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Magic Academy: part one

Google Play link: http://bit.ly/MagicAcademyReviewIn-Game trailer link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p27904X-xVsInfo…

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  • Motorola’s new Beta Experiences program will let you test new Moto features before they’re public

    Motorola is taking app development more seriously.

    When you think of Motorola’s phones, you think more about the hardware than the software — not because the latter is bad, but because it’s pretty sparse, yielding to Google’s idea of what Android should be. But there are a few differentiating features, like Moto Voice and Display, that are tucked neatly into the Moto app pre-installed on every phone.

    In Sao Paolo, Brazil this week, during the launch of the Moto G6 and E5 series, Motorola’s VP of Product, Dan Dery, told the audience that the company would be launching a new Beta Experiences program to allow early adopters to test new features of existing Moto experiences, along with new ones entirely, in order to provide feedback and shape the future of the company’s software platform.

    Launch timing and details were sparse — we’ve reached out to Motorola for more detail — but after years of stagnation from a software perspective, it’s nice to see Moto taking its f…

  • Best Portable Monitors for PlayStation 4 in 2018

    Take your gaming on the road with the GeChich M155, our pick for the best portable monitor for your PlayStation 4.

    Best Overall
    Best on a budget
    Best for PS4 Pro
    Short of buying a PlayStation Vita and doing some Remote Play magic, playing your PlayStation 4 on the go can be a tricky and cumbersome experience. But it doesn’t have to be.

    That’s thanks to the advent of portable monitors. While it won’t be portable in a handheld sense, you can make it far more comfortable to not only pack up and travel with your PS4, but also play it anywhere you can find a power outlet.

    The portable monitors we’ll be taking a look at today are all capable of delivering very competent gaming experiences for your PS4. We’ve highlighted monitors based on a number of factors, including portability, ease of use, and resolution.

    Best Overall

    GeChic 1503H 15.6-inch Monitor

    See at Amazon

    GeChic wins our pick for best PS4 monitor with their 1503H model. With a 15.6-inch IPS panel, a resolution that …

  • Amazon’s now letting anyone create custom questions/responses for Alexa

    Custom responses are just a few clicks away — no coding required.

    If you’ve got a question, chances are Alexa has an answer. Amazon’s been hard at work improving its AI for a few years now, and its latest development results in you being handed the tools for creating custom responses specifically for your own Alexa-powered speaker.

    Amazon just launched a new service called “Alexa Blueprints”, and it enables you to cook up personalized responses from Alexa based on certain questions that you ask it.

    There are a variety of Blueprints to choose from on Amazon’s website, with some of the highlights including custom responses for babysitters, family jokes, a collection of your favorite inspirational quotes, etc.

    In one example for the Houseguest skill, you could say “Alexa, open My Houseguest Guide” to then hear an intro from Alexa introducing some of the custom questions your guests can ask, such as “How do I turn on the TV?” or “Where’s the toilet paper?”.

    After selecting w…

  • Huawei launches Honor 10 in China with stunning color options

    Huawei today unveiled the new Honor 10 smartphone in China. The handset packs an edge-to-edge display and high-end specifications, but it’s the gorgeous color options that are most impressive. The phone is already available to pre-order from the Honor site.

    The Honor 10 is a slightly more affordable (and more attractive) alternative to the Honor View10. It looks a lot like the Huawei P20 at first glance, with a 5.84-inch FullView display with a 2280×1080 resolution at 432 pixels-per-inch.

    Read More

    Huawei launches Honor 10 in China with stunning color options was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Moto E5 and E5 Plus hands-on preview: Your next cheap phone

    This is how Motorola plans to keep its hold on the low-end market.

    I would argue that the Moto E line is the last of Motorola’s phones that stays true to the company’s original vision for modern Android smartphones. The vision shown with the original Moto X of a simple, compact phone with specs that were good enough but a complete experience that far outweighed the spec sheet. That’s all but gone now to make way for big, feature-packed and costly phones in the Moto Z line and even the Moto G line, which had extremely humble beginnings but has since eclipsed even what that 2013 Moto X represented.

    Last year’s Moto E4 wasn’t flashy or exciting — but it was cheap, and in a real differentiator for a phone of that price it also wasn’t crap. Actually, it was pretty good. The Moto E4 topped out at $129, could regularly be found for about $100, and had all of the entry-level smartphone basics more than covered. This is where Moto makes a killing in developing markets selling unlocked…

  • Moto E5, E5 Play and E5 Plus specs

    Everything that’s inside.

    The Moto E series is more about price point and value than raw specs, but you still want to know what you’re getting inside your affordable phone. Here’s the full spec sheet for the Moto E5, Moto E5 Play and Moto E5 Plus.

