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Gas Detective

Gas Detective is a quick, easy and simple way to find gas prices and gas stations in the palm of your hand. Gas Detective is an Android-based application that uses location based services that provides the ability to…

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  • FCC officially publishes net neutrality repeal, opening the door for challenges in the courts and Senate

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) published its final rules gutting net neutrality today. But like most phone announcements these days, there were no real surprises. We all knew what was coming.
    Why the actual publication of the repeal matte…

  • Sports streaming service DAZN launches Roku TV app in Canada

    More streaming options for sports fans looking to cut out cable TV 🇨🇦

    DAZN subscribers in Canada can now access the sports streaming platform on Roku streaming players and Roku-enabled smart TVs.

    Adding Roku rounds out DAZN’s list of supported devices which already included the prerequisite support for web browsers and smartphones along with apps and support for Android TV, Chromecast, VIZIO SmartCast, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Apple TV.

    For a $20 monthly subscription, DAZN offers Canadian sports fans exclusive streaming access to NFL Game Pass, NFL RedZone and the NFL Network. Beyond the NFL, DAZN also has partnerships with BeIn Sports for FIBA basketball and European soccer coverage, and more recently announced partnerships with rugby union’s Six Nations Championship, Red Bull Air Races, and a slew of PGA tournaments.

    DAZN launched in Canada last August but dealt with technical issues out of the gate including dropped streams, bad video quality, and audio syn…

  • Google reportedly releasing ARCore 1.0 at MWC, but it seems to be rolling out early [APK Download]

    Google has grown increasingly fond of virtual and augmented reality, culminating in its release of the ARCore SDK last year. ARCore was meant to democratize AR, giving more phones the ability to do it without having to rely on extra hardware as in the case of project Tango (which is now dead). Now according to an exclusive report from Variety, Google is planning on pushing hard for AR at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, including the release of v1.0 of ARCore on the Play Store.

    Read More

    Google reportedly releasing ARCore 1.0 at MWC, but it seems to be rolling out early [APK Download] was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • In a first, global smartphone sales declined in Q4 2017 as market reaches saturation

    It was bound to happen eventually. Global smartphone sales have fallen year-over-year for the first time since 2004. Research firm Gartner reports that industry-wide, sales in the fourth quarter of 2017 dropped 5.6% from the same time period in 2016.

  • Businesses can now send RCS texts to Android Messages users

    Launching first in the U.S. and Mexico.

    We’re expecting Google to go all-in with Android Messages later this year to turn it into a true iMessage competitor, but until that day, folks in the U.S. and Mexico are getting a small treat of what’s to come. Thanks to Google’s never-ending push of Rich Communication Services (or RCS), businesses can now tap into this to offer more engaging experiences.

    Instead of sending bland SMS texts, companies can use RCS to send rich and interactive messages to their customers that use Android Messages. Businesses like 1-800-Contacts, Booking.com, Subway, and OpenMarket will be leading this charge in the U.S., and Mexico will soon follow suit with 5 Piso, DHL, Secretaria de Salud, and more.

    Per Google’s official announcement:

    This means, for example, that a retailer can send beautiful images of their products, rather than a text message, and even let the customer select and buy something, all without leaving the messaging app. Best of all, custo…

  • YouTube app testing view count on thumbnail, adjusts layout for title and channel logo

    Sometimes it seems like YouTube is perpetually testing different interfaces for its Android app. Based on reports we’ve received recently, yet another set of modifications is being tested. The latest round of tweaks is on the subtle side: some are seeing the thumbnails for individual videos in the Home tab show view counts, with more space for video titles and the channel logo repositioned below. 

    This is almost assuredly another one of YouTube/Google’s famed A/B tests, so if you don’t see this new layout yet, that would be why.

    Read More

    YouTube app testing view count on thumbnail, adjusts layout for title and channel logo was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Rez Infinite VR for Daydream review: Psychedelic techno bliss

    Finding this game in the Google Play Store was a Daydream come true!

    Have you ever played a game that just stuck with you? Perhaps you only had a limited time with it, yet years later you still occasionally find yourself daydreaming about it.

    For me, that game is Rez. Originally released for the PlayStation 2 and Sega Dreamcast way back in 2002, it was and is still the most unique game I’ve ever played — a mash-up between a rail-shooter and a music game set in a trippy cyberspace world.

    I remember first experiencing the Rez demo on a disc that came with a PlayStation magazine and it blew my mind, but I could never track down a full copy of the game and I wasn’t about to overpay for a used copy off of eBay.

    This is by far the best VR experience I’ve had with my Google Daydream!

    Then I learned Rez Infinite VR had been released for Google Daydream and realized my life is complete. Hyperbole aside, this is by far the best VR experience I’ve had with my Google Daydream….

  • Make the most of Google Assistant with these voice commands

    We’ve got over 100 great Google Assistant voice commands you can use from today to improve your smartphone or smart home experience. In this article, you’ll learn how to set up Google Assistant and make the most of today’s essential tech feature. Just …

  • Deal: Get 74% off lease price of Galaxy Note8, S8, S8+ from Sprint!

    For a limited time, you can save 74% off the lease price of a new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8 or S8+ from Sprint, with $0 down, on an 18-month lease.

    Galaxy Note 8
    Galaxy S8
    Galaxy S8+
    Retail Price
    Monthly Lease
    74% Off
    See Note 8 at Sprint See S8 at Sprint See S8+ at Sprint

    Sprint’s Unlimited Freedom Plan

    If you’re looking to pair up your new phone with a plan, Sprint’s Unlimited Freedom is one of the cheapest on the market with 4 lines for $25/mo per line and 5th line free (until 03/31/19), with autopay. Plus Hulu is now included!

    Unlimited talk, text, and data. Once you’ve reached 23GB of data, your speeds may temporarily slow down during times of high network congestion.
    HD video, 1080p
    10GB of 4G mobile hotspot
    The finer print:

    This deal requires a new line of service activation and an 18-month lease. Well-qualified customers are eligible.
    At the end of the 18-month lease, you have the option to …

  • Let Seagate’s $76 external drive keep 3TB of your most important files backed up

    A must-have.

    Seagate’s 3TB Expansion desktop hard drive offers a ton of storage space in a rather small package, which makes it very desirable. It doesn’t take up a ton of space on your desk and with its USB 3.0 connection it makes backing up and transferring files a breeze. Whether you have a large photo library or keep local copies of all your important tax documents, this external drive can be useful to everyone in the family.

    It is compatible with both Windows and Mac, though the company notes that you may need to reformat the drive to use it with a Mac machine. This drive is part of a larger one-day sale that includes tons of other storage devices, routers, modems and more.

    See at Amazon

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