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Rhythm Sheep Free

Listen the rhythm and tap it as accurately as you can. Various difficulty levels guarantee fun rhythmic challenges for everyone from beginners to professional musicians.Test and train your rhythmic skills in this fun rhythm game. 45 levels from several…

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  • Pokémon Quest is available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store

    Pokémon Quest was recently announced at E3 and was also released for the Nintendo Switch on the same day. The blocky design, touch-friendly UI, and casual collection gameplay signify that it’s best suited as a mobile game, but alas it wasn’t released for Android or iOS. Mobile user were given a tentative “June” release date. Well, I have some good news, not only is Pokémon Quest supposedly releasing on mobile on June 28th, but you can also pre-register for a release announcement on the Play Store right now.

    Read More

    Pokémon Quest is available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • 3 Reasons To Buy Amazon’s Cloud Cam and 2 Reasons Not To

    Powered by Alexa and customizable to fit your specific needs.

    The Amazon Cloud Cam is the first branded plug-and-play camera released by the behemoth online retailer, and overall it’s a great option for anyone shopping for home security cameras.

    There’s a number of compelling features that make the Amazon Cloud Cam a top consideration — and only a few drawbacks that might make you take pause. Let’s dive in!

    Better price than the top competition

    If the bottom line factor for your decision is price, the Amazon Cloud Cam can’t be beat. Priced at just $119 each, it beats out its top competition from Arlo and Nest Cam. If you’re planning to install more than one throughout your home, the deals simply get even better: buy two for $199.99 or three for $289.97.

    You’re able to connect up to three cameras with 24 hours of cloud storage, alert notifications, and unlimited sharing included with your purchase, but if you want more advanced features or support for more cameras you wil…

  • Google’s Flutter pushes forward with its first Release Preview

    On June 20, the team behind Flutter announced that its development platform was officially exiting the beta stage it entered in February and moving into Release Preview 1.

    Flutter is a mobile UI framework that aims to help developers make high-quality apps that work on both Android and iOS as easily and seamlessly as possible. There was a sizable showcase for Flutter during Google I/O in May, and since then, the Flutter team says it’s seen a 50% increase for its active user-base.

    Release Preview 1 is a big milestone for Flutter, with Editor Tim Sneath saying that it “signals our confidence in the stability and quality of what we have, and our focus on bug fixing and stabilization.”

    Anyone using the Flutter beta can upgrade to Release Preview 1 by entering the command $ flutter upgrade, and once you do, you’ll have access to an updated extension for Visual Studio Code, improvements to the video playback package, a new tool that allows you to add Flutter widgets to existing Androi…

  • Microsoft News now official, rolling out to everyone on iOS and Android

    Meet the refreshed platform powering all of Microsoft’s news services across devices.

    Microsoft today unveiled its latest news venture, appropriately under the banner of Microsoft News. The refreshed platform, Microsoft says, will power all of its news content across its news apps on Android and iOS, as well as MSN on the web and the News app on Windows 10.

    Microsoft has been telegraphing this refresh for a while. The first major step came when the MSN News apps for Android and iOS saw a design overhaul in January, bringing a much more modern look on mobile devices. Last week, Microsoft took things a step further by rebranding both apps under the Microsoft News moniker for beta testers. Now, the overhauled design and new name are rolling out to everyone across both platforms.

    The News app on Windows 10 and MSN on the web will keep their names, but Microsoft News now will be the “news engine” that powers both. From Microsoft:

    Microsoft News represents the ways we keep people…

  • BlackBerry KEY2: Everything you need to know

    Like the BlackBerry KEYone? You’re going to love the KEY2 😍

    Following a heap of rumors and leaks, BlackBerry finally unveiled the highly-anticipated KEY2 on June 7, 2018. The KEY2 is a direct successor to last year’s KEYone and retains the same general design while offering upgraded specs across the board.

    There’s a lot to unpack with the KEY2, so let’s go ahead and get into it.

    Watch and read the preview

    The KEY2 doesn’t do too much that’s different to the KEYone, but it improves everything in either minor or major ways. Three areas, in particular, get focus: performance, keyboard quality, and design.

    BlackBerry KEY2 hands-on: More of the same, less of the lame

    See how it compares to the KEYone

    The BlackBerry KEYone was no slouch of a phone, but with the KEY2, BlackBerry made upgrades in just about every area imaginable.

