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  • 3 things missing from the Samsung Galaxy S9

    Yes, the new (and much-hyped) Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are very good smartphones. However, here are three points on which they could have been better in my opinion. Let’s be armchair engineers and designers for a moment and cast a critical eye over th…

  • These Merge Cube games work best with a VR headset

    Sometimes using two hands is a huge advantage and with some Merge Cube games, it’s essential.

    In case you hadn’t heard, the Merge Cube is awesome. The soft foam cube allows for some of the best AR fun you could have for just $15, but there are a couple of stumbling blocks. Several of the apps are problematic when you don’t have A Merge VR headset. If you are trying to hold the Merge Cube and your phone then moving the Cube with any speed or accuracy is almost impossible, it’s big enough to make moving it in one hand a chore and even using the stand is problematic.

    Merge was good enough to supply a stand on the edge of the plastic case that the Merge Cube comes with but the issue with any stand is having it in the middle of your arms and having it lower in your eye line making it uncomfortable to use over long periods. We want to be able to use these apps for long enough to actually enjoy them and it seems that using the Merge VR headset is the best way to do that.

    What’s so specia…

  • [Deal Alert] Refurbished JBL Everest Elite 700 noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones are $119.99 on Woot

    Back in 2016, we reviewed JBL’s Everest Elite 700 wireless headphones. We found them to be great headphones, though its $299.99 MSRP was on the higher side. But now, the very same headphones, complete with noise cancellation, can be had for $119.99 in…

  • Samsung SmartThings app overhaul coming in March

    Samsung’s smart home ecosystem has become rather confusing over the years. Samsung ConnectSamsung Smart Home, and SmartThings all have overlapping functionality – resulting in a horrible user experience and a confusing mess for everyone.

    Samsung previously announced it would finally consolidate “more than 40 apps” into the SmartThings application in Q1 2018. Today at Mobile World Congress, the company announced a more exact date. According to a press release from today, Samsung is planning to release the overhauled SmartThings app in March.

    Read More

    Samsung SmartThings app overhaul coming in March was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Nokia 8 Sirocco hands-on: Android One goes sexy and expensive

    The most expensive Android One phone yet, and a darn good looking one at that.

    Nokia is riding a solid hype machine with tens of millions of phones sold in 2017 and a resurgence of affinity for the brand name. But it’s all been on the back of very affordable phones, ranging from $200-400 where it’s all about value and not necessarily getting a combination of the best possible specs, design and materials.

    The Nokia 8 Sirocco, announced at MWC 2018, changes all of that. It’s a €749 phone, which takes aim at some of the best-selling phones from the biggest companies out there. Consequently, it launched just an hour before Samsung’s new Galaxy S9, which is almost the exact same price — now that’s stiff competition.

    When I pick up the Nokia 8 Sirocco, I immediately get flashbacks of the Galaxy S6 edge and S6 edge+. It’s extremely thin, and with curved glass on both sides the edges come down to an even finer point. It also has a 16:9 aspect ratio display, so it’s rat…

  • [Deal Alert] Prime Exclusive LG Q6 is $159.99 ($90 off) today only on Amazon

    LG isn’t doing so great in the flagship department these days, but the company’s budget phones have usually been solid in recent years. The LG Q6 is one of the few mid-range devices with an 18:9 aspect ratio, and now you can get the Prime Exclusive ve…

  • Get S9 and S9+ cases for every taste and other great accessories from Spigen [Sponsored Post]

    With the release of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, it’s time for the release of must-have accessories for the new flagship. Spigen’s S9 and S9+ collections are available for orders starting today on Amazon, so you can start checking out your optio…

  • Will my Samsung Gear VR work with the Galaxy S9?

    Sometimes you have to update your Samsung hardware in pairs, but that’s not a worry with the Galaxy S9.

    The Gear VR is designed to work with Samsung’s flagship phones, but you have to make sure that you have generations of both devices that work together. With the unveiling of the Galaxy S9, many will ask if their next phone will work with their current Gear VR headset.

    The short answer is yes, as long as you’re using the latest version of the Gear VR, but here are some more details to make sure that you’re good to go.

    Checking your device’s compatibility

    If you’re using the latest version of the Gear VR, it will work with the Galaxy S9. Another way to view it is that if your Gear VR works with the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ then it will work with the Galaxy S9. You can tell that you’re headset is the latest version a couple ways.

    First, you can tell just by the look of the device. If the headset is black and comes with the motion controller, then it works with the Galaxy S8 an…

  • For $350 you can get a Prime-exclusive Moto X4 and second-gen Echo

    Why not bundle and save?

    We did recently see the Prime-exclusive Moto X4 drop down to $300, and while this isn’t quite as affordable as that, it’s actually a better offer. Amazon currently sells the phone on its own for $349.99, but for a limited time, you can get a free second-gen Amazon Echo with the purchase as part of a bundle. The Echo sells for $99.99 right now.

    You can pick between the silver and black phone for the bundle, but it doesn’t appear as though Amazon is offering color options for the Echo itself. Experience the true capabilities of Alexa using its hands-free on both the Moto X4 and 2nd-gen Echo. Use it to control your smart home accessories, answer your trivia questions, listen to music, and so much more.

    See at Amazon

  • Galaxy S9 and S9+ can already be yours: Here’s where and how to buy them

    It’s official: The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are due for launch. But keep an eye out, because the South Korean manufacturer decided to make them available for pre-order immediately. Here’s where and how to buy the latest flagships from Samsung.(Thi…

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