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Thief's Challenge

Break the code. Break the safe. Break the law. Do you have what it takes to be a Master Thief? In Thief’s Challenge, you’ll never get the same mission twice. You must think and decide what the best tools are. Maybe try to pick…

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  • Nest Hello can now be purchased from the Google Store in the US and Canada

    The Nest Hello smart doorbell went up for sale a few days ago on Nest’s site alongside the Nest x Yale Lock. But given the fact that Google owns Nest and that the Google Store already offers many Nest products, it was only a matter of time before the …

  • [Deal Alert] Everything is 15% off on eBay for today only, capped at a $50 discount, 20% discount for select sellers

    A few days ago, eBay ran a promotion for 20% off on everything on its website. Unfortunately, that promotion only lasted a single day and stocks disappeared unbelievably fast, so not everyone was able to get in on it. Luckily, eBay is running a new pr…

  • ‘Subscribe with Google’ launches to simplify news subscriptions

    Subscribing to a news organization helps support quality journalism, but getting subscriptions set up can be a pain. You’ve got to manage logins and payment methods for everything separately, and not all operations have the resources to manage a subscription service on their own. That’s where Subscribe with Google comes in. This new service lets you sign up for subscriptions on news websites via your Google account.

    Subscribe with Google is live in a handful of countries including the US, Brazil, the UK, Australia, Mexico, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and Japan.

    Read More

    ‘Subscribe with Google’ launches to simplify news subscriptions was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Huawei Mate 10 Pro (U.S.) second opinion: A great phone that probably won’t make it

    Huawei has had a tough time of things in 2018, getting the rug pulled out from under it just before it launched the U.S. version of its flagship Mate 10 Pro on AT&T. The blows just kept coming with Verizon pulling out of a deal, followed by “security warnings” from some of the American government security agencies. While all of the political mess is somewhat fun to look back at and is good for a nice chuckle or two, my focus here is on the phone itself, Huawei’s centerpiece.

    Read More

    Huawei Mate 10 Pro (U.S.) second opinion: A great phone that probably won’t make it was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • The Google News Initiative launches to give online news a helping hand

    A lot of small steps to make the Internet a better place.

    For the past couple years, there’s been a heightened focus on the subject of fake news. Misleading stories continue to pop up online, it gets more difficult to tell legitimate sources from illegitimate ones, and the words of some politicians don’t make this matter any easier to deal with. Thankfully, to help make sense of the world of online news, Google is launching the Google News Initiative.

    Also referred to as the GNI, the Google News Initiative —

    signifies a major milestone in Google’s 15-year commitment to the news industry, and will bring together everything we do in collaboration with the industry—across products, partnerships, and programs—to help build a stronger future for news.

    Google has three primary objectives it hopes to accomplish with GNI, with one of the most prominent having to do with giving journalists the tools they need to elevate and strengthen the quality of their content. To…

  • Best Live Quiz / Trivia Games for Android

    Play trivia throughout the day and maybe win some real cash!

    Have you always thought you’d do great on a trivia game show? Well, in 2018, you can test your trivia skills multiple times in a day playing live trivia for real cash right on your phone.

    This trend was started by HQ Trivia, which seemingly blew up overnight and has regularly drawn in a million players ever since launching for Android users in the Google Play Store. Keep answering the questions right to move one, or spend an extra life to stay in the game after a wrong answer. Make it through 12 questions and you win cash! It’s easy to play and addictive as hell.

    But with any trendy app there are imitators and competitors, which means that every weekday you have a handful of opportunities to win cash with your trivia knowledge (and a little bit of luck).

    Does it sort of feel like we’re living out the first act of an episode of Black Mirror? Absolutely, but why not enjoy the spoils before it starts to spiral out into a n…

  • LG V30 on Sprint gets Android 8.0 Oreo

    LG has released a number of V30 variants over the past few months, with some of them running Android 8.0 Oreo out of the box (like the V30S ThinQ). Unfortunately, the company has been slow to update the Nougat-powered V30 and V30+, at least outside of…

  • This is the absolute best deal we’ve seen on the Google Wifi 3-pack

    Better speeds everywhere.

    If you want to blanket your house with Wi-Fi, the Google Wifi 3-pack is the way to go. Right now, you can grab one for yourself for only $220.99 when you enter coupon code PSPRINGTIME during checkout. This set normally sells for between $260 and $300 and has never dropped this low before. Setting it up is a breeze, and the added controls over individual devices on your network brings you a peace of mind that other systems just can’t match.

    Not interested in a Google Wifi 3-pack? eBay is offering 15% off any single item over $25 when you use the coupon PSPRINGTIME today only.

    See at eBay

  • Take 15% off any eBay order over $25 today only

    Get that item you’ve had your eye on for a while now.

    Today eBay is taking 15% off just about everything with the code PSPRINGTIME. You will need to make a minimum purchase of $25, and you can only save up to $50 off with the code. You can only use the code once on one shopping cart. While it can be used sitewide, the few excluded categories include Coins & Paper Money, Gift Cards & Coupons, and Real Estate. This deal expires at 10 p.m. Eastern tonight, March 20.

    Visit Thrifter because we will be uncovering every great deal we can find with this code.

    We know eBay had a 20% off sale that you let save up to $100 off a little over a week ago. That was rare to see at all because the majority of eBay sales are on very specific products or from a very specific list of sellers. It’s very unusual for eBay to discount the entire site. Seeing another sale so quickly, even if it’s 5% less, just means eBay had a lot of unexpected success the first time around. We do not expect to see…

  • Google Wifi vs. Orbi vs. Eero vs. AmpliFi: Wireless Mesh Network Face-off

    There are some great mesh systems to choose from; which is the right one for you?

    Most people don’t put enough thought into their wireless router. Things like the layout of your house, how its built, and how many stories it is all matter when you want good Wi-Fi from one end to the other. Or maybe you need to plug something into a router with a network cable in one room but still want great Wi-Fi everywhere else. With so many things to get connected and so many different ways to connect them, having a good home network is important. Naturally, we all want our Wi-Fi to be fast and strong, and we’re quick to fuss when it’s not. Even when it’s our own fault.

    This is where Wireless Mesh networking comes into play. Sometimes one central wireless access point that sends out a powerful signal in all directions is perfect. But often a mesh system that can smother everywhere in your home with a Wi-Fi signal is better. There’s a big difference between Wi-Fi in your house that works and Wi-Fi…

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