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Super Clock Wallpaper Pro

The Ultimate Clock Live Wallpaper. Unleash your creativity! THIS IS A LIVE WALLPAPER - NEEDS ANDROID 2.1 OR ABOVE. Super Clock Wallpaper Pro is the ultimate clock Live Wallpaper. It displays…

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  • Deal: Alcatel Idol 5S is down to $200, its lowest price ever

    Some great Black Friday smartphone deals.

    Last year, Alcatel’s Idol 4S was one of our top budget smartphone choices, so we were pretty excited when the sequel, the Idol 5S, didn’t make too many changes.

    What the phone did, though, was get introduced at a much lower price than its predecessor. For $280, users got a 5.2-inch 1080p panel, a Snapdragon 625 processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, a 2620mAh battery, a 12MP rear camera, and a low-profile version of Android 7.1 Nougat.

    Now the Idol 5S is down to $199.99 for a limited time — between Thursday, November 23 at 12:00AM PST and Monday, November 27 at 11:59PM PST — for Black Friday. That’s the same price Amazon sells the ad-supported Prime Exclusive version, but this one is ad-free and compatible with all four U.S. carriers.

    See at Amazon

    Alcatel is also discounting its entry-level A30 smartphone to $60 for the same period, which is a pretty outstanding deal on a device with a Snapdragon 210 processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of st…

  • Pick up an unlocked 32GB Moto G5 Plus at Amazon for $170

    This deal features the Moto G5 Plus at its lowest price ever!

    Is this deal for me?

    Amazon is selling the unlocked Moto G5 Plus phone for just $169.99. This is the device’s lowest price ever and saves you around $50 off its regular price. This offer is only available on the Lunar Gray device.

    The Moto G5 Plus features:

    Fingerprint reader
    High-grade aluminum design
    Octa-core processor
    5.2″ HD Display
    12 MP rear camera
    5 MP front-facing camera
    3000 mAh battery
    Android 7.0
    This model comes with 32GB of storage space though there’s a 64GB model available for $300. You can add a microSD card for more space if you want as well.


    What makes this deal worth considering? – This unlocked device is free of ads unlike the other discounted version Amazon sells.
    Things to know before you buy! – The Moto G5 Plus has a 4.1 out of 5-star rating on Amazon and is the #1 best-seller on the site in the Unlocked Cell Phones category.
    See at Amazon

  • [Deal Alert] ASUS C302 m5, C101PA, and C213SA Chromebooks are $30 off

    The ASUS Chromebook Flip lineup includes some of the best Chromebooks on the market, like the C101PA and C302. Some models are on sale right now, including the C302 m5 variant ($619), the C101PA ($269), and the C213SA ($319).
    Chromebook Flip C302 m5 (…

  • [Deal Alert] Sony 4K HDR smart TVs in 49″, 55″, 65″, and 75″ are up to $1000 off at multiple retailers

    These days, we’re seeing increasingly advanced smart TVs with 4K resolutions, HDR tech, and more. In anticipation of the Black Friday weekend, Sony has slashed prices on two of its 4K HDR smart TV lines, the XBR X900E and X930E. No matter what size or features you need, there’s an option for you here.

    The XBR X900E is the lower-end of the two lines here, and it comes in 49″, 55″, 65″, and 75″ sizes.  Its slim, bezel-less design features X-tended Dynamic Range Pro and XDR Contrast 5x, full-array local dimming and boosting, and 4K HDR X1 tech.

    Read More

    [Deal Alert] Sony 4K HDR smart TVs in 49″, 55″, 65″, and 75″ are up to $1000 off at multiple retailers was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

  • Tesla’s Desktop Supercharger is the desk charger your phone deserves

    Tesla’s Desktop Supercharger and Powerbank are expensive, but boy do they look good.

    Tesla recently held an event in New York City to announce its all-new semi truck and updated Roadster 2.0, and if you’re still riding the Tesla high after reserving a couple Roadsters for the cool price of $50,000 each, the company now has a couple of mobile accessories so you can show off your Tesla pride wherever you go.

    Tesla Desktop Supercharger

    The first, and arguably best, accessory is the Desktop Supercharger. This is an exact replica of the Superchargers that Tesla uses to charge up its vehicles, but it’s been shrunken down to fit on your desk and charges your phone rather than your car. The same 3D CAD data that’s used to manufacture that real Superchargers was used to create this model, and even if you don’t own a Tesla like me, you’ve got to appreciate the sleek design of the thing.

    Tesla Powerbank

    In addition to the Desktop Supercharger, you can also buy Tesla’s Powerbank. This is …

  • Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp available on Android November 22

    Hope you weren’t planning on being too productive this week.

    Following Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heros, Nintendo’s proven to know a thing or two when it comes to mobile gaming. The company’s third title – Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp – was hit with a delay in January of this year with a new launch date anywhere between April 2017 and March 2018.