    Moto E5
    Moto E5 Play
    Moto E5 Plus
    Operating system
    Android 8.0 Oreo
    Android 8.0 Oreo
    Android 8.0 Oreo
    5.7-inch IPS LCD, 1440×720 (18:9)Gorilla Glass 3
    5.2-inch IPS LCD, 1280 x 720 (16:9)
    6-inch IPS LCD, 1440×720 (18:9)Gorilla Glass 3
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 quad-coreAdreno 308 GPU
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 or 427 quad-coreAdreno 308 GPU
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 octa-coreAdreno 505 GPU
    MicroSD up to 128GB
    MicroSD up to 128GB
    MicroSD up to 128GB
    Rear camera
    13MP, 1.12-micron, f/2.0, PDAF
    8MP, 1.12-micron, f/2.0
    12MP, 1.25-micron, f/2.0, laser AF
    Front camera
    5MP, LED flash
    5MP, LED flash
    8MP, 1.12-micron, f/2.2, LED …

  • Moto G6 series hands-on preview: Hello photo

    Budget beauties.

    It’s been five long years since Motorola introduced the Moto G, a phone that would, after the ignominious rise and fall of the ahead-of-its-time Moto X, come to stand out less for its features than its legacy.

    When Lenovo took over the Moto brand, “G” was the lone money-maker in Motorola’s shrinking portfolio, so the new owners did what any corporate parent would do in such a circumstance: it expanded.

    What was a single model between 2013 and 2015 bloomed to three in 2016 with the Moto G4, G4 Plus, and G4 Play, and four the following year with the Moto G5, G5 Plus, G5s and G5s Plus, all carefully designed to cater to various slices of the global budget phone market.

    To avoid the pitfalls of other companies in such a low-margin business, Motorola has embarked on a ruthlessly data-driven quest to build phones for the existing needs of its incumbent countries, rather than waiting for customers to seek them out. That’s why you’ll find upwards of a dozen individua…

  • Moto G6, G6 Play, and G6 Plus specs

    Two of them are coming to the U.S.

    Motorola has introduced three new Moto G6 phones for 2018, the G6, G6 Play, and G6 Plus. They’re all pretty similar, and familiar, but each has its own place in the market. Here’s what you need to know.

    Moto G6 Play
    Moto G6
    Moto G6 Plus
    Operating System
    Android 8.0 Oreo
    Android 8.0 Oreo
    Android 8.0 Oreo
    5.7-inch IPS LCD 1440×720 18:9 aspect ratio
    5.7-inch IPS LCD 2160×1080 18:9 aspect ratio
    5.9-inch IPS LCD 2160×1080 18:9 aspect ratio
    Snapdragon 427 1.4GHz octa-coreAdreno 308 GPU
    Snapdragon 450 1.8GHz octa-coreAdreno 506 GPU
    Snapdragon 630 2.2GHz octa-core KryoAdreno 508 GPU
    microSD card up to 128GB
    microSD card up to 128GB
    microSD card up to 128GB
    2GB / 3GB
    3GB / 4GB
    4GB / 6GB
    Rear Camera – Main
    13MP, ƒ/2.0
    12MP, ƒ/1.8
    12MP, ƒ/1.7 Dual Autofocus Pixel
    Rear Camera – Secondary
    5MP RGB (for depth)

  • Google’s Family Link now supports monitoring of Chromebooks

    Available as part of Chrome 65.

    For parents that need a helping hand monitoring their kids’ device usage, Google Family Link is one of the best options around. The service was made available for all parents in the U.S. and Canada over the last few months, but up until now, it’s only been available to use for monitoring Android and iOS devices. Now, Chrome OS is being added to the list.

    As noted by ChromeUnboxed, Google’s support page for Family Link has been updated to show that you can “manage your child’s activity on a Chromebook.”

    This functionality is available as part of Chrome 65, and once enabled, allows you to block or allow certain websites, prevent your kiddos from using Incognito Mode, view their Chrome history, block access to the Play Store/Chrome Web Store, and more.

    Family Link is free to use, and you can get started by downloading the app on your phone and creating a special Google account for any of your kids that are 13-years-old or younger.

    Download: Google Fa…

  • Xiaomi’s Black Shark shows that the next big leap for smartphones will be gaming

    Mobile gaming could be the catalyst for the next wave of smartphone innovations.

    Smartphone design hasn’t changed much over the last two years, and if you’re in the market for a phone today, you can either get a phone with a glass back like the Galaxy S9+ or Huawei P20, or one with a metal chassis like the Redmi Note 5 Pro or Honor 7X. The Mi Mix 2S and the Essential Phone are notable for using ceramic and titanium, and the Pixel 2 series and the Nokia 7 Plus come with a ceramic coating over a metal back.

    But overall, there’s little to no variation when it comes to the design, but it now looks like mobile gaming could drive the development for the next wave of smartphones. The Razer Phone launched last year to much fanfare, offering a 120Hz display, high-end specs, and the “best damn smartphone speakers” on a phone today.

    Xiaomi also rolled out its take on a gaming phone with the Black Shark last week, featuring top-of-the-line hardware and a controller that can be affixed to one …

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