruling will make life much harder for patent trolls

    Top technology companies are no strangers to patent litigation. Wherever there is money to be made there will always be opportunists and plenty of individuals and companies have been known to obtain patents in order to profit from licensing or litigation. Yesterday, the US Supreme Court ruled on a key change that should make it much harder for patent trolls to be successful.

    The decision itself relates to a legal tussle between ketchup maker Kraft Heinz Co and a smaller firm named TC Heartland LLC.

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    New US Supreme Court ruling will make life much harder for patent trolls was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Moto G5S leak shows off all-metallic chassis and three color options

    Motorola is getting ready to launch an upgraded variant of the Moto G5.

    Motorola’s leaked roadmap for 2017 revealed the existence of a Moto G5 variant dubbed the G5S, and we’re now getting a first look at the device courtesy of Android Authority. The publication got a hold of press renders of the upcoming phone from a “trusted source familiar with Lenovo’s plans,” showing off the color options on offer.

    The Moto G5S is identical to the standard variant from the front, and the main difference at the back is a dimple at the center that houses the Batwing logo. The phone will be available in grey, gold, and blue, and unlike the Moto G5 and G5 Plus — which have a metal back and plastic sides — the phone will be entirely crafted out of metal. As such, the phone features antenna lines at the back.

    The Moto G5S is said to offer a 5.2-inch Full HD display, with the G5S Plus expected to feature a 5.5-inch Full HD screen. There’s no information on pricing, but it will undoubte…

  • How to enable iris scanning and face unlock on the Galaxy S8

    How do I unlock the Galaxy S8 with my face?

    The Galaxy Note 7 (RIP) was the first Samsung device with biometric unlock, but along with iris scanning, the Galaxy S8 brings back an old trick: face unlock. Both are fast and secure, and make up for the awkward placement of the fingerprint sensor. Here’s how to use them to unlock your phone.

    Biometrics on the Galaxy S8 explained

    How to enable iris unlock on the Galaxy S8

    From the home screen, swipe down on the notification shade.
    Tap the settings icon (cog shape).
    Scroll down and tap on Lock screen and security.

    Tap on Iris scanner.
    Enter your password, PIN or pattern.
    Tap Register irises.

    Agree to the disclaimer.
    Tap continue.
    Look at the front-facing camera to register irises.
    Tap Turn on if Face unlock is already enabled.
    (Optional) Enable Iris unlock when screen turns on to speed up unlock process.
    (Optional) Enable Samsung account to use iris to unlock Samsung account.

    How to change the screen mask you see when unlocking t…

  • Save $25 on the Gear VR headset today!

    Want to step into the world of virtual reality but aren’t sure if it is for you? Right now you can pick up Samsung’s Gear VR headset to check it out and see what all the hype is about. The headset has its own control pad on the side, and will fit many Samsung phones. You can pick one up for just $75 today, a savings of $25.

  • OnePlus 5 teaser reveals four color variants, including a unicorn option

    The OnePlus 5 could be available in black, unicorn, red, and gold color options at launch.

    As we get closer to the launch of the OnePlus 5, the company is teasing additional details about its upcoming flagship. The latest tweet suggests the phone will be offered in four color options, including a multicolored unicorn hue:

    What 5hould the color of your next phone be? 😉 pic.twitter.com/5FevP1VSq5— OnePlus (@oneplus) May 22, 2017

    The color options — unicorn and red in particular — will undoubtedly differentiate the OnePlus 5, and it’ll be interesting to see how the company handles the rollout. That’s if it actually intends to manufacture a handset that will perfectly complement your favorite beverage.

    What we do know for certain is that the OnePlus 5 will feature camera(s) tuned by DxO, and that an unveil is slated for sometime next month. From earlier leaks, it’s evident that the phone will have dual rear cameras at the back, and OnePlus is allegedly consi…

  • Samsung to showcase world’s first “stretchable” OLED display

    Samsung is set to unveil a “stretchable” display at this year’s Display Week in Los Angeles, which will let users form and bend it up to 12 mm,(This is a preview – click here to read the entire entry.)

  • [Update: More US LeOffs] LeEco founder Jia Yueting steps down as CEO of public unit


    Jia Yueting, former LeEco CEO and founder of the company, is voluntarily replacing himself as CEO from the publicly traded arm of the LeEco conglomerate, to be succeeded by former Lenovo executive Liang Jun. Over the last 6 months, LeEco has been in the news quite a lot, seemingly going from crisis to crisis after its entrance into the US market.

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    [Update: More US LeOffs] LeEco founder Jia Yueting steps down as CEO of public unit was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Twitter is testing a new rounded interface in the alpha Android app

    Joaquim Vergès, best known for his work on the Falcon Pro Twitter client, joined Twitter in 2015 to help improve the company’s Android app. He left Twitter in March to work for Twitch, and it seems like the company has taken that opportunity to make the Android app ugly again. A new user interface is being tested in the app’s alpha testing branch, and everything is round for some reason.


    Compared to the current design, all user icons are now round, as well as most buttons across the whole application.

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    Twitter is testing a new rounded interface in the alpha Android app was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Android Pay is official for Russia, with 15 banks supported at launch

    After some speculation, it’s now official – Android Pay has just launched in Russia. 15 banks and thousands of organizations are supported at launch, and more will obviously be added as time goes on. This makes Russia the 11th country that Google’s tap-and-pay solution has been set up in.

    Starting on May 23rd (which is already today in Russia), you’ll be able to use Android Pay in Russia so long as you have a smartphone with Android 4.4 KitKat or above that has NFC onboard.

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    Android Pay is official for Russia, with 15 banks supported at launch was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Why 2017 will be the year of the Google Assistant

    The Google Assistant will expand its global reach this year, and with that, it and other AI technology will take center stage. Read on to see how.(This is a preview – click here to read the entire entry.)

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