    Thankfully, according to Nintendo’s official Twitter account, we’ll finally be able to get our hands on the game beginning Wednesday, November 22.

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp places you in a campground setting within the Animal Crossing world, and it should play out a lot like other entries in the series. You can go fishing, decorate your home, hang out with virtual friends, complete tasks for villagers, and plenty more.

    Players will be rewarded for logging in daily like in other Animal Crossing games, but there will also be microtransactions. We’re crossing our fingers that Nintendo uses these properly, because as we’v…

  • Gear S3 Value Pack update brings UX changes, improved fitness tracking, and much more

    Considered to be one of the better smartwatches available, and my personal favorite, the Samsung Gear S3 received a substantial update today. Dubbed “Value Pack,” it brings both the Classic and the Frontier to Tizen, as well as a bunch of new s…

  • YouTube Gaming v2.03 adds playback speed controls [APK Download]

    YouTube is a lot of things to a lot of people, but for gamers, it’s the ultimate cheat guide to every game, ever. If you can’t figure out how Nathan Drake is supposed to get through that tower scene with the snipers or you’re stumped over the pattern …

  • Gear S3 gets Tizen 3.0 update with enhanced UI, fitness tracking, and more

    Tizen 3.0 is available to download now through the Samsung Gear app on your phone.

    Samsung’s Gear S3 was widely considered to be one of the best smartwatches around when it debuted in late 2016, and that’s a point that’s still often associated with it to this very day. Tizen 3.0 is now being rolled out to the Gear S3 as part of Samsung’s “Value Pack Update”, and there’s a lot that’s included with it.

    Tizen 3.0 ships on the Gear Sport out of the box, so while the features here aren’t entirely new, they are things we haven’t yet seen on its older brother. One of the biggest improvements with the 3.0 update is an even heavier focus on fitness tracking. With Tizen 3.0, you can use the Gear S3 to continuously monitor your heartbeat with improved accuracy, add food eaten throughout the day to keep track of calories, and use Samsung’s Health Fitness Program that allows you to control workout videos on your smart TV and even see your heart rate in real-time on the big screen.

    If fitness…

  • Start the week with 18 temporarily free and 13 on-sale apps

    Hello, and welcome back to your thrice-weekly app sales roundup! It’s a holiday week here in the U.S., so I bet most of you are just scrambling for your days off later on. News this time of year is scarce, so deals are king and I’m here to add to all of that. Have fun.



    1. 1000+ Tasty Food Recipes Pro $4.99 -> Free; 3 days left


    1. Note Fighter Unlimited $1.99 -> Free; 2 days left
    2. Parkour Flight $0.99 -> Free; 2 days left
    3. Swipe Shootout: Street Basketball $1.99 -> Free; 6 days left
    4. Balance Ball Reach $0.99 -> Free; 7 days left
    5. GET HER BACK: A Journey To The Creature Island $0.99 -> Free; 7 days left
    6. Paper Duels $0.99 -> Free; 7 days left
    7. Project Alnilam $1.39 -> Free; 7 days left

    Icon packs & customization

    1. MINIMALE Icon Pack $0.99 -> Free; 2 days left
    2. TwoPixel Dark – Icon Pack $0.99 -> Free; 2 days left
    3. TwoPixel Light – Icon Pack $0.99 -> Free; 2 days left
    4. Elementary Icons $1.49 -> Free; 4 days left
    5. Graby – Icon Pack $0.99 -> Free; 4 days left
    6. Krix Icon Pack $0.99 -> Free; 4 days left
    7. Mellow Dark – Icon Pack $0.99 -> Free; 4 days left
    8. Redox – Icon Pack $0.99 -> Free; 4 days left
    9. Icon Pack – Oreo Bickies $1.49 -> Free; 6 days left
    10. Planet O – Icon Pack $0.99 -> Free; 6 days left



    1. Private DIARY Pro – Personal journal $1.99 -> $0.99; 6 days left


    1. Castles of Mad King Ludwig $6.99 -> $0.99; 1 day left
    2. Pichon!: Bouncy Bird $1.99 -> $1.39; 5 days left
    3. The Escapists $3.99 -> $2.69; 6 days left
    4. Cinemaware’s Wings $1.99 -> $0.99; 7 days left
    5. Demon’s Rise $5.99 -> $0.99; 7 days left

    Icon packs & customization

    1. Game of Life Live Wallpaper $2.49 -> $0.99; 6 days left
    2. 0Ground $2.49 -> $1.49; 7 days left
    3. Cappuccino Chocolate $1.49 -> $0.99; 7 days left
    4. Cappuccino Cream $1.49 -> $0.99; 7 days left
    5. Desire $1.49 -> $0.99; 7 days left
    6. Desire Black Glyph $1.49 -> $0.99; 7 days left
    7. Desire Black Gold $1.49 -> $0.99; 7 days left

    Read More

    Start the week with 18 temporarily free and 13 on-sale apps was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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