    Between higher-end specs, the addition of dual cameras, improved keyboard, and more, the KEY2 is a better gadget in just about every regard.

  • Where to buy the BlackBerry KEY2

    Your guide for picking up the KEY2 in the U.S. and Canada.

    The BlackBerry KEY2 isn’t a smartphone for everyone, but for fans of the BlackBerry brand or those that just want to have their physical keyboard back, it’s the go-to choice if you’re buying a new phone in 2018.

    If you live in the U.S. or Canada and are interested in getting a KEY2 for yourself, we’ve put together a guide of where exactly you can pick up the phone. We’ll continuously update this as more info becomes available, but for now, let’s jump right into it.

    United States

    The BlackBerry KEY2 has been confirmed to come to the U.S., but at the time of publication, we aren’t sure when that’ll be or what carriers/retailers will sell it.

    BlackBerry has confirmed that the KEY2 will cost $650 in the States, but that’s all we know for the time being.



    The first Canadian carrier on our list, Bell, will begin sales of the KEY2 on July 6.

    When purchased with a two-year contract, the phone will set you back $99…

  • Best Road Trip Apps for Android in 2018

    Load these apps onto your phone before you hit the road!

    There are few things better than hitting the open road on a cross-country road trip. Whether you’re heading out with your best buds or loading the kids into the car to visit relatives a few states over a little app prep will make sure the trip goes as smooth as is possible.

    More: The best phone car mounts for any phone!

    Android Auto
    Google Trips

    Android Auto

    If your car doesn’t have Android Auto functionality built into its stereo system, it’s worth checking out Google’s app for staying connected in your car. It’s now available on any Android phone, so you don’t need to buy a brand new car or upgrade your car stereo to take advantage of the convenience — it’ll just run right on your phone and can be configured to automatically launch when connected to your car’s Bluetooth or a Bluetooth FM transmitter.

    Android Auto is the safest way to access your phone while driving, giving yo…

  • This 3-quart Instant Pot Ultra can replace 10 kitchen gadgets and is down to its lowest price

    No excuse not to cook at home!

    Amazon has the 3-quart Instant Pot Ultra on sale for $79.95 today, which is the lowest it’s ever sold for. This model generally sells for around $120, and any other time it has reached the $80 mark it’s sold out insanely fast. We expect we could see the same here, so if you want one, you’ll want to be quick about it.

    If for some odd reason you haven’t already heard of Instant Pot, it may be just the kitchen gadget your looking for. Not only can you replace your aging slow cooker with it, but it also can make yogurt, bake cakes, cook eggs, sauté, steam, warm, and even sterilize. It combines 10 different kitchen gadgets into one small package. This version is the 3-quart model, which is better suited for individuals and smaller families.

    You’ll probably want to grab yourself an Instant Pot Cookbook for some ideas, and maybe even a spare lid, steamer basket, and some egg molds to help you master cooking with it.

    See at Amazon

  • August announces Alarm.com partnership to make its door lock even smarter

    August’s Smart Lock Pro is a popular option for those looking to add a connected front door lock to their smart home setup, and now it’s getting even better thanks to a new partnership. Integrating with the Alarm.com platform opens August’s lock up to a wide ecosystem of smart home security solutions including DSC, Interlogix, and Nortek.

    The integration brings new features to both the August and Alarm.com apps, such as a timed auto-lock, location-based reminders, and one-touch remote locking.

    Read More

    August announces Alarm.com partnership to make its door lock even smarter was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • I want to start seeing more crazy beautiful finishes on flagship phones

    Translucent, color shifting, I want it all.

    Aren’t you getting tired of seeing the same black slab of glass every time a new phone is released? I know I am. There are some wild designs being implemented in phones these days, from the curved glass edges of Samsung’s recent flagships to the Vivo NEX with an in-display fingerprint sensor, but as far as the finishes on those designs go … most brands don’t branch out much beyond black, white, or the occasional gold or blue anymore.

    I get it, most people will slap a case on their phone and forget about what it looks like underneath, but what about those of us who use clear cases, or who don’t use a case at all? What about those of us who want a unique-looking phone, even if we only see the finish while swapping cases or cleaning off the back? And, while a bit more niche, what about those of us who just want something more interesting to take photos and videos of? As superficial as it may be, I love when phones come in crazy finish…

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