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LSAT Assassin - Games

Free your LSAT Test Preparation from clunky books and study anywhere you take your phone! This app uses officially-licensed LSAT questions (price reflects licensing fees). This app is perfect for those studying for the LSAT or puzzle-lovers…

LSAT Assassin - Games

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Link to LSAT Assassin - Games

[law school]

Rating: 2.90/5 (588 votes)

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  • Google shows how easily image watermarks can be removed by AI, and how to combat this

    Watermarks are the most common way to prevent images from being used without licensing, but they’re not nearly as potent as you’d imagine. Research at Google recently published a paper called “On the Effectiveness of Visual Watermarks” regarding how e…

  • Android engineers reveal Google is working with ‘some companies’ to add Project Treble to existing devices

    One of the big advancements in Android O will be support for the new Project Treble system framework. This modular approach to Android could accelerate the update process and ensure devices are supported for longer. However, we’ve been hearing that Treble would only work on new devices that ship with Android O. The exception to that being the 2016 Pixels. Google engineers revealed on a podcast today that some other devices could get Treble in an update, too.

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    Android engineers reveal Google is working with ‘some companies’ to add Project Treble to existing devices was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • YouTube TV expands its coverage to 14 new markets

    YouTube TV continues to grow. Ever since it was announced, the live television service has expanded further across the U.S. Today, 14 new markets (which altogether cover a ton of people) will have a chance to hop on board the steadily increasing expan…

  • Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact Leaks

    The Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact has leaked, showing a compact phone with a lot to offer.

    Yesterday, we showed off images of the alleged Sony Xperia XZ1. As Sony has done for the last few years, that phone looks to use the same design as the current Xperia XZ. Today, we have images and specifications for the new Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact, thanks to @Onleaks and 91Mobiles.

    The device uses the same design language carried over from last year, including the side mounted fingerprint sensor that probably won’t work in the U.S. According to 91Mobiles, the device will feature a 4.6-inch screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, 4GB of RAM and a 2,600 mAh battery. For those that want a super powerful phone in a small chassis, this may be perfect for you. For comparison’s sake, Sony’s last compact device used a midrange Snapdragon 650 processor paired with 3GB of RAM with a 2,700 mAh battery. That device was announced at IFA 2016, so we could see this year’s compact phone announced at IFA 2017 in two wee…

  • No phone left behind: Charge four devices at once with this $14 car charger

    Our friends at Thrifter are back again, this time with some great deals on Anker’s charging accessories!

    Update: You can also pick up Anker’s dual-USB Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger for just $18.99 for a limited time.

    Going on a road trip these days can be brutal with everyone wanting to charge their phone all at once and just one single cigarette lighter to plug a charger into. Thankfully, you can pick up an Anker car charger with four USB ports for just $13.99 at Amazon, a nice savings of $3 off the price its had for almost a year now.

    With PowerIQ technology, this product has a charge speed of 2.6 amps per port. With its 48 watts of power, you can charge four tablets, smartphones, or other devices at full speed simultaneously. It also features MultiProtect which protects your device from low voltage, output and input current surges, voltage surges and short-circuiting issues.

    This car charger comes with an 18-month warranty and has a 4.6 out of 5-star ranking on Amazon.

    If y…

  • Chrome Home interface enabled by default in Chrome Beta for some users

    The ‘Chrome Home’ interface first appeared back in October, which only moved Chrome’s address bar to the bottom of the screen. Since then, it has turned into a complete overhaul of the app’s interface, with a revamped New Tab Page being added into the mix. Now it’s showing up in Chrome Beta by default for some users.


    The Chrome Home interface on Chrome Beta

    Last month, the Chrome Home interface became enabled by default in Chrome Dev, signifying that Google thought it was ready for more users.

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    Chrome Home interface enabled by default in Chrome Beta for some users was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • ASUS says the entire ZenFone 3 and 4 series will get Android O

    ASUS isn’t always the best with updates. The company often releases phones with already-outdated software, like the ZenFone 3 Zoom that came with Marshmallow. In a similar vein, the ZenWatch 2 and 3 were some of the last watches to get Android Wear 2….

  • Waiting for the dawn of a new Android theming era

    Theming on Android doesn’t require rooting, but theming Android itself almost always does.

    We can use third-party launchers to theme our home screens. We can theme our most-used apps to get rid of that searing white and spice things up with some color. We can do so many things to customize Android and make it our own, but theming the Android system itself requires one of two things: a phone with a robust theming engine like the Samsung Galaxy S8 or root.

    Theming Android at the system level is intoxicating, but most people don’t have the patience, practice, or prowess to invest in root theming. Even I don’t bother with the hassle of root theming, and I’m a girl who will spend hours dialing in custom icons and widget colors on her home screen. System theming isn’t worth root tinkering, but soon, root might not be required to theme Android.

    Here’s why we think there’s a light at the end of this long, custom-skinned tunnel.

    The RRO Framework: Thanks, Sony

    The groundwork for nati…

  • Four Great Galaxy S8 armbands for running and working out

    Hit the pavement running with your Galaxy S8 secure and accessible!

    Itching to take your Galaxy S8 with you on your runs? Sure, you could awkwardly keep it in your pocket, but you’re best off getting an armband case. It keeps your phone protected and accessible to you, so you can check on your progress in your [Couch to 5K app]https://www.androidcentral.com/best-couch-5k-apps) or control your music as you run.

    While these armbands won’t help with your running motivation, they sure will make running with your phone more convenient and comfortable. Lets dive in!

    Lifeproof LifeActiv Armband with QuickMount
    Sporteer Velocity V150 Universal Armband
    SUPCASE Sports Running Armband
    Revere Sports Running Armband

    Lifeproof LifeActiv Armband with QuickMount

    Our first armband on this list is by Lifeproof, known for making some high-quality accessories that offer supreme protection for a wide range of phones.

    The LifeActiv Armband with QuickMount is a compelling option if you hate dealin…

  • ASUS ZenFone AR review: A decent phone, but Tango still fails to impress

    Google has partnered with another manufacturer to produce a phone with Tango on board, for better or for worse. Stepping up to the plate this time is Asus with the ZenFone AR. The first phone ever to support both Tango and Daydream VR comes in a much,…

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